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ANY ADRIEN/MARINETTE PAIRING "I got a nightmare." #MakeItAngsty

to fate unanswered

miraculous ladybug // ladynoir // if you are in pain blame maha who decided the angst meter on this needed to be a 12/10 // it ends happy tho so it’s not really a 12/10 // lowkey pain // if this link works, I’m still taking prompts!

Marinette Cheng should be dead.

There isn’t any reason that she should still be standing here, staring out over the the city lights with her fingers wrapped around a railing on a rooftop that feels worlds away.

Wind whips wildly through her hair, lashing painfully against her skin and twisting it’s way straight through the hollows of her bones.

Her breath is hard and heavy and each shaky intake rattles around in her lungs like a curse, a constant reminder that every empty heartbeat comes with a price.

She should be dead. She almost wishes she was.

She tilts her head back to the stars she can’t see and her shaking breaths turn into heaving sobs, broken and beaten and uncontrollably heart-wrenching.

How can she do this without him?

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