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“Torn” || Stiles Stilinski x Reader || Chapter One

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Chapters: ONE | TWO | THREE
Warnings?: Angst, cheating, and colorful language.
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Genre: Drama/Romance/Angst
Rated: PG-13

Imagine Key:

  • (Y/N): Your Name
  • (F/B): Favorite Band

Word Count: 2,051
Shipping: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Your relationship with Stiles blossomed a year ago. You guys were inseparable. There was always little sweet kisses, big bear hugs, loving smiles, great laughs and overall happiness. But that was just in the beginning.

Now for the past month, he’s been growing very distant and has been getting rather close to Malia. Every time you’ve tried communicating with him in any way, he’ll always end up putting out some sort excuse. or even worse, be with Malia, getting cozy like they were lovers.

His actions left you stressed and frustrated, it crushed you. Hard.

You slowly floated away from everything and everyone.

School became a place of hell, grades dropped from straight A’s to straight D’s, you were losing pounds like you were losing your mind. Everything was going downhill in just seconds of your life.

The pack soon indulged in worry, realizing the drastic changes, from your smaller frame to your reserved demeanor. They comforted you in every way they could think of. Small words of encouragement, delicious luxury foods, favorite classic movies, and plenty of hugs were given to you.

It made you very happy to see how much they cared. But, it still didn’t heal you from your sorrow.

At one point, you even started to believe that Stiles was cheating on you with Malia. His eyes were brighter around, his sweet smiles were twice the size, the affection was real, it was everything you were wanted from him, but it never happened. Even though the thought of it seemed crazy to you, it was the only thing you could think of.

After days of torture, you finally decided to confront him.

Through minutes and minutes of waiting for the moment where you and Stiles collide paths, you felt your heart beating vigorously, your moist hands were sweating, your jaw clenching from nervous emotions, your head spinning everywhere.

You felt like a mess.

Fortunately for you, he was right around the corner. He was looking around, scavenging for someone until his eyes landed on you. His anxious face soon fell into relief as he quickly walks towards.

“Hey babe, I really need to talk to you about something. It’s really important. Come with me for a second.“

"Oh! Okay.”

He grabbed your wrist and brought you outside with only a few students nearby. He looked around for a quick second and brought his attention back at you. With a small steady breath taken in, he released it with ease and made strong eye contact with you before he began talking.

“Scott has brought something surprising up to me, a while ago and I want to talk to you about it. He has told me some things…how I should I say…eye awakening, to my attention.“ He stopped for a moment and grabbed you by the waist, closer to him.

“And I know that you know what I’m talking about (Y/N). You’ve changed- tremendously and it’s all my fault.” He paused and brought you to a bone crushing hug, the first hug that you’ve received from him since forever. It was passionate. It wasn’t any regular hug, you felt a small spark that you hadn’t felt for a long time.

"I’m so sorry. I’m sorry for causing this pain to you. I never meant to hurt you in any way, possible. I really am, you don’t even know. You know I wouldn’t hurt you on purpose.” It melted your heart as he continues between small sniffles, with words that you could tell were real.

“I know you have noticed that I’ve been spending a lot of time with Malia and let me just clear it up. Malia and I are just friends, I promise. Recently, she had some problem going on with her and she just needed some help. So she came to me. I couldn’t just say no babe, so I began spending more time with her to help her with her problems. I swear that’s all. I love you so, so much. Please, don’t continue to do this to yourself, please. I love you with all my heart, and it kills to see you like this baby. Please-don’t you trust me?”

You do trust him, you trust him a lot.

More than the majority of the people in your life.

So ever since that day you swept the whole dusty situation away and went on with your life, happy. You know he loves you, and he knows you love him back. He wouldn’t hurt you, especially not like this.

Today, your very close friend, Lydia invited the pack and your friends to a barbecue pool party because that’s what you do when it’s summertime and it’s 102° out, you have a barbecue pool party. You drove to her house in your white luxury car with the A/C blazing on. You wore a thin black halter bikini under a loose black (F/B) t-shirt and short blue jean shorts and a pair of black flip-flops. The smell of delicious barbecue suddenly hits you, making you drool in hunger. You walked up to the house and rang the bell. The door was opened by the party host herself, Lydia. She was looking pretty as usual, especially in her light pink bow bikini. She welcomed you with a lovely welcoming hug and led you to the party in the back. When you arrived at the party, you were greeted with many hellos and large smiles. There was a big pool in the middle, filled with beautiful clear blue water.

Shirtless Liam and Mason were chasing each other around water guns, squirting streams of water from the plastic weapon. Allison and Kira were swimming and relaxing in the pool, in their cute little black and blue bikinis, enjoying the sunlight. Derek’s chilling in the shade with his black sunglasses on, drinking his Heineken beer. Aiden and Ethan were doing some flips and other cool pool tricks in the water next to the two pretty ladies. Then there is Scott and Isaac, stuffing their mouths with the tasty grub and drinks that were provided by Lydia’s caterer/chef.

Seems like everyone’s here, except for two people…

Stiles and Malia.

“Hey Lydia, have Stiles and Malia arrived yet?” You asked. “Malia hasn’t arrived yet but Stiles has. If you are going to look for him, check inside the house because he’s definitely not here. Good Luck.” She replied, flashing her cheery smile before leaving to go to Allison and Kira. You hollered out a loud "thanks” and went looking for your boyfriend because it’s no fun without your goofy little Stiles. After minutes of opening almost every room of the house, You were left with one room. Before you were able to enter, Lydia comes walking towards you.

“Hey, have you found Stiles yet?” She questioned you with a small smile on her face. You shook your head no “No, not yet, but I’m positive he’s in here.” You said, motioning to the room next to you, smiling widely. She looks at the door then back at you, she motioned her head towards the door. “Well, go get him…” She said, trailing off. She moves closer to the door pressing her ear against it. “I hear moaning in there.” You look at her, confused. “Come and take a listen.” She whispered, waving her hand towards the door. You did what she asked and pressed your ear against the door. To your surprise, there was moaning, but it was faint. You stayed there listening for a while to check if your ears were deceiving you. When you decided that your ears were not tricking you, Lydia and you instantly barged into the room to witness your biggest nightmare; Stiles cheating on you.

“What the fuck is this shit!?” Lydia shouted loudly, with a face full of disgust, ranging with anger, just like yours.

With the sudden barge in and outburst, both Stiles and Malia turned their heads around and literally threw themselves off of each other. You looked at them with your mouth gawked open. You felt a mixture of sadness, anger, and betrayal flowing through your veins and it made you want to break everything in sight.

You slowly scanned around the room with numerous thoughts running through you as you hear the continuous slurs of curses from Lydia. Their clothes were placed everywhere on the floor.

His shirt, pants, and the sweater that you bought for him with you own money at that time where you were both in love.

It’s gone now.

Stiles brought his stunned eyes to meet your eyes of pain. He had rumpled hair and a slightly swollen lip that you should had given him, not Malia. Everything hurts, everything, especially your heart.

How could he? He could he do this? to me?

“(Y/N)-(Y/N), this isn’t what it seems.” He tried to explain but you knew the truth and you weren’t going to fall for his trickery again.

You walked closer to them and looked up at Stiles with small streams of tears rolling down your cheek, trying not to release your all inner emotions.

“Are you kidding me, Stiles? Are you FUCKING kidding me? What have I ever done to you to deserve this?”

“Nothing baby, not-”

“Then why do you keep lying to me?-Why Stiles? Why!? I thought what we had was real! I believed your lies and everything we ever had together.”

“Everything between us, was and is real (Y/N)!” He continued, but you knew it was just him talking nonsense.


“(Y/N), please you know I love you-”

“I don’t know why you keep on lying to me. We all know what you did.” You whimpered, feeling more and more tears falling down your cheek.

“I can’t believe you did this to me, Stiles. I can’t believe you.”

“You said you would never hurt me, but look at what;s happening right now. You lied. You lied to me!!!” You screamed, feeling your heartbeat increase by each second. Your small streams of sadness turned into a river of tears falling down your red puffy cheeks.

At this point, you’re not even trying to hide anymore.

You’re just gonna let it all out.

“I’m so sorry.” He whispered grabbing your face. He took his thumb and tried to wipe away the salty tears. “I’m so sorry baby.” He cried, bringing your face to his as he cried softly. If you were here to forgive his stupidity, you would hug his little soul.

But you pushed him away.


You looked up at his eyes. Oh his eyes, it was full with love and passion. They made you fall in love with him instantly, those eyes were dazzling. Now it’s gone.

All you could see in those eyes are lies, betrayal, and hurt. They weren’t the same any more. They were still the beautiful brown eyes you loved but the emotion behind it is disgusting. You couldn’t fall for it, especially after his betrayal to you and himself.

No is the only thing imprinted on you because that’s all you had to say to his stupid little apologies and tactics.


“No Stiles, this, us, we, can’t be a thing anymore. I trusted you, with all of my heart. But you just threw it all away, didn’t you. You crushed me and every piece of happiness I had! I hate you!”

He looked at you, stunned with the words that he never though you would ever say, “I hate you”. At that moment, he started to really break apart,

“No. Don’t say that.” He begged, grabbing your shoulders, crying.

“Don’t say that, (Y/N). Don’t. Please. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry! Let me explain! Please…” You moved his hands off of your shoulders and looked at him with disbelief.

“What Stiles? What other fucking excuse can you make up now? There’s is no need to hide anymore, really sweet heart! Because now I know that you never loved me, or cared for me, or give a damn shit about me!” You growled, feeling your throat growing sore from all the yelling. Your heart was beating 100 mph, or it just felt like it, because all you know is it’s beating so 10 times faster than it usually does.

You look down at your feet, with pain from betrayal and heartbreak in your eyes. You sigh in defeat, already realizing that you’re so done with him. Instead of your heart being filled with love, it’s filled up with a mixture of sorrow, rage, confusion and treachery.

It ached.

You brought yourself into a more appropriate stance and made undying eye contact with Stiles with you red, teary eyes.

And you said your very last words to him, before running away from this tortuous dream.

I’m done

“I’m done.”

A/N: Hello friends! Hope you enjoyed my very first imagine on my blog. It might be crusty but don’t judge, it’s my first time. Had this little story with me for a long time, so I might as well share it with all of you. Enjoy 😁 xx

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