Today’s Third-Years!

Today’s theme is: “I caught ya!”
They’ve just wrapped up their Fukuoka tour, and will be returning to Tokyo.  Where they will do their best of course!  But… there’s… something behind Hiroki???


The Karasuno first years promoting the start of the Haikyuu!! stage play exhibition, and the Karasuno cast cutting ribbons at the opening ceremoy for the exhibition.

Source: Official Twitter

anonymous asked:

Ino is not a housewife. She is the head of the Yamanaka clan. The only female character who is not as wasted as the other ones.

The sole indication that she is not a housewife is her return from an unknown mission, so while you are not entirely wrong, it still holds heavy sexist implications, which you are clearly attempting to refute here and yet failing due to the lack of context. What’s more interesting, though, is that you’re arguing against a straw man, essentially a position I never held. 

When did I say Ino is a housewife? Following your logic, being a housewife equates to a sexist understanding of womanhood. Therefore, being on missions (= still working as a kunoichi) must be the opposite. However, this is not the case. Ino was sidelined for the sake of making room for the male characters, meaning she was used as a passive plot device in many instances.

Moving forward, 

1) you have no canonical evidence that Ino is the head of the Yamanaka clan,

2) and it wouldn’t change the poor development she underwent anyway.

Lastly, you say she is the only well-developed female character, which is not just hyperbolic but also unsubstantial, for you do not offer any solid ground for your conclusion. Having said that, I enjoy Ino as a whole, but I disagree with you because I believe her full potential was utterly wasted.