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roommates au + lee jooheon

author’s note: this idea came to me when i was thinking of an old drabble i wrote for haikyuu!! heh, i hope this was ok!

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There’s only one rule to life: Never piss Yoo Kihyun off.

Let’s repeat that once more. Never piss Yoo Kihyun, the pink-haired bastard -ahem- hamster off. Especially if you want to get one measly thing like the desired roommate.

Rule #2: Always make sure there’s water in the ramen before you ever shove into the microwave.

Because somehow, unbeknownst to you, Jooheon managed to do both things though the former still remains to be the biggest mystery. You try not to ask why, not that it bothers you as much as you figured it would’ve in the first place. It’s been working out, living with him though he has his moments where you’re not sure what to say or even do. Not out of genuine, heart-clenching fear, but the kind of heart-clenching fear that leaves you in not only wonder but restlessness.

Lee Jooheon’s quite attractive, you’ll admit. He looks pretty terrifying when he has a set jaw and an unreadable expression washed over his features, but the majority of the time you’ve seen him donning a shower cap (he made you promise to say nothing of it), a smile curved on his lips, and dammit, his proximity a lot closer than you ever anticipate. You actually kind of miss the time when he avoided you for a day and a half straight after catching him with a loofah and a very familiar tune to “What Makes You Beautiful” playing in the background though (again) you’re sworn to secrecy that this event never makes it out of the apartment ever. Regardless, it’s all too undeniable that you enjoy your time with your newfound roommate, even find yourself awaiting a new day, wondering what sight you’ll see then.

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Intense conspiracy time

There is a true evil in LazyTown. One that no one suspected. One that is playing everyone like a fiddle. Pulling their strings, like some sort of puppet master. Someone even worse than Rottenella or Glanni or even Haninn. Someone who’s had control over everyone since the day they first stepped foot in LazyTown.

Who might this be?


No, she’s far too lazy and dimwitted.


No, for he’s just a child that only wants things to fill the void that his family left in his heart.


No, she’s only seeking attention and will surely grow out of it once she realizes that her friends do care about her.

Perhaps it’s Sportacus?

Of course it’s not. He’s just a naive simpleton trying to fit into human society with a dark and tragic past and a charming smile.

Then who is it you ask?

I ask you this:

Who’s the one who was supposed to stay for the summer and ended up staying for five years?

Who’s the one that everyone in town roots to win no matter how cruel they may have been?

Who’s the one that keeps a record of everything that happens every day?

Who’s the one who managed to convince everyone to stop their lazy spell after years of being lazy after just being in LazyTown for one day?

Who’s the one who summoned an elf from all the way across the world in two minutes?

Who’s the one that became attached to Sportacus’ hip as the years progressed and knew his every move?

Who is the one person that the group can’t function without?

Who’s the one that everyone listens to? And the one that gets mad when no one listens to them?

That’s right.

I’m onto you, you pink bastard.

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Is it weird that when I think of Doflamingo finding out that Rosinante is alive/married/a father, I imagine his reaction along the lines of hands on hips, going "And why wasn't I invited/told?" all indignant outrage.

“Maybe because you’ve been under the impression that you killed me!”

“I regretted it right away!”

“No! You didn’t!”

“Do you guys have to do this now?! We’re about to overthrow him!” Law yells, pointing right at the pink feathered bastard

This is my tiny baby Clover. He’s a lion head and he really loves his ball! He chases it around for hours straight and sleeps with it too~!! 💕💕💖

He’s a little over one now! 🎉🎉I love him to bits, even though at times he can be bad baby 😒😘