I’d like to tell you all…
A tale of Tally Hall.
This… is the BORALOGUE!

Dear mythical ideal reader, who is entirely new to the world of Tally Hall but has been rapturously and attentively reading my lengthy posts for the past three days, you have probably noticed an unfamiliar name pop up repeatedly. “Who is this ‘Bora’ fellow?” you may be asking yourself, while patiently waiting for me to bestow this information on you. Well, ideal reader, you have waited long enough. It’s time to talk about the man, the myth, the legend: BORA KARACA.

We all know that every Five Man Band has to have a Sixth Ranger, and Tally Hall is no exception. Let’s take it back to early 2005-ish, after the release of Complete Demos but when Marvin’s was still just a glimmer in Al McWilliams’ eye. Bora, a U of M student in Zubin’s year attending the dope Performing Arts Technology program (like audio engineering, but COOLER), saw Tally Hall perform on campus and immediately struck up a friendship. He helped to record some tracks for that spring’s Pingry EP, and from then on was just That Guy, You Know?

He first helped out selling merch at local shows, and then out of state shows, and then suddenly he was the more-or-less official roadie, and began to go out on tours. Like the rest of the band, Bora has quite the flair for multimedia, so on the 2008 tour he began putting together the legendary BORALOGUES.

When I direct people to Tally Hall, the Boralogues are at the top of my essential viewing/listening list, right next to both of the albums and the Internet Show. The vlogs are confections of hilarity, never lingering on a scene quite as long as you wished but gallivanting off to the next non-sequitur. Armed with AfterEffects wizardry, clever captions, and a hyperactive, referential editing style, Bora pulls off the tricky feat of simultaneously documenting the realistic rigors of tour while leaving you in stitches.

With his zen vibe and unpredictable sense of humor, Bora was the perfect cameraman, narrator, and spiritual guide for Tally Hall’s journey. Also, he’s the fucking coolest guy in the world— he plays pretty much every instrument ever, and in college, he was the lead singer of a legendary Ann Arbor band of his very own. They were called Cojum Dip, they played jazz-metal fusion, and wore Mexican wrestling masks while they performed. Seriously!

In 2011, Bora finally joined Tally Hall as a touring member of the band on their Good & Evil tour. Wearing an orange tie, he played keys and guitar, along with continuing his usual documentarial duties. WHAT A GUY!