pinhole camera

Pinhole Shot by larissa honsek

solargraph #43


08.11.14 - 25.06.15

Pinhole shot by larissa honsek



Custom medium format pinhole camera

Photographer: Yuuji Takahashi / flickr

This is a homemade medium format pinhole camera built from scratch- Takahashi-san calls it the diy 66 Zoom Pinhole- you can see a selection of pictures shot with it on flickr at its different (approx) zoom lengths: 35mm , 50mm, and 80mm. Check out his flickr stream for more examples of his film camera customization.

From the second pinhole camera-can I retrieved this evening. This can was attached to a corner of our chain link fence on July 26 and was facing east-southeast, approximately. The distinctive Y-shaped trunk of our neighbors’ plum tree is visible near the center of the image, as is a station wagon to the right and the ghost of a car that often parks behind the station wagon. Our neighbors’ house is distorted beyond recognition to the far left, and foliage from a laurel hedge can be seen at the bottom of the picture.