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drew my favourite kids. i also happen to headcanon the both of them as pan & trans so the pride versions are included

new blog new content new me?

Intros seem to be popular in this community so I thought I’d join the fun

about me

My name is Ruby, my url is inspired by my main/personal blog gryffindortrash where I’ve been on the hell site for about 5(?) years. This is my second account that I’ve made to help motivate me to actually pass my second year in uni this time round. I am retaking due to health issues so I am going to be re-entering my second year in University reading Physics.

I’m still filling this dash with content so currently doing followbacks left right and centre for anyone that posts bullet journal, study, stationary posts (you know the drill) so hmu with those aesthetic notes and I will be all over your blog like a millennial pink rash. Super hyped to finally join this community that I’ve just been watching from afar on insta for so long!