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The difference between plum and cherry blossoms

Now that it’s almost spring, everybody is or will be posting photos of plum and cherry blossoms in Japan. Have you ever wondered about the difference between the two?

1) Plum blossoms have short stalks with single or two buds; cherry blossoms have longer stalks and form a cluster of buds.

2) Plum trees have fewer blossoms; cherry trees are covered in what I call pink popcorn.

3) Plum blossoms have a delightful fragrance; cherry blossoms rarely do. The cherry tree variety that is most widely planted in Japan and most closely associated with the hanami season, Somei Yoshino (Latin name Prunus × yedoensis), has no fragrance at all.

4) Plum blossoms have oval petals; cherry blossoms have rounder petals that are often notched. If you represent them graphically, left is plum, right is cherry:

I’ve added photos of both, with plum at the top and cherry at the bottom:

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Supernatural creatures Prompt of Whink and Bellow Diamond? Where blue and pink are sisters, and dragons that hide in the mortal world by shape shifting into 'humans' and white and yellow are best friends from the 1500s that were turned into vampires.

Yooo, I’m probably going to expand on this one :3

Pink tore into her steak like a woman possessed, feasting on her dinner so happily that Blue was forced to disguise her laugh as a cough, “Haven’t you got any manners, Pink?”

Said girl shrugged, “Not at all.”

“You’re barbaric,” Blue chuckled and took another sip of her water, forcing another laugh down when her sister over dramatically took a large bite out of her steak once again.

“You know you love me, sis.” Pink smiled as she chewed on her food.

They didn’t often go into the city like this. Sure they disguised themselves as humans rather well, but there was always a strange dissociation that came with who they were.

After all, dragon-shifters weren’t exactly normal to the rest of mankind.

Blue was approaching her 700th birthday, while Pink was a mere 240 years old.

They were both considered adults among their kind, but considering dragon-shifters mostly stopped aging as long as they continued to shift- there was still quite a large age-gap between the two sisters.

“I want to go see a movie before we head back,” Pink pouted. “Please, Blue? It’s been years since we’ve seen one.”

“Alright,” the elder sister nodded. “But you’re buying the popcorn then.”

Pink clapped her hands together, “Fine, but I pick the movie!”

“Deal,” Blue took another drink of her water. Looking around as Pink started to finish up the last of the large meal she had ordered.

The bell at the front door rang as it was pushed open, and Blue blinked in surprise as the scent of two vampires flooded her nostrils, “Oh my.”

Pink momentarily paused mid-chew, before going back to her previous business- although Blue knew her sister was now paying more attention to her surroundings.

Blue watched as two women walked in.

They looked mid-twenties to early-thirties, and one had beautiful golden blonde hair while the other had striking platinum hair.

Currently, her attention was pulled to the blonde. She wore a yellow blouse with dark brown pants and a black belt. Her figure was lean and clearly athletic, which Blue could appreciate.

However, it was when said blonde turned her way that Blue swore she fell in love.

Glowing yellow eyes burned deep into her soul, imploding all thoughts into nothing but her. At that moment, Blue would destroy the world if she thought it would make the mysterious stranger happy.

The dragon-shifter had only a second to realize what had happened. The newly formed feelings within her danced around her heart.

When a slightly dazed smirk crossed the blonde’s face, Blue remembered that she was staring.

Quickly, with a large blush, she looked away…

Only to see her little sister in a very similar situation, gazing starry-eyed at the platinum-haired lady the blonde had came in with.

Blue sighed, “Well, that was unexpected.”