ping pong table tennis

☆  Sports Vocabulary List  ☆ 

Aikido あいきどう (合気道)
Archery アーチェリー
(Japanese) Archery きゅうどう (弓道)
Badminton バドミントン
Baseball やきゅう(野球)
Basketball バスケットボール
Bowling ボーリング
Boxing ボクシング
Competitive eating はやぐい (早食い) / おおぐい (大食い)
Cricket クリケット
Croquet クロッケー
Curling カーリング
Cycling サイクリング
Darts ダーツ
Diving ダイビング
Dodgeball ドッジボール
Fishing つり (釣り)
Football フットボール
Golf ゴルフ
Gymnastics たいそう (体操)
Hockey ホッケー
Horseback riding じょうば (乗馬)
Jogging ジョギング
Judo じゅうどう (柔道)
Karate からて (空手)
Kendo けんどう (剣道)
Quidditch クィディッチ
Racquetball ラケットボール
Rugby ラグビー
Running ランニング
Shooting しゃげき (射撃)
Skating スケート
Skiing スキー
Snowboarding スノーボーディング
Soccer サッカー
Softball ソフトボール
Sumo wrestling すもう (相撲)
Surfing サーフィン
Swimming すいえい (水泳)
Table tennis/Ping-pong たっきゅう (卓球) / ピンポン
Tennis テニス
Volleyball バレーボール
Water skiing すいじょうスキー (水上スキー)
Wrestling レスリング

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skiihawnt  asked:

Play table tennis. Whoever wins gets to publicly humiliate who they choose, or if that's not how you boys roll, the winner gets a food prize or something.


Everybody seems surprised that Cristiano is excellent in table tennis. But it’s nothing new.

Cristiano told already in his book ‘Moments’ in 2007 that he turned down the chance to join the table tennis team in his native Madeira for pursuing a career in football. (x)

“After football, ping pong is my favourite sport. I love to watch professional games and I like to play.

I began to feel a fascination for table tennis as a child because it is a very popular sport in Madeira, where there are several nationally competitive clubs.
I started playing as a boy in my neighbourhood and at school.

When I moved to the school of Sporting, I kept playing ping pong. There were plenty of tables in the athletes’ common and I spent good times there with my team-mates.

One day the coach of the Sporting table tennis said, “I’ve seen you play and I think you can become a good table tennis player. Want to get in the team?”. “No, no thanks”, I replied without hesitation. “I want to be a footballer. Ping pong is a hobby, not a sport in which you want to be professional,” I said.

‘He tried to persuade me again and again. I always said “no”, and he finally gave up. Football was my passion.

'I do not know if the ping pong has lost a good player, but I know that even today I enjoy playing.

'I play with the right, left… Without being boastful, I think I do pretty well. Even those who think they have a chance against me give up when faced with the facts.”