pink awareness day

The way you were born is not a mistake.
YOU have so much value, and worth, and importance to this world, regardless of your abilities.
Your disability, your mental illness, your circumstances don’t equal to your importance.
The way society sees you and values you is not equal to your worth.

The way you were born is not a mistake. Change the world with what you have, because you may be the only person who is able to.

A Simple Matter Of Repayment Chapter two

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Chapter Two - …That Keeps On Giving

He just needed to knock on the sodding door!

Sherlock shifted the bag from his right hand to his left. It suddenly felt too heavy and… wrong. But he did have Plan B if the gift should prove insufficient. (God, I hope it’s insufficient! Plan B had the potential to be infinitely more pleasurable!) Of course if she did like the gift, then Plan B could be easily incorporated into Plan A. But he was getting ahead of himself. There was the gift, then the talking and the inevitable awkwardness (not the fun part, but needs must), after all that she might not be interested in Plan B. What if she doesn’t like the gift and it all goes sideways? He was starting to question his choice, but the salesman had said it was top of the line. Besides, he knew that Molly wanted one (hell, he wanted one!).

It had taken twelve days to work through ‘the problem’ and formulate 'the plan’. Now he was ready to follow through. Well, maybe ready wasn’t the correct word. Perhaps resigned? No, that sounded awful! He had to be positive and not an arse. This was about confronting feelings and being an adult. Besides, he had the plan. Believe in the plan! he told himself. It will work! It must.

He knocked.

“Sherlock,” Molly said as she answered the door. “You’re alive.” She sounded somehow relieved, annoyed and unsure all at the same time.

Taking a moment, he looked her over. She was dressed casually in a tee-shirt and trackies. “Was I rumored to be dead again?” He laughed awkwardly.

Evidently she didn’t find it amusing. “Well, I haven’t seen you in…” her sentence died and her cheeks pinked.

“Twelve days, I’m aware. May I come in?”

After studying him for several seconds, her eyes pausing on the bag in his hand, she said, “Sure” then turned and led him into the flat.

He followed her into the lounge, placing the bag on the coffee table and sitting in his 'spot’. An uncomfortable constriction in his chest reminded him of his recent discovery as she chose to sit as far away possible from him in the ornate, seldom used, chair across from the sofa.

“So, how’ve you been?” he asked. Small talk? Small talk wasn’t part of the plan! Where the hell had that come from?

A confused looking Molly answered, “Ah, fine. And… you?”


“Good.” She eyed the bag again. “What’s this? Been shopping?” She laughed as if it was an absurd concept.

Sherlock nudged it towards her. “A gift.” Molly didn’t react so he pushed it closer. “For you. It’s a gift for you, Molly.”

“What is it?” She looked at it as if it might bite her.

He forced himself not to roll his eyes. “Open it and find out.”

Picking it up, she placed it on the floor. After removing the tissue paper and tossing it onto the coffee table, she looked inside. With an adorably confused look on her face, she said, “A coffee maker?”

Sherlock got up and knelt at her feet, then pulled the large box from the bag. “Not just a coffee maker, Molly, a Jura J90. It’s fully automatic, bean to cup. It’s got a built in grinder! A thermoblock heating system and foam frother!” She sat there, blinking, as Sherlock rapidly regurgitated every detail the sales associate had given in his attempt to make the sale.

He felt like an idiot.

“This must have cost…” she started.

“It doesn’t matter what it cost, Molly.” Although, 1600 pounds must mean something… right, Molly… right? Come on!

“Why on earth did you buy me such an expensive gift?” she asked, then realisation broke on her face. “Oh… My… God! Are you… are you trying to pay me?”

“NO!” Sort of. “NO!” Well, not really… more like butter you up. And if we happen to have use for it in the morning… “I… I just wanted to say thank you.”

“You’re thanking me for a oral sex with a… a… coffee maker!?”

“Not just any coffee maker.” Oh, she was mad. Abort! Abort! He had anticipated awkwardness, shyness, perhaps a coquettish smile followed by 'I can think of another way that you can thank me, Sherlock’. (If he was honest, that was the outcome he was hoping for.) “I assure you that this was not meant to offend.”

“Well, it failed!” She got up and walked to the kitchen. “I don’t want it!”

He followed, trying to think of a way to salvage the situation. When he got there he found her wiping her spotless counter with a clean dry cloth. “Molly…”

“No, Sherlock, let’s just forget about this whole thing! It happened. Now we need to move on. No coffee makers, no awkward conversations, no…”

“So we’re just going to pretend like it didn’t happen?”

“Yes. I think that’s the best thing we can do.” She tossed the cloth down angrily. “Now, if you’ll excuse me…”

She started to walk past him, but he stopped her, grabbing her wrist. “No. Not again,” he said. This was what had taken him twelve days to work out. He wasn’t letting this opportunity pass them by. He’d wasted enough time.

“What do you mean, not again? I’m fairly certain that this hasn’t happened before. I’m pretty sure I’d remember.”

He just stared at her, trying to work out what to do next. It was all falling apart. Plan A had failed (she was supposed to find the gift endearing and be flattered, allowing him to segue into the 'real’ conversation). And they were just about as far away from Plan B as possible (the segue would have happened during the 'afterglow’ with that plan).

He owed her so much. But more than anything he owed her the truth and she was going to get it. I should have done this a long time ago. If I hadn’t have been so bloody thick! “We need to talk,” he said, releasing her.

“No we don’t,” she answered vehemently.


Turning her back on him she said, “Sherlock, it was just a blow job! There’s no need to discuss it!”

“Of course we need to discuss it. Not to mention…”

She spun around. “No we don’t! Haven’t you ever had casual sex before?!”

“Not with someone I’m in love with, I haven’t!” he exploded. NO! No, no, no! That wasn’t the way he was supposed to say it.

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Transgender Awareness Week Look:

My look today, a variant of the Transgender Flag colors; at first I didn’t exactly mean to look like I had a black eye, but I think that speaks to the violence against transgender individuals. My heart goes out to everyone who has been hurt emotionally or physically for being transgender. <3