pink and yellow roses

Steven Universe is such a breath of fresh air, you guys.

The animation is beautiful and unique. The characters are interesting and complex and diverse of both race, physical-build and sexual orientation. It covers so many real life issues (like mental health, bigotry, abuse, etc.) and never sugar-coats them. It defies gender-norms and stereotypes. It’s score and musical numbers are beautiful (especially the songs sung by Deedee Magno, Estelle, Patti Lupone and AJ Michalka).

Anyways, Rebbeca Sugar and everyone working behind this show is a genius and everyone should watch Steven Universe.






but i pose a second option

as stated by eyeball , rose quartz shattered pink diamond with her  sword

however in the episode bismuth , bismuth says that the sword can only destroy the physical form of the gem.

I believe that Rose Quartz had proofed pink diamond using the sword and them presented it to the only other gem that could shatter a diamond- 

another diamond.

but witch one?

to answer this question i would like to present this mural

in this mural we can see three gems 

one of them is definitely rose quartz

the other is greatly believed to be white diamond 

the third one - he one rose is holding- seems to be a pink diamond 

now , i think  that the event that this mural is depicting is the shattering of pink diamond by white diamond , as it looks like white diamond is about to strike the gem that rose is holding .

isn’t it fascinating how one of the highest ranking gems out of all of them didn’t even attend the trail of the alleged shatter-er of pink diamond 

its almost as if they didn’t want to become a suspect when all the evidence starts to point towards them.

how interesting


Steven is really going to have to turn inward and face himself. Throughout the show, he’s put everyone else first, and his main goal has been to become the person his family wants him to be. That’s got to shift. He’s got to accept that it’s impossible to fill the shoes of his mother, Rose Quartz. She was always barefoot.

What’s exciting as we get deeper into the show is making him realize that there are the magic Gem powers, but there are powers that people have as human beings to understand themselves and define themselves and make their own choices. It’s an incredible power that we all have, and are often told to ignore or take for granted. Those are the kinds of powers I’m excited to have him learn how to explore.

Rebecca Sugar for The Verge (read the whole interview here)


Ok so with these last episodes, to be specific, ‘The Trial’, most of us if not all have come to the conclusion or at least suspicion that Yellow Diamond shattered Pink Diamond and her behavior was obviously giving it away:


There’s something that still doesn’t really fit here…

“I was there. I saw it with my own eye. I watched the leader of the Crystal Gems – Rose Quartz – shatter Pink Diamond!”

Now, it’s not that wise to trust a gem’s perception and vision, when she only has one eye and a ‘gem eye’.

And hear me out here, because this is a bit nuts, what if she can see well but her eye-gem-vision allows her to see everything with a red filter?

And… what two colors look pink like Rose Quartz when mixed?

Red and White

We know gems can shapeshift into almost anything so how about a Diamond shapeshifting into a smaller gem?

What about the common knowledge that only a Diamond can shatter another  Diamond?

So what if not Yellow Diamond but White Diamond?

But that brings a lot more questions…

Why would YD try to cover WD? And why did WD even shatter PD to begin with?

But until more proof, like a Zircon, I rest my case.


I’m still not sure what this mural means but I see Rose holding a diamond and another gem in front of her with her arm lifted. In the past I saw people saying this was YD but looking at her desing and WD mural, I can almost confirm that’s indeed WD.

Honestly that’s all I have until here.

I really NEED to see White Diamond and find out more about her.



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Here’s how I think it happened

It should be obvious that Yellow Diamond was involved in Pink’s assassination, but what you might have forgotten is that Rose could not have done the dirty work. If Pink was in fact shattered with a sword then Rose’s sword would have been useless since

Bismuth: “I designed this sword for a fair fight. It can cut through a Gem’s physical form in an instant! Destroying the body, but never the Gem.”

But you know who does have a sword that could shatter PD?


If Pearl was Pink Diamond’s, and still was when the shattering happened, she would have been able to approach undetected because she was supposed to be there. That wouldn’t be Pearl’s only qualification: as a Pearl, and a defective one at that, Pearl had no rights. Yellow Diamond could have her shattered on the spot and it wouldn’t have been worse that breaking her sister’s hair brush. Futhermore, if Pearl told Pink Diamond, she Pink wouldn’t believe a Pearl over her sister

If Yellow Diamond ordered her to shapeshift into Rose Quartz and kill Pink Diamond, she would have no choice. Of course, the minute Pearl realized she was the only loose end she would have been forced to flee anyways.

Everyone: “Pearl can’t shapeshift!”

Can’t she? We’ve seen Pearl change her outfit on screen before, and according to Peridot their clothing is just a part of their bodies. We’ve seen Pearl change her outfit, but she always comes up with an excuse when it comes to changing her form. What if the reason is that she vowed never to use it again after using it to kill her diamond and frame Rose

Despite all the speculation about Rose being evil or at least a sociopath, do we have any doubt that Rose would forgive Pearl on the spot? She was coerced into framing Rose for something Rose probably planned on anyway!

Rose would take responsibility for the assassination and for that act of kindness Pearl would devote herself to Rose on the spot.

Everyone: “But then why didn’t Pearl and Garnet tell Steven?”

When have the gems ever been honest with Steven? Do you really think Pearl would admit to her own son that SHE murdered someone in cold blood and then let his bio mom take the rap? For all we know, not even Garnet knew the truth!

So where does this leave us? Is this all speculation? No, look at the facts again

  • Yellow poofed her own lawyer to silence the truth
  • Pink was killed by a sword that cannot have been Rose’s
  • Someone Pink trusted must have killed her
  • Her Pearl did not warn her in advance
  • Pearl uses a sword despite her gem weapon being a spear
  • Pearl can shapeshift but makes up excuses not to
  • Pearl was the ideal assassin, because she was supposed to be there and easily coerced

Can there be any doubt that Pearl is our culprit?

I rest my case your honor

Zircon was right. She was right on so many levels.

Everything she said was true.

Rose had apparently​ been a wanted rogue long before the death of Pink Diamond. So how did she get past all of her other soldiers? What, they didn’t notice the wanted criminal walking to their leader?

How come the Sapphires didn’t use their future vision to warn her? Why didn’t her quartz soldiers or Agates try to stop her? It was apparently only her who was there. They all couldn’t beat her?

No chance in hell. The only way Rose could’ve gotten to Pink Diamond was with higher authority.

Diamond-level authority.

And Yellow Diamond knows it. That’s why she stepped in.