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I’ll be that one friend that was secretly reading fanfics in the middle of the class, at the back of the room. Then I suddenly burst into tears without any sound.

Then my seatmate asked me what was wrong.

My answer would be : “This is ship is full of angst writer and they deserves more than this cruel world.”

There’s Something About You (That Makes The Skies Blue)


Rating: Teen

Setting: Modern AU

Word Count: 3,125


Five things Merlin gives Arthur (+1 Arthur gives him back).

Comments: I loved this fic! The pining!Arthur was so sweet, and I loved the dynamic between Merlin and Arthur. It’s such a fluffy fic that will leave you smiling!

anonymous asked:

So as much as I love the fics where Merlin's pining over Arthur and Arthur is oblivious, do you know of any where Arthur is pining and Merlin is oblivious?

We both picked five of our favorites for this one. It may not seem like a lot, but we have plenty of more pining fics to come in the future. So keep an eye out!



A Prince In Frog Skin

Summary: Arthur lived how he wanted. Exactly how he wanted. Unfortunately, as a prince, what he wanted didn’t exactly follow the guidelines of what the rest of the world considered ‘proper’. No one had the guts to do anything about it, however.
No one until Nimueh.
Thrown into decidedly impossible circumstances against his will and outside of his capacity to correct, Arthur is forced to seek the help of an 'Emrys’ to scavenge what is left of the life he was so cruelly torn from. It would certainly be a whole lot easier if Emrys would just listen to him as he was supposed to. Arthur was a prince, right? Emrys was supposed to listen to him.
Apparently not everyone in the world puts much stock in royal status. As if life wasn’t difficult enough already.

~ Written for Merlin Holidays 2016 ~

Rating: M (but probably closer to T)

Tags: Merlin/Arthur, Modern Fairytale AU, Fantasy, Magic, Modern Royalty, Omnilingualism, Frogs (naturally), Slow Burn, Pining

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a whole lot of history (you and me)


Rating: Teen

Setting: Modern AU

Word Count: 19,669


Merlin grows up in Buckingham Palace. Unfortunately, so does Arthur.

Comments: This fic is just lovely. It was nice to see Merlin and Arthur growing up together, and even though they popped in and out of each other’s lives you could tell how much they cared for one another, especially when they were older. The banter was great as well, and I loved how Merlin always challenged Arthur. A great fic!

"This is What a (Tragic) Hero Looks Like." Defining Classic and Modern Tragedy with Ford and Stan Pines (Part 3 of 4)

Ford as the Classic Tragic Hero
Stan as the Modern Tragic Hero
Lessons in Tragedy and Growing Up within the Moral Universe of Gravity Falls 

Part II: “Everything I’ve worked for, everything I care about, it’s all for this family!” Stan Pines as the Modern Tragic Hero

Unlike the classical tragic hero, which focuses on stories of great people falling from great heights while the fates of whole societies hang in the balance, playwright Arthur Miller advocated for a different type of tragedy. His was the domestic drama between a person and their family or a person and their community in conflict with that character’s set beliefs. Instead of royalty, generals, gods, and demons, Miller’s tragedy examined everyday misunderstandings and sacrifices that still have the power to touch upon the universal in the same way classic myths do.

Miller wrote about the common man tragedy of today’s world, which involved two distinct qualities:

The first is that the tragic hero should display an intensity of feeling and passion. That person wears their heart on their sleeve; they are committed to a core set of values, and no matter what else they do, they will stick by their own ethics over anything else, and committed to whatever quest they give themselves based on these set of beliefs.

The second aspect is that the tragic hero should be aware of the social implications of their choices. Whether society deems it “good” or “bad”, the tragic hero knows the risks. Even if the tragic hero cannot fully express or intellectualize the consequences of their actions, they know how much danger they put themselves and others at risk by upholding the values they do, yet do so anyway.

Death of a Salesman and All My Sons are known as two of Miller’s greatest plays. In both simple men in ordinary suburban lives struggle to keep their families together, but also know they are at fault for estranging their loved ones because of mistakes they had made. In Death of a Salesman, Willy Loman pressures his two sons to be successful businessmen, but his son Biff distances himself from Willy after discovering his extramarital affair. Willy later kills himself in a car accident out of hope Biff could use the insurance money to start a business, which Biff decides not to do. In All My Sons, Joe Keller is a respected factory owner who built himself from the ground up to support his family; his son Chris is a WWII vet suffering from PTSD. When Chris discovers his father had sold shoddy airplane parts during the war in order to be successful, he kills himself out of disappointment and grief. Small choices have major consequences in Miller’s tragedies. Stanley Pines and his backstory can easily be a science-fictional version of a Miller tragic hero.

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Petal Power


Rating: PG-13

Setting: Modern AU

Word Count: 4,320


Merlin teaches Arthur a little about the language of flowers – he catches on quick!

Comments: This fic is wonderful! I loved how Arthur kept coming back to the shop to see Merlin, and the pining between the two of them…it was great. A sweet little fic!