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The Death Note Netflix thing

Man, what the fuck?

First off, Light being white can be explained that he is a member of the majority race and he does not know suffering. That makes sense to me. But the thing is, in America, what separates from the typical mass murderer that we are presented in media Light is that he is stupidly attractive. And before you say, “why does it matter?” okay, example: you remember when that picture floated around of the Leader of a Mexican Assassination Squad being a woman, a stupidly attractive woman. And she was being hailed as “goals” with her pink AK-47 and glossy looks and people conveniently forgot that she is a fucking hitman?

We do not associate attractive people with murderers. It is a subconsciously disassociate attractive people from heinous actions. Half of the time, Light got away with some shit because of how stupidly attractive he is. Light Yagami is the type of dude that you would not associate with “serial killer.” Making Light “white” kind of hurts because if you are a serial killer, you are probably white statistically.  But you can negate that by making him stupidly attractive, right? Zach Effron? Justin Bieber? Any Sephiroth looking pretty boy motherfucker.

But who do they cast?

This mediocre white boy. Don’t get me wrong. Nat Wolff is not ugly. He is attractive. But, huge point, he ain’t Light Yagami. When I see him, I do not see Light. Matter of fact, when I look at him, I totally expect him to be on a killing spree. White boys like this are suspect #1 when mass killings go down.

Now you could have totally made Light Japanese American and it would work if he was stupidly attractive as well to negate Light ever had suffered, ordeal, since oppression and being a minority in your country is suffering.

Second, L….fuck.L is the modern day Sherlock Holmes. No fuck it. He is better. Sherlock could have never deduced Light was Kira because Sherlock deals with physical deduction. Sherlock would not be able to use his attention to detail to catch Light. He would not be able to handle something as abstract as the Death Note. So making L black? Dammit, man.Then again, was L Japanese to begin with?

“When asked about L’s ethnicity, creator of the series Ohba responded, “I think of him as a quarter Japanese, a quarter English, a quarter Russian, a quarter French or Italian, like that.”

Oh, so okay, I guess.

Okay, race aside, L is the polar opposite of Light. He looks like someone who does not take care of himself. He is sloppy, messy, malnourished, and creepy. You do not expect someone like L to be 1. extremely passionate about Justice and 2. extremely intelligent.  

Who do they cast?

Nigga, you are too damn attractive to play L. I love Keith Stanfield and he is a terrific actor, but no. Fuck that.

And the films way of showing this is…fucking turn L into a generic hooded vigilante? No. no. no. This is wrong.

Death Note’s main aesthetic theme is that appearances do not denote purity. L and Light and Misa by extension play with this theme. And the casting for this film and also the writers of this film completely missed the point.

Finally, guess who is writing this? The motherfucker who write the last Fantastic Four movie. Can I get a “Hell no” up in here?

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Yes. So don’t get your hopes up for this movie.

I have also seen people say, “It is not white washing, it’s Americanizing.” I am sorry….I thought there were Asian Americans in America. Hey Asian Americans…you aren’t really American, apparently. I just find it weird that they could not cast a Japanese person to play a medium derived from their nationality. And there is no excuse. It is based in Seattle Washington.

 As a matter of fact, I am going back to watch Death Note anime.

Yall don’t give a shit about the livelihood of mexicans. All you care about is a woman with a pink ak-47 who is part of the biggest cartels in the world. You don’t give a fuck about the innocent mexicans being killed on the daily. Its some of the same people who were reblogging posts about Ayotzinapa too, you know how fucking ridiculous you look lol???