pink bow tie

December 12th

The Pink Bow Tie Event

It was Gordon Tracy’s first ever formal event since his graduation. Since they’d made it official that they were dating, Penny thought it would be appropriate to ‘show him off’ to the rest of the guests at this years’ Annual Gala dinner.

He didn’t own a black tie, just a shocking pink one from said graduation and despite being ribbed relentlessly by his brothers, he managed to tie it correctly, before heading out.

The floor was full of guests all milling around, chattering, drinking flutes of champagne and accepting/refusing the canapes that were being handed around. Penny didn’t see Gordon at first, there were too many bodies, and being so petite, despite her heels, it was hard to see over the tops of broad shoulders.

But then she spotted him, standing at the doorway, nervously playing with the cuff of his sleeve.

Or at least she spotted the shocking pink bow tie.

Cursing inwardly for her faux pas with the invitation - it should have read ‘black tie’ and not ‘formal’ … there was a difference. She could hear the sniggers around her. Sniggers that were directed at poor Gordon, who looked as though he was wishing the floor would swallow him up.

Gathering the hem of her skirt, she swept through the crowd and headed directly to Gordon, whose nervous smile widened into something akin to relief and absolute joy.

“Gordon, darling,” she crooned, taking his hands and sweeping them wide apart, “just look at you. Don’t you look handsome.”

She leaned forward and kissed his cheek. His face flushed furiously. She then let go and pretended to straighten his bow tie.

“And you even managed to match my dress too. How thoughtful of you.”

Sure enough, when Gordon finally got over his nerves and took a better look, Lady Penelope was indeed, wearing a strapless, tightly fitting dress in a matching shocking pink. Just like his bow tie.

What he hadn’t realised was that she’d been doing some research.  She’d figured out that, because of all the rescues they’d been doing recently, he wouldn’t have had any time to go out and buy a black bow tie. So she enrolled the help of Kayo, who sent her a picture of the pink bow tie in question. And Penny had a dress made to match it exactly.