pink and green lights

Kittyinva: 1920′s Evening gown of pale pink silk with floral embroidery. The hem is edged in light green silk. From Augusta Auctions.

Taggie thing + mini update ¿?

tagged by: @smellslikepixeldolls  ♥

Rules : tag 9 people you would like to know better 

- Relationship status : In love with myself ♥

- Favourite colour : All the variations of pink, pastel lilac, light blue, lemon green and grey¿?

- Lipstick or chapstick : Lipstick I guess¿?

- Last song I listened to : Kissing Strangers - DNCE 

- Last movie I watched : UHM…. Mulan 2¿?

-Top 3 fictional characters : Misaki Ayuzawa, Elsa (lmao), Sesshomaru ¿?

- Top 3 ships : VJIN,VJIN,VJIN. (?) Just kidding xD  Vjin, Yoonmin and Misaki+Usui ¿? 

- Books I’m currently reading : None :(

List 10 songs you’re currently vibing to : (no particular order)

1.- Kissing Strangers - Dnce

2.-Spirit animal - Jessi (Omg I love that bitch(?))   Gucci - Jessi

4.- BlackPink : As if it’s your last, Whistle, Boombayah and playing with fire :P

8.- Sakura - Ailee (Always vibing to that song man)

9.- Don’t know what else man…. all of BTS Songs ¿?

I tag: @EveryoneBecauseI’mToLazyToTagSpecificPeople   ¿?

✧ Little Update: Sorry for the hiatus, now with the college I have less time that I had my first semester ksldfkldsfsfds What can I say? Ahm… my birthday was yesterday (14 of August) and I’m 19 now OMG HOW OLD ¿? Just kidding, don’t be offended if you are older than that xDDDD I just feel like I’ll be 16 forever and this is UNACCEPTABLEEE(?)

And yeah… idk, I’ll be back man… For people who now me, I have been here for 3 years but I go on Hiatus for months so frequently xDD 

Almost forgot, even tho I haven’t posted anything, have downloaded CC and I been saving them for the next time I came with new posts :3

 I’ll see you later on then ¿?

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