pink barbie logo

the signs as aesthetics

aries-red glow aesthetic, the kind that reminds you of nights out in the city with your friends, the kind that sparks a memory of a night lost

taurus- yellow/gold aesthetic, the kind that makes you happy when you look at it and for some reason reminds you of the 90’s and you don’t know why

gemini-pastel grunge aesthetic, the sort of thing that makes you want to dye your hair and buy little holographic stars to match those silver combat boots 

cancer- concert aesthetic, bright lights, pictures of hands raised from the ga floor, artists reaching out into the crowd

leo- tan/gold aesthetic, better known as the one that makes you crave summer and tropical islands, associated with tanned collarbones and beach-waved hair

virgo- white aesthetic, like linen hotel sheets and little succulents lined up in white pots, sometimes with a pop of color against it

libra-grunge aesthetics, blurred black and white pictures, quotes with meaning written on bathroom stall doors

scorpio-bright pink aesthetic, the barbie logo, bubblegum bitch by marina and the diamonds, highly pigmented lush bath bombs

sagittarius-beige aesthetic, a closed eye, coffee, soft sweaters, old books

capricorn- black and white aesthetic, simple but at the same time not, white words on black text, linework

aquarius- blue aesthetic, the one that reminds you of fresh lake water and mountains and sweet blueberries 

pisces-peach aesthetic, the sweet peach palette from too faced, sweet lip tints, adidas hats, paints

Submitted by ukiyohowell