pink and willow

I can’t live another life
Spend another time

I can’t spit another rhyme on Gaia
Guns and wars won’t stop the fights
Not inside your mind
Love and communion, there’s nothing better
Cheeks get redder
There’s nothing better
Even in rough weather

It’s raining knives, like all the time
And I’m alive, Irayo Eywa, we’re alive

–Marceline, by Willow


This is the first real angst ridden multi-chapter fic that I am doing. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for being a kick ass beta and being so sweet and supportive! @piecesofscully You are amazing! 

Thank you @notacleverxfileshandle & @rosewater7 for constantly letting me bounce head cannons off of you! 

What if Dana Scully left the X-files after one year? This is what I think would happen. 

Rating: Everyone
Word Count: 2708

Light jazz music flowed softly from strategically hidden speakers.  Round tables that were covered in creamy beige table cloth and surrounded by chairs were sporadically placed around the large backyard.  There was a temporary dance floor sat centered in the lush grass with a gorgeous white cake elegantly displayed on a table off to the side decorated with scarlet gazanias and pink cosmos accented by curly willow. Wait staff walked around aimlessly with various appetizers on their silver trays, while others balanced slim flutes of champagne and stout glasses of golden liquor.

Dana watched as Bill Jr. twirled his wife Tara around the dance floor, unable to keep her eyes off them, of the way he held her.

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