Yesterday was Worldwide Pinhole Day!! ( To celebrate I made 2 cameras and took some pictures!! 

The top 5 images are scans of the pictures I made yesterday and the bottom 2 are the actual cameras I made. 

View MY image on the Worldwide Pinhole Day website here:

aren’t shayne & i so cute<3 School tomorrow , gotta sleep soon cause i have to get up early and drill a hole through my bodycap & try out some pinhole photography. I’m actually really excited to try this & i’m thinking about buying a kit to make a cardboard box pinhole camera obscura off ebay like our teacher had. ANYWAYS, still doing follow backs, if i don’t get you back right now i will in the am! goodnight tumblies. xox

I’m going to be at the Baltimore Book Festival next Friday (9/27) all day to meet fans and friends, give out swag and sign copies of CLICKS. I’m also going to be showing the cover to ECHOES for the very first time. 

Some of the other YA authors I’m most excited to see there include Brina Courtnay, Jennifer Armentrout, Libba Bray, Mag Cabot and actress Ali Larter. 

The festival is free so make sure to come say hi and check out all the great books!