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The Fox: Part Two

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(Yo yo yo! Hey friends, I know this took a million years, but here it is: part two of The Fox! This was really fun and quite challenging to write, but I enjoyed myself. I hope you like it! And I’m just realizing this is really long? oops. Y’all know what’s up: these are not my gifs! And if you have any comments/questions/concerns you know how to reach me! Thanks for the patience and support!)

Pairing: Barry x Reader (gender neutral!!!)

Word count: 2400ish (yikes)

Warnings: Eh, this one isn’t that bad


Months had passed since your kidnapping, and lots has happened.

Well, first, you’ve been able to control your abilities. You’re now able to free use your intuitive aptitude to master anything you please, which comes in very handy. 

You’ve also been about to control your cosmic awareness. You can manage it so well, that whenever something bad happens, it pops up like a little notification in your mind, so the imagines and warnings don’t overwhelm you.

There’s a lot of bad stuff going down in Central City. But this way, you can pick and choose what’s the more urgent and go stop it.

This cosmic awareness power has kind of put Cisco out of a job, or so he claims.

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