pink bikini set

Seas the day Part 1

Team Natsu / Gruvia / little bit of Nalu

“Okay everyone, who’s ready to go to the beach!” Lucy exclaimed. She swaddled into her living room of her beach house, wearing a pretty pink bikini set and a sheer gold lined kimono,

Summer was at its peak in Fiore and Lucy had offered her beach house to her friends for the day so they could enjoy the sunny weather instead of being stuck in the guild.

The room filled with responses, confirming they were ready to go.

“We’re just waiting on Juvia-san” Wendy piped up.

“Oh yeah,” Lucy said, her head titled at the wondering of what was taking the bluenette so long to get ready.

Lucy wandered over to where her friends had made themselves at home on her sofas, especially Natsu who had draped his whole body along one making Wendy take a space on the woven rug.

She sat herself next to Gray and he smiled at her. “You look good today.”

“Wha- erm thanks” Lucy’s ears pinked at the compliment that came out of nowhere.

“Yes Lucy” Erza agreed. “You look very nice. You have such confidence with your body image.”

Wendy hummed in acknowledgment, taking a sad look down at her barely there chest.

Lucy’s shy smile turned into a genuine one when her girlfriends had backed up the comment.

“Sheesh guys, thanks I guess but I’m sure you’re all as happy with your bodies too! I mean, Gray shows his off at any chance he gets.”

“Hey!” Exclaimed Gray but his response was drowned out by Natsu’s cackle.

“Way to go Luce! That ice prick hasn’t got anything on us when we both insult him!” Natsu had finally rolled over so he could see what was happening in the room.

“That’s not what I was trying to do Natsu!” Lucy sighed. “I wonder if that’s why Juvia is being so late. She does like her covered up clothes and I don’t think I’ve ever seen much more of her body.”

Lucy’s loud wondering made Erza hum in agreement. Her hand was rested on her chin in deep thought. “I’m sure she’d get a boost of confidence if you complimented her once in a while Gray.” She stated looking at him.

“What! Why me?” Gray gawked, standing up suddenly.

“Because you’re very open with your thoughts with us, but yet, not to Juvia”.

Gray and Erza locked eye contact. She always seemed to be pushing him and Juvia together.

“I don’t know why” Natsu butted in, “Juvia’s hot.”

Gray’s eyes darkened at Natsu, and Lucy’s face seemed shocked at the sudden outburst.

“What?” Natsu cried. “Just because I’m more of a man to say it. I guess it’s just a Fairy Tail girl thing to have good looks.” Natsu shrugged his words off while Gray grimaced at the comment and made his hands into fists, ready to do what he does with Natsu best. (AN: huhu)

Erza stood up infront of Gray and Natsu, to make sure they didn’t try anything. “But I do still believe you could be a little nicer to Juvia. She makes extraordinary effort for you”.

Gray glared back, crossing his arms over his usual bare chest. “Yeah, and what happens when she will expect them from me all the time?”

“You do truly underestimate that girl.”

Wendy stood up shakily, “Maybe you haven’t had time to fully observe Juvia, since you’re always running away from her.”

Natsu’s cackle was set off once again at Wendy’s innocent input.

The groups faced cringed at the thought of the many Juvia and Gray interactions, always ending up with Gray trying to keep a distance.

An evil glint shone in Natsu’s ones. “What if we dare you too!”

Gray rolled his eyes at his friend’s immature suggestion. “I’m not just going to compliment Juvia for a dare flame-breath.”

“Or if you are actually going to give Juvia a chance and say something nice to her for once…” Erza continued ignoring Gray’s frown. “We’ll let up on the teasing for the weekend. And you can carry on densely ignoring your chemistry with Juvia.”

There was a veil of silence, as Gray looked at Erza again, trying to find the catch behind her words.

As the silence continued, Gray sighed and threw his hands up in the air. “Fine, I’ll say something nice to Juvia now to get you lot out my hair. And to prove there is nothing to tease me about.”

“See how long she’s going to be too.” Lucy called as Gray exited the room, a sly grin on her face.

The 4 left in the room exchanged glances and smirks, knowing Gray just fell for their trap.