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You and Barry are in Flashpoint and meet Cisco, who has become rich and successful. As his girlfriend in the regular timeline, you were surprised and happy for him…that is, until he started making out with another girl…


“Surprise, motherfncker!” you reeled back your fist and punched Cisco. 


The young multimillionaire was sent sprawling towards the ground. All around, screams erupted as his employees scrambled to their feet in worry of their leading executive.

Beside him, the girl Cisco had kissed - the trampy brunette in pink office attires - reached out in an attempt to help him; but, you shot her a nasty, killing glare that stopped her dead in her tracks.

Taking a few steps forward, you approached Cisco with a dark, predatory gait. Although you knew that you were in Flashpoint - a completely different timeline that existed and presented the obvious, plausible possibility that Cisco was not your boyfriend - you couldn’t help but become enraged.

You had always been the possessive type; yet, even more so, since Cisco had recently said “I love you” in your original timeline.

Behind you, Barry rushed over and grabbed your arm.

“_______!” he yelled, trying his best to hold you as you strived to wiggle out of his grasp. “What are you doing?! That’s not your Cisco!”

“…I know,” you scowled. “But I don’t care…”

Quite hastily, Cisco climbed to his feet and stumbled a few steps back. Hands shaking, he reached for sore cheek, right where you socked him with a mean left hook.

He winced when his fingers made contact, and turned to you accusingly. “You! Who the hell are you?!”

You scoffed. “Doesn’t matter…”

Cisco started jabbing an accusing finger at you, mouth flying open and close as he - in hot-blooded anger - tried to attain the words he wanted to reprimand you with.

Then, a sick, confident smile crossed his face.

“You’re right,” he said, a sudden change in his voice as if he realized he somehow had an advantage. “Because you know what? You’ll pay for that.”

You couldn’t help but roll your eyes.

Of course, the action didn’t go unnoticed and he took a step forward - close enough to let you know he meant business, yet far enough to avoid another hit.

Still shaking, Cisco growled at you. “Any last words before I bring you to court?!”

You raised your head, challenging him. “Surprise, motherfncker…”


I love your stories and if your doing requests I was wondering if your could do a SS Harley Quinn x Negan story. There aren’t many out there and I think these two together would be so great. Maybe Harley’s on her own and Negan and some of his saviors come across her in the woods. Harley fights some off with her awesome fighting skills and Negan, of course, is intrigued and attracted to her. He takes her to his compound and shows her around. Sorry if that’s really long. @animelover177

**I am so bad at describing fight scenes so I’m sorry if the descriptions don’t explain it well enough x

“Dead. Dead. Dead. Ooo, not dead.” SMACK! Harley had been wandering through the wood for what felt like forever, her group had become walker food. Not that she cared, not many of them trusted or liked her because of her past, before the apocalypse. She was in her usual attire, her pink and blue hair faded and a little greasy. Her top and shorts had small rips in them, with her heels sinking into the mud as she troughed along.

She came to a stop, hearing a faint whistle in the distance. She looked around to see if she could find where the noise originated from, before she heard various footsteps coming towards her. She climbed up a nearby tree, wanting to cover higher ground so she wasn’t as easy to find. In the distance, she saw a man who was whistling the same tune as the one she had heard before. He was carrying a large baseball bat, like hers, although she made a mental note to get some metal for hers later on. The man had around 5 other men with him, guns and knives strapped to them. She grinned to herself, she knew she would be able to take all of them down easy, but she decided it would be more trouble than its worth. She made the mistake of trying to get more comfortable on the tree as she accidentally snapped a small branch, making the men look up at her. “Look at that boys! Kitty is stuck up a tree!” he laughed, making the men snigger. Harley didn’t like the fact he saw her as some defenseless girl, “Hi boys! Harley Quinn, nice to meet ya!” she exclaimed as she jumped on to one of the men’s back, making him fall to the ground. She rolled over to where her bat was placed on the ground, picking it up hitting another man around the head, knocking him unconscious.

Another grabbed her from behind, covering her mouth with his hand. Harley bit down hard on his finger making him scream out as blood poured out his open wound, she spit out his blood. She did a handstand, grabbing the man’s head between her legs, dragging him to the floor. 

The bat man was looking on in shock, he couldn’t believe such a small girl could do all this; she’d already taken down three of his top guys on her own. As much as he should be mad right now, he was pleasantly turned on and curious. Harley finished off the next two with a good kick to the shin and a swift hit to the back of the head; she went for Negan before he grabbed her arms, making her drop her bat. He pushed her into a tree trunk, their faces incredibly close to each other. “Now, babygirl. Where in the fuck did you learn all that? You just took out all of my men on your own!” Harley groaned, raising an eyebrow.

“I’m Harley Quinn? You never seen me and my puddin on the news?” Negan let out a large laugh, causing Harley to become more confused. “Do I look like someone who watches the fucking news, doll? Now I couldn’t leave you out here alone, it would play on my conscience and you’re a pretty darn good fighter.” She considered the offer; she was starving and needing someone to play with. “Yeah, okay, bat guy! I’ll come with you, but I’m known for being quite vexing. I’m just forewarning you.” She smiled, grabbing her bat off the floor, sashaying away from Negan. Those little blue and red shorts were going to be the death of him, not the walking dead.


They pulled up to the Sanctuary, with the five unconscious guys in the back of the white truck. Harley was hanging her head out of the window, taking the whole atmosphere in. She didn’t mind it that much; she still didn’t trust this bat man though. Negan got out of the truck, walking towards the door of the main building, with Harley trailing behind him.  “So, what did you and your ‘puddin’ get put on the news for?” She still couldn’t believe he didn’t know who she was. “So, I got took to prison by the stupid bats in Gotham, and I had to save this woman called Amanda who gave me an espresso machine for all my hard work. I thought I was going to be stuck in that prison for ever, but my good ol’ Mr J got me out! Then when the world went all to shit, me and Mr J fled the city but we got separated in a heard of those zombie dead people. I hope bats got eaten alive, he took me from my puddin in the first place!” she pouted, with Negan wishing he hadn’t asked.

 ‘Boy, can this girl drag on but she’s hot as fuck, so I guess it’s alright!’

“Me and my puddin used to terrorize Gotham, it was really fun but now everyone I’ve come across doesn’t want to talk to me or let me join their group. I haven’t had anyone to play with in forever!” Harley began to think of her puddin, she hoped he was alright but had come to terms with the slim chance she would ever see him again. “I haven’t asked yet but what’s your name bat man?” Negan laughed at the nickname this crazy girl had given him. “I’m Negan, I run this camp, call it the sanctuary. We take other camps shit from them for ourselves, and if we don’t get their monthly payment, we go and steal it for ourselves.” Harley perked up, stealing? Murder? Torture? Her little heart started to race at the possibility to begin a life of crime again but this time no going to prison, no Griggs and no task force x bullshit. “Oh my god, are you kiddin me? A chance to find a mind to pry apart and spit in? Sounds fun.” She giggled manically, Negan taking her hand to shake it.

“Welcome to the Sanctuary, babydoll.”

Yusaku / Yugioh 6 - Unnamed new series starting in April 2017

Yusaku is a teenage young man with fair skin, green eyes with prominent eyelashes, and dark blue hair that spikes outward in the back and contains light blue bangs with pink accents. His standard attire consists of a slate-colored jacket with light blue trim over a white dress shirt with a blue tie.

Yusaku is described as a boy who doesn’t like standing out, and particularly doesn’t stand out at school. However, he gets drawn into encounters with people as he tries out Dueling for once.

Rap Monster; Perfect Pair

❝based on this post by withnamjoon and it’s also for the lovely withnamjoon // it’s short but it’s a little something from me, to you, Hellay! CONGRATS AGAIN ONCE MORE! ^3^
►545 words | mini scenario, stylist!au
© (photo credit) 

The television screen flickers and you lift your chin to see who’s up next and it’s a girl group, dressed in pink attire that matches well with the background. Their makeup, smoky eyes and white glitter to compliment them and you have to hand it to their stylists for taking such approach but as a stylist for a boy group, you can’t possibly do that especially since a few of them has established they’re not down with having black eye shadow coating their eyelids. You let out a sigh after analyzing their clothing and decide to scroll through your phone, checking out if there are any suitable clothes for their next stage, putting two and two together to form something incredible and props to you for their costumes for their War of Hormones music video.

With a suppressed grin at how one of them looks in stripes, your train of thought is pressed away when someone decides that there’s not enough space to sit on the sofa that he resorts to take your lap as his seat. Not to mention, he’s not small nor light.


“Hey to you too, sweetie,” He coos, getting comfortable on your lap as he dangles his feet off the carpet, one hand slung over your neck to keep him stable while the other is sliding your phone from your hand, into his where his eyes look at what you were looking at not too long ago, “Hm… this doesn’t suit me,” He swipes to the next article of clothing and you huff, “You’re not the only one in the group I have to dress for,”

“But I am the most important,” He counters, not letting up and you glance over his shoulder that’s towering you over to meet with—“Joon, you’re going to break her legs,” Yoongi tuts, allowing the other stylist to fix his belt and Namjoon’s not replying, still focused on what he wants and he’ll put a gold star on the picture as a hint to what he wants to wear next–fashionista Kim Namjoon here.

“Noona, you’re too good to him,” Taehyung speaks from the other sofa and you nod at him, “I was just thinking about that,”

“I third that opinion,” Jimin.

“I fourth it,” Namjoon’s raising his hand and Hoseok’s smacking it, “Then get off her!”

“She’s comfortable,” He coos, shaking his head and the rest are letting the pair of you be before you try to shake him off, “Unless you want me to be able to walk, you better get off or I’ll quit,”

“And leave a job that’ll get you paid while you see me all the time?” He scoffs, idly swiping the screen, “Fat chance,”

“My lap feels numb…” You whine, lightly nudging him by the arm and he sighs, resorting to getting off and you let out an exhale of holy shit thank God. But then you’re yelping when he yanks you over and you’re situated on his lap, he hooks his chin on your shoulder and his longer arms keep you in check as well as holding your phone up for you to see, “I want this one,” He taps on the screen with his thumb and it’s a photo you’ve saved, placed a golden star and Namjoon approves at your taste.

“I was just thinking about that,” You smile, turning to look at him and he smirks, “Well, we make a perfect pair, don’t you think?”

“Hm… that depends, do I get to be the judge of that?”

“You can be the judge all day, sweetie,” He murmurs, using his other hand to cup your chin as he cranes his neck up to capture your lips into a kiss. You hear groans at the back, something about Namjoon not being able to hold his hormones and affections back but he easily brushes it off when you chuckle against his lips but he’s still not letting up. He swipes his tongue over the seam of your lips just for the heck of it and you know that whenever the boys are around or even at the workplace, he tones it down. He pulls away and blinks up to you the same time you look at him and he grins so wide, your world starts to spin, “What do you think, judge?”

“Ace the performance later and I’ll fill you on your question later,”

He waggles his eyebrows when they call Bangtan Sonyeondan at the background and he gives one last chaste kiss before his voice is all you can hear, “You’re on.”

Of No Lamp

A/N: This one’s for @ironbar36 who has waited patiently for months for me to get to this. It took awhile but its okay 10k and I hope that I did your idea justice.

Fandom: Fairy Tail

Paring(s): Gruvia - Main, NaLu - Secondary

Rating: T - swearing and some themes

Summary: You’d think being a genie would be great in a world of magic, but when you’re bound to abusive and manipulative masters, it’s the furthest thing from fun. Gray knows this first hand and works with his kin to free as many genies as possible, including a dancing blunette who is too kind for her own good. Genie AU. Gruvia. Slight NaLu. OneShot. Complete.

Link(s): | BEAUTIFUL FAN ART BY @manalookie is here

With how the wind was whipping his hair around his face, Gray wouldn’t have been surprised if his skin ended up decorated with clusters of micro cuts. It howled around his ears, whistling, telling him stories about the various animals and people that had made their way through this desert.

The whispers of spirits long forgotten, still bound to the bones decayed at the hand of the blistering sun.

The wind wasn’t loud enough, however, to drown out the sound of Natsu’s retching as he hung over the side of the flying fabric. Having distracted him from his relaxed state, Gray fought the urge to hit him over the back of the head.

It wasn’t his fault after all, but that didn’t stop him from getting irritated by the flame head.

“If you get motion sickness every damn time we travel, why the hell don’t you just get back in your lamp?” Gray muttered, sitting up. He’d had a comfortable position, but with how Natsu was shifting and taking up a ridiculous amount of space, he’d be lucky enough to stay on the damn thing. “Not like you’d have to wait for anyone to let you out anymore.”

“Believe me, the one time we tried that I spent a week cleaning the thing out.”

Gray glanced over to the blonde sitting on the edge of her magic carpet, feet dangling. The sun reflected off her already bright pink attire, blinding him. Lucy absently had a hand on Natsu’s back, rubbing soft circles that seemed to be helping, but she wasn’t about to stop just to find out.

She looked at him with annoyed brown eyes, “And getting that familiar with his stomach contents again isn’t something I feel like doing a second time.”

“Are we there yet?” the pinket croaked, lifting up his face enough to peer at their navigator through one slitted eye. He really did look pathetic.

“Almost. Another few clicks or so.”

Gray could barely hear the redhead with the wind in his ears, but judging by Natsu’s reaction a few clicks was still too long for him—not that it would’ve mattered. Kicking his friend’s legs out of the way, he flopped back down—hands behind his head—and closed his eyes.

Though the whispers were eerie, they were more comforting than Natsu trying not to puke.

Gray must’ve dozed off since not moments after he lay down again, they were on the ground with the idiotic pyromaniac kissing and blessing the unmoving sand.


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That’s Not What I Meant... (part 2/?) (Avengers x reader)

Continuing the awesome request by food-books-and-bed

Part 1

With most of the wedding planning finally done, you and your fiancé could begin to enjoy the last few weeks before the big day.  There was only one more thing to do, the one thing you’ve been putting off because you really weren’t sure how it would turn out. You were going to ask Tony to be your man of honor.  You even had to Google what the proper name for it was.  You would wait until he gave a firm yes before telling him the color of tie and vest he would have to wear.

“Hey, doll.  You didn’t seem to sleep very well last night, is everything ok?”  

You walked with heavy feet, eyes red and barely open, your hair a mess from tossing and turning all night.  “Morning, hun.  No, I maybe got an hour, if that.”  Watching as Steve poured your coffee, you yawned and sat to rest your head on the kitchen table.  “I don’t know how I’m going to do this today.  Want to trade days with me?”

“That’s hilarious.  Here.”  The coffee was good, but not strong enough to get you moving.  “I would, but the fellas and I are getting fitted for our suits, and you and I appear to have very different measurements.”  

Already grabbing a refill, you gave Steve a quick kiss and headed for the shower.  Maybe that would wake you up.  “Well, tell the boys I said hi, and please stay out of trouble.  Wish me luck, I suppose.”  As he walked out the door, he called back to you.

“Twenty bucks says he ends up standing on my side.”

“You’re on, old man.”


Nope.  Still damn tired.  

You were going to meet up with Tony in the lab in twenty minutes.  You had just enough time to make a call that could hopefully give you some ideas on how to approach this.  

“Hey, (Y/N), what’s up?”

“Morning, Pep.  Listen, I need to ask you something, and I want your honest opinion, okay?”  

You heard a small laugh on the other end of the line. “I can assume this is about Tony. You haven’t talked to him yet, have you?”

Flopping down on the couch, you let out a sigh and rubbed your temples.  “No. I’m meeting with him in a few minutes. I don’t know why I’m so nervous about this.  I’m sure he would agree to stand with me, right?  I mean, it’s not like he has to use the ‘maid of honor’ title or anything. Maybe the pink attire will be the breaking point.  Oh, Pep, what if he says no?”

“Bring lunch.  He’s always agreeable on a full stomach; it’s the only time I can get any work out of him!”  She paused for a moment, considering her answer.  “Seriously, honey, he’s going to say yes.  He loves you.  He’s going to do whatever you want, you know that.”

“Yeah, but I’ve got twenty bucks riding on this.  The stakes are pretty high.”


The sounds of AC/DC filled the lab, and you couldn’t help but smile.  It meant that Tony was in a good mood today.  Maybe this will be ok.  Maybe you were nervous for nothing.  Maybe you didn’t need to bring his favorite lunch and waste eighty-five freaking dollars on Mr. Expensive Tastes.

As you entered the lab, Tony was working on modifications for his suit, so focused that he didn’t see you come in.  “Hey, boss.  Making progress?”  You set the bag of food in front of him; he furiously ripped the container open, immediately shoveling food into his mouth.  “Sure, no need to say hi or anything, you big pig.”

With a mouthful of pasta, he mumbled, “hey, kid.”  You stood and watched as he finished his entire meal in minutes.  Tony had impressed you in many ways over the years with his inventions and discoveries, but this skill would not be added to that list.  “Drink?”

“Jesus, Tony.  If you had an ounce of self-control maybe I would have had time to get us something.”  He threw his empty containers on the lab table, looking in the bag for more. “Hey, get outta there!  That’s mine!”  You slapped his hand away.  “Don’t you ever eat?”  

He threw his hands up in defeat.  “Fine, fine, fine.  I won’t touch it.”  He stood to give you a small kiss on the cheek, “it was great though, thank you. So, what did you want to talk to me about?”

Suddenly your appetite was gone.  “Um, well, Tony, I was hoping…going to ask you…if you…if you would consider…”

Tony walked over to you, gently holding you by your shoulders.  “Hey. What’s going on?  You’re worrying me.  Is something wrong?”  As he spoke, you looked at the floor, trying to get your nerves under control.  He lifted your chin so that your eyes would meet his. “It’s just me.”

“Ok.  So, I know that you said you would walk me down the aisle, right?”  He nodded, still cautious.  “Well, Steve has Bucky at his side as his best man because they’ve known each other forever and are practically family.  The entire team makes up our wedding party.  He was going to ask you to stand as a groomsman, but I want you to stand with me.  You and I are the only family we have, and it’s important to me to have you by my side.” You swallowed the lump that had formed in your throat, and took a deep breath.  “I want you to be my…man of honor.”

He let out a loud, bellowing laugh as he pulled you into a tight hug.  “That was it? That’s what you were so nervous about? Oh, sweetheart, of course I will. I told you I would do anything you wanted, remember?”

Your whole body relaxed; relieved by his answer, you returned the hug.  “Thanks, T. I love you.”

“I love you too, kid.”  He stepped back, holding you at arm’s length.  “Wait, I have one condition.”  He turned back, looking towards the table.

“Fine.  You can have my lunch.”

Once again, the shameless shoveling of food began.  You leaned down on the table in front of him, smirking at his vow to do anything you wanted.  “What?” he asked, again, his mouth full.  

“There’s one more thing.  Your tie and vest are pink to match my bridesmaids.”

Part 3

My take on the Diamond Authority! We’ve seen that canonically Yellow Diamond looks rather Western, while Blue Diamond looks Eastern. Based on this and the position of each color in the Diamond Authority symbol, I based Blue Diamond on Eastern Indian attire, White Diamond on Northern Inuit attire, and Pink Diamond on Southern African attire. I really like these designs, and I hope you do too!