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5sos as parents

everyone seemed to enjoy the magcon one so here i am writing one for 5sos :-) enjoy!


• Luke: Luke would be afraid he was gonna hurt his little princess for the longest time. She’d have him so wrapped around his finger, it would be ridiculous. He’d be running around desperately trying to figure out how to make heart shaped cookies for her year 3 Valentine’s Day party and he wouldn’t let you help at all. “No, YN! I got this!” He’d say proudly cutting hearts into the cookie dough with a knife. “Why don’t you just use a cookie cutter, Luke?” You say holding back a laugh. He’d face palm and drug through the drawers getting one out and finishing the cookies all by himself. He’d even decorate them, which ended in total disaster. You went with him to drop them off, he knocked on her classroom door and the teacher let you two in. Your daughter, Olivia, jumped up and ran to Luke and hugged him tight. “You bring my cookies, daddy??” She looked up at him. “Of course I did, princess! I even decorated them myself.” He smiled proudly showing her. “Yeah, I can tell.” She said grabbing them and passing them out.

• Ashton: just thinking about this harms me. Ashton’s kids would be his whole world. He’d film their every move because he’d miss them so much while he’s away on tour. He’d be over emotional every time your child hit a major mild stone. He cries when your baby boy, Isaac, took his first steps. He’d be the dad that always clapped a little too loud whenever your son at a performance for school. He’d be the dad that gave your son a lecture about safety when he said he wanted to play baseball. He’d be the dad that would be always giving him advice on how to get a girl and his son would always call him lame with a smile and Ash would just smile every time “I know, but girls are into that. Especially your mom.” “Eww!!” Your son would look disgusted and Ashton would just laugh. “Ugh! You’re so lame, dad. So not cool.” Your son would roll your eyes. And Ash would just smile proudly. “I like Uncle Calum, more than you.” Ash would stop laughing an glare at him. “Too far, Isaac, too far.” Isaac would just dying laughing and go outside to practice sports with his best Uncle Calum and his son.

• Michael: words can express the kind of dad Michael would be. He’d make sure his little girl was well taken care of and always protected. He’d be a little over protective at times but your little 2 year old, Elizabeth, wouldn’t care. She’s toddle around your backyard in her combat boots and fluffy pink tutu with her biker jacket just like her daddy’s. She’d always wear those colorful wigs so she could be like daddy a little more. Michael would just melt and stare at her in awe. “She’s just like me, YN.” You’d smile watching her then looking up to Michael, “She loves her daddy, you’re all she ever talks about. Especially while you’re away. She talks about you even more than I do.” You’d laugh and nudge his shoulder. He smiled proudly. “I love you, YN, so don’t you worry, we can have another one and she could be just like you.” You smiled. “I love you too, Mikey, but no more children for a while, and even then I want a boy next.” You’d say and reach up to kiss him. “Fair enough,” he smirk and kiss you again.

• Calum: oh my. He’d teach his son everything he knows. Without a doubt Calum’s son, Jeremih, would be popular. He’d run the school. He’d be in every sport and be the best in them all. He’d have all the girls crushing on them and he’d know it; even Olivia, Luke’s little 7 year old, would crush on him. He’d be a constant flirt with everyone. He’d walk the halls with a smirk and wink at every other girl. The oldest of the 5sos children at 15, he’d elect himself leader and have all the younger ones, do as he say. He’d even push Isaac, Ashton’s 10 year old, to be just like him. And this couldn’t make Calum any more proud. Calum would beam with joy watching Jeremih teach Isaac everything he knows while watching Olivia and Elizabeth. “He acts just like you, babe.” You’d say watching them. “Well, someone had to carry out the Hood legacy.” Cal would say smirking.