Another slurry of Orsi characters that I churned out while working on my “Kashmir” story concept! The first three are full bodies of the members of the “High court” members that did busts of in another Kashmir related post but the rest are new ones!

(From the top to the bottom going from left to right):

RIVER - ZED: (Premier of the Government of Kashmir). Leader of the entire Kashmir Parliament System and it’s only life-long member. Also the highest non-uniform member of the army itself, he plays a heavy role in it’s policies and movements both during peace and war. 

LOVE - ROSE: (Chancellor of the Courts). The Chief Magistrate of the entire judicial system of Kashmir, she oversees all law implementation and enforcement, as well as personally presiding over cases that are brought to the Hall of the Elders. In her eyes “justice” is different for Orsi and humans. 

GRACE - DUVALL: (Supreme Ruler of the Blessed Kashmir Empire). Born into her position by blood, as the first born she holds the entire Kashmir Empire in her pampered and decadent claws. Overruled by none and challenged by few, she is the first and last word. 

GRACE - FIERCE: (Head of the Quurat (Secret Police)). A dangerous and almost feral member of the royal family. She runs the Quurat with ruthless efficiency despite her breathing condition (aided by a medicated mask), striking fear into citizen and rebel alike. 

FIELD -  ASHTON: (Cheif Generalissima of the Kashmir Army). An Orsi with no noble pedigree who worked her way up through the ranks with sheer tactical genius and skillful leadership. A hero of the war, she views humans in a far better light than most of her colleagues. 

CHASE - BAY: (Minister of Culture and Information). A charismatic and passionate orator who has the gift of swaying entire masses with just words alone. His expertly woven verses, and masterfully painted imagery stir the hearts of even the most apathetic humans to fight for the empire.