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High Tensions - Four

Reid x Reader

Spencer watched Y/N walk away from him quickly, a light blush colouring her cheeks. 

Somehow he’d actually managed to get to her. And that made him feel awesome inside. Maybe he could win this?

He wasn’t shy around women anymore, some of his closet friends were female. But when it came to flirting and coming on to someone, especially someone as attractive as Y/N, he was still a bit clueless. Normally he awaited for girls to approach him, which over the past few years had began to happen more often. He guessed the geek chic phase must still be in?

He was definitely starting to feel the pressure of this contest though. The lack of sex normally didn’t bother him. He enjoyed sex but was happy to deal with his own needs when the urge arose. He had been certain he’d win the original contest when it was between the five of them, but now he wasn’t so sure. Although the prize at the end of this, if of course they both went through with it, was much better than just bragging rights and money. He just had to work out how to claim that prize.

Since that day on the plane he’d not been able to stop thinking about Y/N. Watching her mouth work that sucker had plagued his dreams for the past few nights. It didn’t help that she’d taken to wearing tighter shirts, with an additional button than normal undone. Everytime she leant over in front of him, he had to look away or else he was convinced he’d end up drooling. God he wanted to kiss her there so much, maybe suck on one of her nipples. He needed to stop thinking about this so badly, he was getting hard again. 

Another email from Hotch dropped into his inbox, this one addressed only to him. 

“You know that I cannot officially condone this behaviour, but providing it doesn’t impact on your work, I don’t have an issue. So DO NOT let it.
But I have to say Dr Reid, well done. I caught the look on Agent Y/N’s face after your reply to her, and I did not think you had that in you. Perhaps you will win after all.
But if I see either of you near that empty office, there’ll be trouble. Understood?“

All of the team knew about the original bet, Hotch, Rossi and JJ not partaking. And since the rules had been revised, the team had been watching his and Y/N’s interactions more closely. Spencer also knew that they had their own bet going, everyone except Rossi agreeing that Y/N would be the one to break him. 

He needed to up his game. But he wasn’t sure how. It was alright making her feel things when he was hiding behind his computer screen, but he needed to do it face to face. 

He’d have to work on that somehow.  

You’d hidden out in Penelope’s office the rest of the day, helping her go over and file some old video footage and coming up with your next plan of attack in between working. She’d had an awesome idea but you weren’t sure you could go through with it yet. 

The few times you’d ventured out of her office you’d found yourself watching Spencer. The way he absent mindedly fidgeted when he was working was so cute, tapping his pencil constantly on his desk, or adjusting his tie; loosening it and then pulling it taut again. Although the way he licked and bit his lips was started to drive you wild. It was the thing about him that had actually sparked your little crush on him. Oh, and his hair. He’d come in one day when it had been rainy outside and his hair was soaked. The way he’d shoved his hands into it, pushing it back off his face with a slight scowl had made you actually drop the folder you’d been carrying. No one had noticed though so it had been fine.

It was home time and you’d set foot in the elevator, the doors just starting to close when you heard a shout. “Hold the doors!”

Automatically you waved your arm between the doors to prevent them from closing, seeing it was Reid who’d shouted you as he hurried down the corridor, his hair flopping and his messenger bag bouncing against his side. 

“Thanks,” he grinned at you as he slid. “Where were you hiding all day?”

“I wasn’t hiding, I was helping Penelope.”

“Ah okay, I thought maybe you’d gone to scope out for another empty office, seeing as apparently Rossi’s is off limit to us.”

You turned to stare at your friend. Maybe this wasn’t going to be as easy as you’d thought. He was definitely getting more confident at this. 

“You’re really hung up on the whole idea of fucking me over a desk aren’t you?” You expected a blush, or some sort of embarrassed reaction but instead he just smirked and moved closer to you. 

He turned, placing one hand either side of you against the elevator wall so that you were trapped in front of him. 

“Maybe not just a desk. Just anywhere in the office would be hot. Say the word and I’ll hit the stop button in here,” he raised his eyebrows, moving his face dangerously close to yours. 

“Who are you and what have you done to Spencer Reid?”

“I’m still Spencer, Y/N. Just…..this competition has bought out another side to me.”

“Gotta say Doctor, kinda like this side of you. It’s definitely the side of you that I’d like rubbing all over me…. You know, when you eventually stop kidding yourself that you can win this and beg me to fuck you.”

“I’m not kidding myself Agent. I CAN win this. You may be able to distract me with those tight little skirts you wear and I may have had indecent thoughts about your mouth after sitting watching you sucking on those sweets but I can win. Words can be just as powerful, did I not prove that earlier when you ran off to hide in Garcia’s office?”

You chuckled to yourself, there was no denying it. Sure you’d found a reason to stay in there with her, but the reason you’d gone in there in the first place was because of him. 

He was so close to you now that you could smell the fresh scent of peppermint on his breath. 

“You’re awfully close Spencer, anyone watching the CCTV might think that you’re about to kiss me or something,” you angled your face upwards to him. 

“Isn’t there a scene in that Fifty Shades book you were reading where he pushes her against the elevator wall and kisses her passionately? And kissing is technically allowed. In fact kissing releases almost as many endorphins as actually having an orgasm does, if you’re kissing the right person.”

“And are you that right person?”

“I’d like to say so.” He stared intently into your eyes, his beautiful hazel ones searching yours as a lock of his hair fell forward. You loved his hair. He shook it back, pushing his hand through it before placing it back on the wall beside you.

Licking his lips he reached out and ran a finger across the line of your chin causing you to shiver involuntarily as he moved his hand to your hair, gently tucking it back behind your ear in a gesture that was almost as sweet as it was attractive.

Spencer Reid had twice in one day gotten a reaction out of you. You were meant to be the cock tease here, causing him to beg to be inside you. But instead, somewhere in the last twenty four hours it appeared that the boy genius had grown a pair of balls. 

Fine. Two can play at this game, Mr words can be just as powerful. Suck on this.

“If you wanna kiss me Spencer, go ahead. Let’s make out for a bit, I can do that without wanting more. And God, I’ve missed the feel of another person’s mouth on mine.”

He moved closer, his lips almost touching yours only stopping when you spoke again.
“But I warn you Reid, I’m good. And when my tongue is caressing yours, just imagine how good it would feel sliding up and down your long hard shaft.“

His jaw dropped and his eyes grew wide.

“Once you’ve felt my soft lips on yours, you won’t be able to not think about them wrapped around your dick, bobbing up and down on it, my cheeks hollowing as they suck and my eyes locked on yours, as I watch you watching me.”

His breathing grew heavy and his eyes seemed to fog over. 

“And when we pull apart and I lick my lips, you’ll be imagining that I’m licking the residue of your come off them.” You licked you lips to demonstrate before murmuring, “Mmmmm, tasty.”

He groaned. And you smirked knowing you had him. 

“Still wanna try that kiss. Cos I guarantee once you kiss me, I will win. Because I am that fucking good Spencer.”

The elevator came to a hault and the doors pinged open. You ducked under Spencer’s arm, leaving him standing there.

“You know where I live when you wanna try that kiss out Spence!”

You exited the elevator leaving him still leaning against the wall, the doors closing on him again.

And you were back in the game. 

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skiihawnt  asked:

Play table tennis. Whoever wins gets to publicly humiliate who they choose, or if that's not how you boys roll, the winner gets a food prize or something.

Detentionaire headcanons

Detentionaire takes place in the MysterySpies universe along with Martin Mystery, Totally Spies, and Grossology. 

Holger is from Scandinavia. There are seamus (sea emus) that rise from the depths every spring and summer to graze and raise their young. Snow aardvarks are native to the country and more common  in the mountains.

-Holger grows up to become a househusband, dad, and part time relationship councilor.

Biffy is a product of a semi-secret super soldier program run by Worst. He has many clone-siblings that have been adopted by many different couples working for MWF. Biffy has never met any of these siblings.

-MWF provides a stipend to families hosting the products of the super soldier project. Mostly b/c Biffy and his siblings are very big and expensive to maintain.

Brandy is one of the minority of people in the world with the super-spy gene. Her’s activates during the events of the series and its out to good use helping out with the Lee Ping super spy adventures.

Barrage feeds ducks and geese on his weekends.

Kimmie eventually takes over her mom’s company but makes it slightly less evil. Biffy becomes her resident tech wizard.

Tatzlwurm are the most well documented dragons in the world but there are others that are known to exist. 

-Red’s are a rare variant of blue tatzelwurm.

- the lizard men are yellow tatzlwurms which are a different susbspecies from the Blue/Red

- Green and Black tatzlwurms live in the sea and are much larger than their land based counterparts.

- Li’s Priscilla is a young wyrm.

Poly goodness. 

-Cam and Brandy eventually take in Cyrus as their third.

-Holger is entirely serious about marrying Cam and Lee.

- Tina and Kimmie are bonded through the queerplatonic relationship between their bfs.

After the war with the yellow tazes is over The Center arrives to clean up the mess and arrest the guilty parties.

Someone ends up punching Chaz’s lights out.

Do you every read someone’s URL so incredibly wrong that when you figure out what it means you’re like ’Iiiiiii’m dumb.’ ?

WELL. Whilst making posts for all my lovely followers who asked me to I got to @myweepingqueen​ …but I read it as “My Wee Ping Queen” which then immediately reminded me of a book I read as a child about a duck named Ping.

And my mind immediately went to a wee, or little, duck queen. So then I tried to find a photo to accurately represent this image in my mind and I learned the hard way that google is not a mind reader. 

Tiny duck queen = DINOSAUR, so I tried again

Wee ping duck = kind of scary angst images…I don’t know, I didn’t stick around these search results long because it was really creepy. Then…


My Wee Ping Queen.

The End.