pink and brown bedroom


Hello Simheads! 

I just finished this house! “Gardener’s Paradise” with the help of some lovely custom content from amazing creators! I have yet to upload just uploaded it to the gallery, when I do, I will make sure to post where the CC is from! (Look at tags for creators) Enjoy! :)



Creators & CC.

Pilar -Croco Outdoor Set, Jade Bedroom Set(Child), Mediterrean Living Set,

Kyta1702 - African Rug Set, Nature Paintings 1, 2, & 3.

The Numbers Woman- Outdoor Project Set, Shabby Chic Bedroom Set.

PeaceMaker-ic- Grass Cloth Wallpaper 01, Blossom Birds Wallpaper, Willow Wallpaper, Hydrangea Wallpaper, Birth Trees Wallpaper.

Amoebae- Lace Tree Wallpaper.

Jomsims- Lemingstone Bedroom (Sticker brown 3).

Pink Zombie Cupcakes- White Wood Floor, Dorian Rustic Floor.

Mutske- Croxton Buddha Painting.

Severinka- “Baby Sheep” SV Kidsroom.

Angela- Keira Dinning Set (French Shutter 2).

Simcredible- Metropole Living Set (Cart)

Enjoy! P.s You can find this lot in my gallery “Luuluu02”.