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Guts over fear

Imagine you’re Jax’s unwanted daughter and you take a shot for Abel. 


Your mother used to be one of SAMCRO’s most famous crow eaters, but never good enough, or friendly enough or sane enough  to be one of SAMCRO’s Old Ladies; That’s why it never made sense when she took you to live with your father, Jax Teller. You remembered the cold night you and you mom stopped at TM, and you also remembered the long talk her, Gemma, Clay and Jax held, while you were on the picnic table, being stared at by Chibs and Bobby.

If she’s anything like her mother, it meas trouble.” You heard them whisper as you felt so insecure and tiny; Like a mouse. 

Your mother left the clubhouse stumbling and almost falling twice, you figured out it was  because she was a bit drunk, coming from work and all. She earned the bread as a stripper in the famous Jelly Bean, but now she had to go on a road tour with his boss, also, your step father. 

“Guess what?!” She said, never sounding so excited. “He said yes! Jax said it was okay for you to stay here!” She smiled at you and hugged you, rain dripping all over her body, standing taller than you because of her 10 inch heels, the smell of cheap perfume mixed with even cheaper vodka and the lowest of the lowest of weed. 

You may have been young, but not stupid. He didn’t wanted you there, and you were used to the idea. Your whole life your mother had been telling you that you’d have been the product of a crazy part in her life, and that your father knew about you, yet, he didn’t wanted anything to do with you. 

Jackson was staring at both of you, standing near the picnic table, Old Lady in hand and beer in another one. The cute brunette was holding a baby, maybe a four year old boy, looking a bit preoccupied and proud. Gemma, your grandmother, was looking at your mother like she had the plague, crossing her arms along her chest and puckering her lips with disdain. 

“Mom…” You said to your mother, looking up at her. “Just a week, right? Not more?” She smiled at you, playing with your hair and handing you your backpack. 

“Sure, sweetheart. You just wait!” She said already walking out of TM, you following close, your stepfather waiting for her on the car. “We’ll come back with tons and tons of money” She said sound excited. You faked a smile and waved her goodbye as your stepfather care drove into the street, under the rain. 

You turned around just to see Jackson and the woman, who later you’ve learned name was Tara, go back into the clubhouse, Clay and Gemma following close. 


When you went into the clubhouse, you could tell why your mother said she really liked SAMCRO. The whole place was so warm, they were like a really big family, caring for each other and loving each other. 

Except you.

And you understood that; You were never a part of it. Your mother was thrown away when they knew she was pregnant and Jax didn’t want to be a part of it. He was still young and he had been cheated on Tara, and Chibs and Bobby were right. Your mother was all troubles. 

As you walked in, a blonde, dumb looking kid, a few years older than you came closer to you, a kutte on his body but not fully patched in. A Prospect.

“Hey!” He said, gladly. “Can i help you with…”

“Prospect!” You heard Jax yell, sending shivers down your spine as you turned around. “She can do it alone.” A single death look from the VP and the Prospect was out of sight. You sighed and grabbed your bags, turning around, speaking to your father for the first time in your life. 

“Uhm. Where do i put my stuff?” He looked at you, disdain in his eyes, as the room went silent. 

“Second door to the right.” And it was all he said to you for the next few days. 

The week your mother said became a week and two days, then a week and a half, and before you knew it, three weeks had passed and she was nowhere to be seen. You were boiling with rage and at nights, you were crying yourself to sleep.

There you were, being throwned around like your mother did when she was SAMCROS sweet butt. Chibs bossed you around, Juice spilled things over just for you to clean, Bobby, Piney and Clay ignored the hell out you. Not a day went by without Happy telling you hurtful things and Opie just made faces at your presence. Jax still didn’t talked to you. 

They were ignoring you so hard you were starting to doubt if you still existed. 

Everyone was out at TM, having a good time, in the weekly BBQ your grandma offered. Feeling sick of being inside, reclusive in your room, you decided to walk out, book in hand and sit down next to Abel’s playground, secretly looking at him play with Opie’s kids; He was your baby brother after all. 

Everything happened so fast after that. The usual roar of engines started to arrive at TM and it was too late when they realized they were Mayans. Panicking you got up, looking for shelter as the bullets started flying around; Everyone screaming and running in different directions, people falling to the floor and the sound of childrens crying.

Childrens!” You thought to yourself dropping the book and going back on your steps to the playground.

“Abel!” You heard both, Tara and Jax scream. Following their gaze you saw Abel crying on the playground, too scared to even move; in the distance, a young Mayan running over to him. “Oh my god, Abel!”

“Abel!” you started screaming, running over to him and knocking him down between your arms, the second the young Mayan, probably a prospect shooted. You took 3 in your back as you fell to the ground, Abel still crying in your arms. 

“(Y/N)!” You heard someone yell but the stinging and pain was too much for you. The world went black in a matter of seconds.

You were gone. 


The sound of beeping woke you up, finally. Your head was a wreck and you were sure you couldn’t move. 

Maybe it was all a dream, you thought, but deep down you knew it wasnt true. You were in a hospital bed, with bands all over your chest and a killer headache, along with a double killer chest pain. You opened your eyes and closed them for a second before opening them again, to take in the sight. 

The complete white room had the TV on; Tom & Jerry re- runs on the screen, a bit loud for your condition.

“(Y/N)” you heard but no one was there. You look down to see Abel smiling up at you, a band around his tiny head and scratches all over his face. You smiled down at him, glad that he was safe.

“Hey, dude.” You whispered friendly, wanting to mess his hair but your arm couldn’t take the pain. 

“Daddy!” He screamed cheerfully. 

Jax came out of the bathroom running, gun in hand, looking everywhere and relaxing when he saw just the both of you. 

Tara came into the room seconds later, in full uniform and injures on her face and hand. She looked at you on the bed and flashed a small smile, looking at Abel and Jax; Your father couldn’t look you in the eyes. 

“A-Abel…” she stuttered, licking her lips. “Let’s get (Y/N) some cookies, i bet she’s hungry.” the doctor looked at you and smiled again. “Dr. Namid will be here in a few minutes”

You nodded, still confused. 

“She slept a lot.” The kid said, grabbing her mom’s hand and smiling as she lifted him up. “Goodbye big sister!” Abel said waving at you and exiting the room with Tara. Tears were starting to spill out of your eyes when you were left alone with your father. 

That’s when you took notice of the bouquets of flowers all over the room. All of them bright colors. Even a beautiful single rose, with a card saying: “From Gemma..” You stared at them, more confused than ever and looked at Jax.

“Jax, what is this?” You said grabbing the flower and placing it on your lap. 

“The flowers are from the club. Chibs, Juice and Happy stay the night every day. It’s me, Clay and Opie who stay during the day. I’m telling you, the parking lot looks like a freaking Harley Davidson festival.” You laughed a little. “ The rose is from my mom. She came by this morning. She’s been here all this time.”

“All this time?” you blinked.

“You’ve been in a coma for a week.” He said, suddenly feeling ashamed and sitting down on the chair next to your bed. It fell on you like a ton of bricks.

“I’m glad Abel is alright…” 

Jax nodded, biting his lip and looking at you, his face already red, a single tear falling down his cheek. You gasped and covered your mouth. That was new. 

“I’m sorry…” He whispered. “I’m sorry i walked away. I didn’t wanted to be a father, i was 17.” He shook his head. “I was scared to death and it was easier to blame it on your mom” You listened to every single one of his words. “When you showed up, i hated you. I hated you because you reminded me of all my weakness, how much of a coward i was to leave a pregnant woman. I hated you because you reminded me of the father i could have been.”


He grabbed your hand and kissed it. 

“Would you forgive me?” And you saw it. Right there, on the inside of his arm, opossite position to the memorial tattoo he had for John, it was your name in fresh ink. You gasped and slowly nodded your hand, letting your hands run free and feeling relieved for the first time in months. “You saved my son.  You saved this family, (Y/N). You’ll never be alone again.” He gulped and looked at both of your hands. “I don’t blame you if you think i’m an asshole. I don’t blame you if you think that any of us is an asshole, we acted like one. I’m trying to say…i’ll spend the rest of my life trying to make it up to you, (Y/N)” 

“Jax, I…” you wanted to say something when he stood up and kissed your forehead slowly.

“It’s Dad…” He whispered, caressing your head. “I’m your Dad, and you’re a Teller” you locked gazes and both of you softly smiled. “I love you kid.”

“I love you too, Dad.” 

Times ‘Sons of Anarchy’ legit made me cry, in chronological order (spoiler alert)

1. When Abel got taken. That scream of anguish Jax gave just broke my damn heart.

2. When Chibs was reunited with Kerrianne

3. When Opie found Piney’s body

4. Dawn’s death

5. Opie’s funeral

6. Tig crying at the docks after disposing of that porn producer douchebag’s body

7. When Nero found out Gemma killed Tara

8. Jax’s death

*Request: Juice is worried because he thinks that you are cheating on him and things get rough.* May be a second part..

“Where you going Y/N? Juice asked you. Lately he had been getting on your damn nerves with his jealously. Since he caught you dancing with another man at your mom’s house party but it was a family friend so you didn’t understand his jealousy. You thought it would pass over but it didn’t. “I’m going out like I do every damn Wednesday Juice, don’t start with that shit please. I had a great day, I didn’t come home to deal with this.” You said walking past him. “Oh, so now we’re keeping secrets?” He said. You couldn’t tel if this was one big joke or he was seriously being this crazy. “Juice I go out every Wednesday and Friday with the same damn people, and to the same damn place. How are we keeping secrets?!” You said looking at him. He stared at you and said, “I’m sorry baby, I just don’t want you to run off on me or anything.” “Oh my God Juice, that was my family friend and his wife was right there. Let that fucking shit go already.” You said yelling at him. “I am, damn.” He said storming off to the kitchen.

“Oh my god girl, why is he acting so damn crazy?” Your friend Shelly asked. “Girl he’s working my last damn nerve.” You said to her. “Girlfriend I love the jealous type, I be like “Yes Daddy.” Your friend Felipe said. You all started laughing. “Alright my turn to buy this round.” You said on your way to the bar. “Hi, can I get 3 tequila shots and one strawberry daiquiri.” You said to the bartender. “Yeah. I’ll bring it to your table.” You smiled and made your way back to your table. “Girl, guess who just walked in with my future husband.” Felipe said. “Your husband? Tig is mine.” Shelly said. You turned your head as if it snapped and saw Juice come in with Happy and Tig. You were furious. “Hey babe.” He said kissing you on the forehead. “what the hell are you doing here.” You said in a low voice. “”I came to see you real quick and the guys wanted a beer.” He said looking at you as if nothing was wrong. Just as you were about to reply the bartender came with your drinks. “Here you go beautiful.” He said placing the drinks down on the table. You knew what the bartender had just said would make Juice furious.


“What did you call her?”Juice said to the bartender. “ “I call all the ladies beautiful because they are. Can I get you gentleman anything?” He said smiling. “Yeah, you can get the fuck away from my woman.” Juice said. “I’m sorry sir, he’s already drunk.” You said standing between them. “Yeah, just take a walk bro.” Tig said. The bartender seemed confused and said, “What a dick.” under his breath. “What the fuck you say to me bitch?” Juice said punching the bartender in the back. Before the bartender had a chance to hit Juice, the bouncer stepped in. “Y’all need to get the hell out of here with that drama Y/N.” The bouncer Jay said. You knew almost everyone that worked there so you felt so embarrassed. “I’m sorry Jay, we’re leaving.” You said grabbing your stuff and walking to the door. “Shelly take me home.” You said walking to the passenger side of her car. “What the hell Y/N ? Your riding with me?” Juice said. You ignored him and got into Shelly’s car and pulled off……. Juice was blowing your phone up because you didn’t immediately go to your house, you went back to Shelly’s because that’s where your car was. “Girl what the fuck, he’s getting a little bit too crazy. You want to stay here tonight?” Shelly asked. “Nah, I want to be in my own bed and take tomorrow off, so I’ll just go home. He’s probably gonna be out anyways.” You said walking out of Shelly’s house. “Call me if anything.” She said.

“What took you so long huh?” Juice said as you walked in the door. “Get the fuck out my face Juice, I can’t believe you embarrassed me like that! I go there every fucking week.” You said back to him. “Why you like going to that bar so much huh? Are you fucking that bartender or is it the bouncer?” He said. You looked at him with a hard gaze and walked to the room. “Answer me, you lying bitch.” “Get the fuck out of the house! Bitch!” You said back to him. You refused to be talked to like that and Juice knew that. You had dealt with shit like this in your teenage years and ended up pregnant by an abusive man. He was so abusive that he beat the fuck out of you so you could lose your child, which you did. Juice knew that when a man talked to you like that it was the end of that relationship. He officially crossed the line. “No, I’m not leaving.” He said. “Okay then, I will.” You said walking to the door. He grabbed you and said, “ you not going no fucking where.” You pushed the fuck out of him and he pushed you back. You slapped him and then he slapped you back and kicked you in your stomach. He soon stopped and realized what he was doing and who he was doing it to. 


“Y/N,baby I’m sorry.” He said trying to help you get up. You kneed him in the balls and ran like hell. You couldn’t believe that Juice had did that to you. He knew that you had a bad history and it fucked you up so bad. You had went to the one place that you knew nobody would find you. You went to Ima the pornstars apartment. “Hey, what happened to you.” She asked. “Can I borrow some cash and I’ll pay you back.” You asked and she gave you $400. “Do I tell anyone I’ve seem you?” She asked. “No, please.” You said. “thanks. A lot.” You said walking off to your cab. You took a cab all the way to Mayan territory. You walked up to the house door dreading what you were about to do knowing there was no turning back. As you knocked you quickly walked away, “Tinker?” Your ex-boyfriend Julian said. “Hey JuJu, didn’t I tell you to stop calling me Tinker.” You said to him. “Let me guess, you running?” Julian said. He knew you all too well, because you always ran when shit got ruff. You stepped into the light and he saw your face. “I’m gonna kill that punk Sons bitch.” He said. “Can I just stay here a couple of nights? Till I get shit straight.” You said

“You know you can baby doll.” Julian said. You walked in the house and saw 3 females and another homeboy of Julian’s. “I’ll be in your sisters room.” You said looking back at him. “You know the way baby doll.” He said. “Baby doll? Who is that beat up bitch? One of the girls said. “Bitch shut the fuck up or get out my house.” Julian said and she shut up. You closed the door and laid on the bed and closed your eyes…. “What the hell we’re you thinking Juice?” Jax said to him. “I blacked out and nobody and I mean NOBODY knows where the fuck she is. Everybody is worried sick and she’s smart I haven’t been able to track her down.”  Juice said downing his beer. “I can’t believe I did that to her, FUCK!” Just as he did that Ima and Lila walked in. “Hey babe.” Lila said to Opie. “Juice I didn’t think you was like that.” Ima said to him. “What the hell you talking about whore?” He said to her. “Your girl came to my door all beat up asking for money.” She said. “Where did she go?” Jax said.

Such a Daddy’s girl

Imagine you take your baby girl get her ears pierced and Happy freaks out. 

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Harleen was born on a rainy Sunday morning, during spring time. You were crying from happiness and your heart melted when you saw your Old Man face, smiling down at his precious new born princess. 

Deciding to call her “Harley”, as a pet name, you lived for your little girl. It was both of you first baby; That’s why you thought it was normal for Happy to be this overprotective.

“Poor thing.” Juice had said, three months after she was born. “She’s not gonna date until she’s 55″ You laughed but deep down you knew that could be true. 

You were feeding Harley at the clubhouse, who was dressed in a pink SAMCRO onesie, while Abel looked close, amazed by his new friend. You smiled down at your baby, so concentrated in making sure she didn’t spit the milk out, you didn’t realized when Tara came in, Thomas in her arms.

“Hey, (Y/N).” She greeted. You smiled up at her as she leaned and kissed your cheek, Abel still staring at the baby girl. “Hi, Harley.” Your baby was still asleep on your arms, after you pulled the bottle out of her reach. The boys were on a run as usual, and the house was calmed for a chance. “She’s beautiful.” Tara said, placing Thomas on the ground, letting him crawl. 

“Thank you.” You said placing the bottle on the near table and rocking her in your arms. 

“I wish i had a girl.” Tara said, looking dreamily at your daughter. You nodded.

“Maybe next time.”

She gasped. “Oh no, thank you. These two are a handful, right, Abel?” Abel nodded, not even realizing what the woman were talking about, which led you to a fit of giggles. Tara frowned her eyebrows.

“Hey, (Y/N), you’re not getting her ears pierced?” she asked, making you realize it was true and that your daughter didn’t had her tiny ears pierced. Tara caressed her hair. “I have one of Thomas’s earrings, from when we believed he was going to be a girl.” She offered. “I know a great place, too. They do new born ears.”

“Oh i don’t know..” you said biting your lip. “Shouldn’t i call Happy first?”

“Non sense.” The young mother said, pinching your kids cheek. “It’s a girls thing.” 

Abel caressed her face too, smiling. 

Tara offered herself to drive you to the piercing place. “It’s a routine procedure” She said. “It wouldn’t hurt her, it’s cheap and these…” golden drop earrings resting in her hands. “Will look beautiful in little Harley.” You smiled leaning against the seat, still feeling a little weird. It looked like you were betraying Happy, somehow. 

As you arrived, the feeling in your stomach made you hold it strongly. Abel hopped off the van, you and Tara walking over to the piercing place. The sight was beautiful; SAMCRO’S old ladies and kids walking around Charming without a care in the world. It was like seeing a celebrity. 

“Shit.” You muttered. Tara looked over and bit her lip.

“Shit.” she agreed. It was Bobby, Happy and Tig, standing outside the barber shop, probably waiting on Jax. The blue eyed man took notice of you soon enough. 

“Hey!” He waved. Tara smiled at him, her lips an awkward pose and you couldn’t stand the urge you had to run and hide; Your husband walking towards you. “Hey little man” Tig said, grabbing Thomas from Tara’s arms and bouncing him up and down.

“Bobby!” Abel squealed, reaching out for the man to pick him up. You stand in front of Happy, smiling up at him. 

“Hey.” He greeted, in a dry, unpersonal tone. You knew Happy’s rule. The least you could be seen together, the better, even though, it was no secret you were his wife and the baby you were holding was his. He just didn’t want to see you get hurt. “What are you doing here?”

You turned around to look at Tara, who was there for moral support only. You gulped and decided to go through with it. 

“We came to pierce Harley’s ears.” 

He blinked once, and then again, trying to wrap his mind about it.

“What are you talking about? She’s  a baby.” Happy said looking down at her sleeping figure. 

“Tara gave us some earrings, and i think she would look lovely.” 

“And you came by yourself?” You nodded. “Without telling me?” You nodded again. He sighed and scrapped her scalp. “Are you even sure about this?” You nodded one last time before taking his hand and walking into the piercing place.

“Happy, my man!” Jake, the tattoo artist on the place greeted the second you walked in. Your old man smiled, hugging him and then taking his place back next to you, arm wrapped around your waist. “Mrs. Lowman.” He then noticed the baby. “Harley…” He said pinching his cheek. “What can i do for you?”

“My crazy wife wants to pierce my baby girl ears.”


Jake laughed, nodding and reaching out for the baby. “Come with me.” 

The four of you walked towards a back room, white colored, that smelled like a hospital. Jake placed the baby girl on a small bed and started gathering around his things. You leaned back as Happy sat down on a chair, never taking his eyes off Harley, his leg shaking and jumping up and down. The second he saw the needle get closer to his baby girl and Harley’s face, stunned as she saw the man get closer; He got up, grabbed his baby and left the room, with nothing more than a “Bullshit” behind him.

Jake looked at you. “Would you see that? Tacoma killer…”

You laughed. “She’s Daddy’s girl.”

Do You Love Me?

A/N: Hey guys. First request so far. Hope you guys request more. Hope you like it. Much love.

It had been so long since that girl left but it still seems she is still causing trouble for things here. I had been there for Jax Teller since before she was even in the picture. I was there after and then during the Wendy fiasco. It wasn’t until after the divorce did he realize what was in front of him. I took care of him and the club when needed and then some. I was there since the beginning, same as him. My father being Piney and twin brother, Opie. 

I was the atonement of the perfect Old Lady. Yet he waited til so much later to realize that. Which I’m happy for all the same but I had hoped for it to be sooner. Then the shit with Abel and then Tara fucking Knowles just had to be back. 

Maybe I was paranoid or not but I felt like he was just using me and then I was playing second fiddle to that woman. Sometimes I thought I saw him give her looks like he still loved her or maybe I was imagining things, I don’t know. 

Once the things had settled a little, I let the self-doubt cloud my mind and I sat in our home at the table with a drink in hand and a cigarette in the ash try. I sat there for I don’t know how long as I started down into the glass filled with amber liquid before I heard the door open and close as Jax walked through. I heard the leather being shrugged off his shoulders and put it on the hook and toeing off his shoes. 

“Babydoll? What’s wrong?” He asked as he walked into the dinning area. 

I mumbled so low, even I could barely hear myself. “Do you love me?”

“What?” He asked. I didn’t have to look at him to know he was frowning his brow in confusion. 

“Do you love me? No, let me rephrase that. Are you in love with me?” I finally looked up at him as his face morphed into shock at my question.

“Y/N…what makes you think I’m not in love you? Baby, I love you. So much.” He grabbed my hand and put the glass on the table and rubbed my knuckles. 

I sighed as I watched our hands. It felt so good and I loved the smoothness yet worn feeling his hands had. “I..I don’t know, Jax. It’s just I get doubts sometimes. It’s been like this since I was young especially once I knew I loved you. I can’t compare to the other women you’ve been with.”

“Exactly, you can’t compare because you are so much better than them. Yes, it took me awhile to see that but I did and that’s all that matters. You can’t compare to them because you are your own person. You should never compare yourself to others. I know that’s what your mother did and I don’t want you doing that to yourself.”

He stood up and pulled me with him. “Now let me show you just how much I love you. And then we can add Abel to the list of people who love you just as much as I do.” He wagged his eyebrows at me and I laughed at as he pulled me to our bedroom.

*Request: Imagine you are dating Happy & you get jealous easily and happy always has to reassure that he loves you.”

“Are you getting ready baby?” Happy asked you on the phone. He was already at the SAMCRO party and you had just got off work so you were trying to get ready then go see your old man. “Yes, I just got out the shower and I’m doing my hair and make up now, but do you know what would help this process go faster?” You asked him while flat ironing your hair. “Let me guess, me off the phone?” He said smiling.”Yes baby!” You said laughing. “Alright I’ll see you in the next hour. Bye.” He said hanging up before you had anytime to yell at him for saying an hour because he knew you took a long time to get ready. You really disliked going to these parties because you were very conservative and the girls at the parties were far from that. They were all sluts and Happy and the rest of the club already had sex with them so that bothered you because if you weren’t there a female would always be pushing up on Happy and that made your blood boil.

“Where are you?” Happy texted your phone as you were about to walk out the door. You replied, “Almost there.” Considering the fact that your house was only 15 minutes away from the club house. He knew damn well that you would take long so he shouldn’t have gotten his panties in a twist. As you pulled into the club house parking lot you could already smell the women, alcohol, and cigarettes from your car. You started walking to the door and once you walked in you were trying to find Happy. “Looking for your old man baby doll?” Gemma asked you. You didn’t notice her but you two weren’t the best of friends, matter of fact you disliked the sight of her but you just kept a smiling face because at the end of the day she was family to your man so you dealt with it. “Yes, you seen em?” You asked with a straight face. “Yeah, some little tart had his attention by the pool table a few minutes ago. She had a nice little ass.” She said smiling. You immediately made your way to where he was.


You couldn’t find Happy any where in the room, you tried to play if off by just standing at the bar and looking around the room but you couldn’t hide your anger anymore. “Hey sis.” Tig said. Out of everyone he was probably the only person besides Happy that you talked to or could even stand since he was very funny and dint stop bothering me until i smiled. “Hey Tiggy, have you seen Hap?” You asked with hopeful eyes. “Uh, yeah.” He said looking around the club house. “He was outside with a few guys.” He said and before he could finish the sentence you were up off the bar stool and made your way to the door. You yelled, “Thanks.” before walking off. once you got outside you saw Happy with a croweater and she was all on him in his face and he had a nice grip on her ass. You were pissed. The woman was laughing and all up in Happy’s face and it soon came to a stop once he noticed you looking at him. He soon had a serious face and made his way towards you. “I’m leaving.” you said walking to your car. “Y\N. We were just talking.” He said grabbing me. “Oh and her ass in your hands was you just talking too?” You said and he didn’t say anything back. “Yeah I didn’t think so.”

You walked to your car and he followed you. “Babe, you’re overreacting.” He said with a smirk on his face. You could tell he was a little bit tipsy, because he was happy before he got drunk because once he was drunk he was mad. “Overreacting? I don’t even like coming to these parties but I come for you and that’s what you do? I’m going home since I make a big deal out of everything. You don’t have to come home, stay here with your sluts and beer.” You said closing your door. Instead of going home you drive to Mayan territory and visited your cousin who was your only family member you talked to. “Lily! Open the door.” You screamed from the front of her house. Her boyfriend Bird opened the door and said, “She’s sleeping Y\N.” The front of the house smelled like weed and beer. “Move Bird.” You pushed him out the way and walked to the master bedroom, passing up Bird’s friends. “Wake up Lily.” You said to her. “Ugh, Y\N? What happened?” She said wiping her eyes. “I think I should leave Happy, he has too many women around him at those parties and I don’t even like going but I go for him and tonight I went and some tramp was all up in his face and her ass was in his hands LIly!” You said hoping to get dramatic feedback. “You woke me up to tell me that your man went to a party and women were around him. When me and you go out guys grab our asses and try to push up on us all the time.” You felt stupid and just laid there.


You stayed the night at Lily’s house and you woke up to 21 missed calls from Happy and text messages starting off good saying, “Babe.” “Where are you?” “I’m sorry.” then they drifted to more angry messages like, “Where the fuck are you?” “What the fuck” “Get your ass home!” You rolled your eyes and walked to the kitchen. Lily was cooking breakfast and she already ha food waiting for you. “You know I would appreciate if you let your man know where you were at.” You looked at her confused. “Him blowing up your phone and even calling my phone took me by surprise. He is planning something for you tonight so he told me to keep you here, but I wasn’t supposed to tell you that.” “Please, the last time Happy planned something special for me included going to Gemma’s house with the rest of the club. Happy only cares about that damn club.” You said to Lily. “Well Y\N, let’s go to the mall and do some retail therapy.” Lily said. “That sounds like a bet.” You said to her.

After a day of shopping you dreaded going back to the house, knowing that you had to see Happy and confront all of the problems from the night before. As you pulled up to the house you grabbed your stuff and made you way to the door and once you got to the door you noticed a note tapped to the door saying “I’m sorry.” You smirked but then came back to reality once you smelled smoke coming from inside your house. “You dropped all your bags, opened the door, and then ran into the kitchen where you found Happy using a fire extinguisher and cursing. Once he got the fire out of control you said, “Happy, what the hell are you doing?! Are you trying to burn the house down? You don’t cook!” “I know, I’m sorry I was trying to make a dinner for you but I let the damn thing on high and walked away and came back to a fire. I was trying to do something special for you. I got this fancy ass wine and made you a bath with those balls that you like that make bubbles. I don’t know what the fuck I was thinking.” He said cleaning up the mess. “You did all that for me?” You said with a smile. “Yeah, I thought you’d be mad I caused a fire. I’m sorry.” “Happy, I love you but let me do the cooking please.” You said laughing because he had looked a complete mess but he tried and that made you very happy. “I’m sorry about the other night, I was just being stupid. It’ll never happen again” He said. “I love you. Now lets take a bath.” 

Loyalty makes you family

Imagine you stand up for Juice when Roosevelt and Potter blackmail him. 

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You put Abel down, watching him run towards the playground, turning around and smiling at Tara, hands on your hips.

“God, he’s terrible.” You joked frowning a little and smiling at the young mother of two, poking her hip out to sustain the baby in her arms. 

“Thank you, (Y/N). Since he learned how to walk, we’re helpless.” 

“No problem.” You smirked, hearing the familiar roar of Juice’s bike making your head turn and smile even wider. “You’re good here? I want to say Hi to my old man.” 

“Sure thing, baby. Thank you, again.” Tara said, walking over to Abel, who was throwing sand at Happy and Unser, giggling like a mad men. You’ve known Juice your whole life, living next door with him and his sister when you were up in Queens, and having the healthiest relationship with his mother, being best friends with him since kindergarten, it was a matter of time for love to step in. You’ve dated since High School and when he moved into Charming, you quickly followed, marrying him and getting his crow a year after that, a few months after he was fully patched. 

Since he went in and out of county, you’ve seen your old man down and different, but Gemma said it was alright, even normal,  and you understood really, he maybe had to do a lot of raw things in order to keep his brothers and himself alive, but you were starting to get worried. He had been particularly off these past days, and his usuals visits to the Sheriff office were starting wear him off. 

You crossed the TM parking lot, your high heeled boots clacking the pavement, making Juice pull his head up and remove his helmet, looking at you. The smile was there, but it didn’t reached his eyes, and you missed her perfect smile more than anything. 

“Hey, husband.” You said wrapping your arms around his neck and kissing him slightly, but the peck he gave back couldn’t be called a kiss. You frowned, staring at him, still wrapped around him. “What’s wrong?” 

“Nothing.” He was lying. “Just tired.” You knew he was lying.

“You can’t fool me, Ortiz. I’ve seen you just tired….” you pointed at his whole self. “This aint just tired” poking your hips and crossing your arms, you were the younger version of Juice’s mom. He laughed, his laugh  honest this time.

“You look just like Mrs. Ortiz.” He said scrunching up his nose, leaning against his bike, setting the helmet down. 

“Well, who raised me?” you mentioned as if it was obvious. You had been raised from foster home to foster home, it was when you landed next door to Juice that his mom took care of you, raising you. “I’ll tell you what…” you wrapped your arms around his neck again and whispered on the low. “Take me home, you’ll take a shower, i’ll make you a steak, blow you off and we’ll talk about it. Sounds good?”

He blushed slightly, making a mental note not to, the next time. He was your husband, yet you still managed to make him blush every once in a while.

“Sounds good, mami.” He joked as he kissed you deeply. 


Brushing your teeth, you came out of the bathroom, armed with black boy shorts and one of Juice’s oldest SAMCRO t-shirts, your hair in a lazy ponytail. Juice’s back was facing you as you got under the sheets and caressed him, making him turn around and flash you a fast smile. 

“You ate, you took your shower. I ate” Both of you giggled. “Now tell me what’s wrong, Ortiz. C’mon…” you said as he looked down, taking a big sigh and scratching his scalp. 

“Remember how my mom used to cry whenever i mentioned my dad?” You nodded, that memory burned into your brain. “I found out who he is a couple of weeks ago. Roosevelt told me.” 

You stared at him, trying to understand the words that left your husband mouth.

“Why would he…”

“I’m half black, (Y/N).” He dropped off, looking at you, his eyes close from crying. You understood everything. How Juice never wanted to hang out at the clubhouse anymore, how he barely spoke, afraid that his secret would spill. How he avoided Jax. You knew the club rules, being an Old Lady and all. You put your face on your face and dragged them down. “He’s blackmailing me. Him and that fucking Honker Potter.” The rage was building up within him but the fear of being kicked out of the club was showing even more. 

“You’re not gonna rat.” He looked at you, crawling over to you, who sat powerful and calmed on the king sized bed, arms crossed on your chest. “You’ll talk to Jax and…”

“No way. That’s not an option.” He said on his knees in front of you. You bit your lip and shook your head. “They’ll kick me out, (Y/N). What am i gonna do? You’re all I’ve got, SAMCRO is all I’ve got…I just…” he started hyperventilating. “I just can’t…” You opened your arms, welcoming him between them, feeling your shirt get wet with his tears once again. 

Juice was a sensitive guy; He needed people loving him, he didn’t need a fucking target on his back. He finally fell asleep, like a kid on your lap, as you smoked a cigarette in the dark.

This was on you.


The next morning Juice was out of the door hours before you woke up. He was being sent on a run along with Happy and Jax up to Stockton and wouldn’t be back until the night. 

Grabbing your jacket and your keys, you got out and started to drive to TM, walking towards Chibs, who was surrounded by Prospects under an expensive looking black Audi. He took notice of you and smiled, cleaning his hands and walking towards you too meet you, kissing your cheek when you two met.

“Hey, lass.” He said still cleaning the oil from his hands. “He’s not here he’s…”

“On the run. I know.” You completed his sentence, taking him off guard. 

“Well…what can i do for you?” He asked. You sighed, hugging yourself. 

“I was thinking you could do something for Juice.” 

The Scotsman frowned, grabbing a cigarette and placing it on his mouth.

“I’m all hears” 


Jax stared at all of his brothers when they walked in, pouring into the Chapel. Sad Juice Ortiz last on the line, sitting down on his chair and looking nervously at his fingers. Chibs nodded at the President and Jax sighed, caressing his beard. 

“I called in Church because i got news on a member who’s with us in this Chapel.” Everyone stared at Juice, making him send a panic look back, his breathing shooting up. “Juice…”

“Oh God…” His mouth went dry. 

“We know.” Jax said solemnly, looking at Chibs, who stood there, arms crossed on his chest, death look on his eyes. “We know…” he trailed off. “We got a question for you…”

The Puerto rican guy stood up, looking around and walking backwards. “I didn’t rat.” He said in pure panic. “Please. I didn’t rat, they got nothing on us. It’s my choice, i didn’t knew…”

“Sit down.” Happy growled next to him. 

Juice nodded and plumped down on the seat and started silently praying. Jax cleared his throat and proceeded. 

“Did your dick went bigger when you found out you old man was black?”

Silence and after a few seconds, the Chapel was roaring with laughter. 

Juice felt the color drain out of his face. 

“W-What?” He asked, confused and dazed. “The hell…”

“What does it say on your paper work? Your birth certificate?” Grumpy old Piney asked, rolling a chubby in his hands.

“P-Puerto rican.” He answered. 

“That’s all it counts.” Jax stepped in, still laughing a little. “You should have come to us since the beginning. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s an old dumb racist rule.” 

Juice leaned back on his chair and put a hand over his heart.

“Yo, i was shitting my pants.”

“I could smell that.” Opie joked, rolling the join with father gave him. 

“But how did you….” the Mohawk kid looked at Chibs. “How did you found out?”

“Your old lady loves you.” Juice smiled slightly, knowing you had his back. 

“Hap.” Jax called, making the Tacoma killer pop his head up.  “Want to win another happy face?” 

“Yes i do.” He said in his raspy voice, making everyone yell and cheer. 


You were grocerie shopping essentials on the market at Main Street, when you saw Roosevelt paying for his coffee next to the hall you were in. You grabbed your cart and starting to stroll over to him. In a few seconds, the cart being the only thing that was separating you both. He took notice of you. 

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N).” 

“It’s Mrs. Ortiz.” You said putting a few boxes of cereal on your cart. 

“Right.” He smirked, trying to make his coffee go cold. “I hope there’s not hard feelings,  about me, doing my job. Trying to make your husband pay for his sins.”

“Last thing i knew, having a black father wasn’t a sin.” You barked grabbing your purse and grabbing your cart so hard, your knuckles were going red. “You were going to get him killed.” You knew Juice was safe but you also knew the code on Roosevelt, and the way he had his heart on the sleeve. 

“What do you mean?” 

“If i’m left a widow. It’s on you.” You snapped back, pushing the cart so strong at him, making him stumble and fall, hot coffee poured all over his hands and stomach, leaving him screaming in the hall. “Don’t mess with my family.” You sentenced before leaving the grocerie store. 


That night, Happy looked up at the ceiling, as a talented crow eater tattooed yet another Happy face on his stomach, as he gulped down the third whiskey shot of the night. 

Outside of Charming, Half Sack and Ratboy took care of Porter’s defaced body. 


***Leaving this one as a one shot. 💕 ***

“Is that her?” Piney nodded, still keeping his eyes on you. He couldn’t believe that he’d found you after all these years. When shit had hit the fan between him and Mary, you and Opie had been young kids caught in the middle. The divorce had happened quickly, neither one of them being able to stand each other, and you and Opie had a decision to make. Go with dad or go with mom. Unfortunately, you’d both chosen opposite sides and that had been it. Opie stayed with Piney in the house while you and Mary had moved to Arizona. It wasn’t all that far away but it was far enough to cause a rift.

Mary was very controlling and the divorce left her bitter. Slowly she began to take Piney’s calls less and less, answering only to hang up after a few words and finally rejecting them all together. He and Opie would call to talk to you, to catch up and keep contact but Mary didn’t like that and slowly you would get less and less calls. Eventually she would ignore the calls and then tell you they just never called. She’d throw away the presents that came for you in the mail and one day you’d accepted the fact that they just didn’t love you anymore.

That was a lie though and the loss of contact killed them. You were still family and not being able to see you or even talk to you took its toll. Piney’s drinking went into overdrive and Opie hurried himself head first in the club to keep his mind busy. It stayed that way for years until a couple of days ago when Juice had stumbled upon a picture of s girl that looked eerily like Opie. He’d called Piney over to check the screen and when your father looked at the picture, he knew right away that it was you. You were older, more mature looking, but it was you.

Now after a ride over to AZ, Piney and Opie both looked on, watching you as you sat at the bar, sipping a beer and watching everyone else around you. You were completely oblivious of the attention. You did take notice though as they stood and made their way over towards you. Opie gently out a hand on your shoulder but pulled back as you swung around, ready to fight. Your face was like stone but it softened immediately as you took in the sight of the man behind you and realized it was your big brother.


He smiled and nodded, laughing lightly at your shocked face and pulled you into a hug. His huge arms wrapped around you tightly and held you to his chest. You stayed there together hugging for what felt like forever before you pulled away to look at him. “What are you doing here?” “We had a brother of ours find you, track you down to here. When we found out that Mary was back in Charming without you, we knew we had to come find you.” You nodded and smiled until you realized he said we. “Is dad here?”

Opie moved over to the side and revealed Piney standing right behind him. Your eyes watered and you rushed over to him, being engulfed in a strong hold once more. “Daddy.” Piney felt his heart swell at the sound of your voice calling him a name he never thought he’d hear again. “It’s me sweetheart. I’m here.” You nodded and curled further into his chest, feeling Opie’s hand on your back. “Mom said you guys didn’t want to talk to me anymore.”

Both men clenched their jaws at your words and shook their heads. “That’s a lie. We always called to talk to you, sent you letters and gifts. Then one day the number changed and we never heard from either of you again.” You grumbled and made a mental note to make sure you have her a piece of your mind next time you spoke. For now though, you just wanted to catch up with your family. With a smile and nod towards the exit of the bar, you began to walk. “Let’s go to my house. We can catch up.”


It was now a week later and you were in Charming with Opie and Piney. They’d wanted you to just pick up and move back to Charming with them but it wasn’t that easy. Mainly because of your club, which was another thing that has came to a surprise. Even as far away as you’d been, you’d still managed end up exactly like your dad and brother. Although it was an all female MC, it was obvious that you shared the same drive and desires of your brother and father. The desire to be free, the desire to have a close family with people that you would die for. The desire to ride. It was in the blood and they understood when you said you couldn’t just pick up and leave. Your club was your family too now and you couldn’t turn your back on them.

Instead, you’d asked if you could take some time away to visit family and the ride had been granted. Now instead of laughing and drinking with your fi ls, you were in the SAMCRO clubhouse, laughing and drinking with the Sons. There was one in particular that had caught your eye though. The one with the faux hawk and head tattoos. You’d seen him typing away on his laptop when you first got in and knew immediately that he must’ve been the Intelligence Officer, just like you. The both of you had connected on that and had been spending nearly all your spare time together. He’d been in SAMCRO longer than you’d been in your club and he knew more than you knew. You were better with the more recent software though and you spent hours together, learning from and teaching each other.

Now you were both siting at the bar, both on each other’s laptops, installing new software and working out codings to get the computers out to date to practice the new hacking techniques you’d taught each other. He finished first and pushed your laptop away, looking over at you as you continued to type. He looked over your face, your brows knitted in concentration. The way your eyes shined in the light from the screen. How your lips were pursed slightly. He was so caught up in watching you, he didn’t noticed when you finished as well and pushed his laptop towards him. He also didn’t notice that you were looking right at him.


He jerked and then looked up and made eye intact with you, a goofy smile spreading across his face. “Sorry. What were you saying?” You smiled back and shook your head. “I said I finished your computer.” He nodded and slid yours towards you. “I finished yours too.” You nodded as well and took a sip of your beer, a weird silence falling over the two of you and Juice contemplated what to do. Finally with a hand on the back of his neck, he looked back over at you. “I was uh, thinking that maybe we could go for a ride together. Just around town. It’ll be quick. We don’t have to if you don’t want to, I just thought it would be nice to hang out with you outside of here.”

Your cheeks went pink as you heard him ramble and you slid off of the stool you were sitting on. “Yeah, I’d like that.” He hopped off of his stool as well and began walking with you outside towards the bikes lined up. He was a little confused as you walked past your own bike and stood behind him, ready to get on his. You caught the look he had and smirked. “What?” He stood there with his mouth opening and closing, not sure what to say. He’d expected you to want to ride your own bike, not ride bitch on the back of his. Regardless, he was more than happy that you wanted to ride with him and he quickly shook his head, handing you a helmet with a smile. “Nothing.”

Take me to church pt9 (final)

AN: Aww, I know that the ending would come soon but not this soon. Well I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed writing this out. Love you all!!


Word Count: 2,093


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You heard a knock at the door, walked down the stairs to see who it was at the door and it was Juice.

“Hey, I was wondering when you were going to come by” You say while inviting him in

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*Request: Imagine Juice doing a romantic dinner for your birthday.

“What you and your old lady doing for her birthday?” Tig asked Juice. “I want to do something special for her but I don’t know how to do any of that romantic shit.” Juice exclaimed. just as Juice and Tig were walking into the clubhouse talking about your birthday he spots Tara and Ima walking out. “Hey Tara! Hold up, I got a question.” Tara stopped dead in her tracks and said, “What’s up?” .. “Well Y\N birthday is in 3 days and I don’t know exactly what to do for her or get for her. You now she was very spoiled by her dad and shit growing up so I have some very big shoes to fill especially since I was in jail for her last 2 birthdays.” Juice said. “Maybe you should plan something different. take her out of what you two are used to doing on a regular.” Ima stated. “Yeah, take her on a trip or get her something only you know means close to her. women long for a man to pay close attention to details, so just think about something she told you from a long time ago and go from there.” Tara said. 

Thinking about the conversation he had with Tara and Ima, Juice thought about every detail he could to give you a bomb ass gift. You never asked him for much, when he offered you money. you would decline and that bothered him because he felt as if that was his duty to take care of you, his old lady. You were very independent and spoiled yourself often, so whenever he attempted to spoil you he would be at a dead end because you got everything you wanted by yourself. “Babe” You said walking into the apartment with groceries in hand. “Need help?” Juice asked you greeting you with a kiss. You smiled and said, “Yes please, what would I do without my big strong man to help me with the heavy stuff?” You both laughed. “I’m making enchiladas tonight baby.” “Sounds great babe, but uh I wanted to know what you wanted for your birthday?” Juice asked you. “Nothing baby. you’re all I need.” You smiled and kissed him going into the room to change clothes. “I was afraid you were going to say something like that.” He said under his breathe.


“She’s so hard to fucking figure out.” Juice said taking a sip from his beer. “Did you take the advice from the girls?” Opie asked. “I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what it is that she would like but she shuts down literally everything i bring to the table. It’s like she hates for me to do anything special for her.” Juice deeply hatred the fact that you never let him do anything or buy anything special for you. it made him feel like less of a man, at first he liked that you were independent but now it annoys the fuck out of him. “Why dont you propose to her?” A drunk Bobby said. “You know that’s not a bad idea.” Juice said. “Don’t listen to Bobby, what the hell.” Jax said. “No, she loves me and was there for me while I was in jail. She’s the perfect woman and I love her ALOT. We’ve talked about it and all but I’m just thinking of this now.” Juice said.

“If you’re going to marry her, think about it when you’re sober and make sure she wants it too.” Clay said. “What?! You’re finally gonna pop the question to Little Miss Prissy?” Gemma said. “Calm down babe.” Clay said. “I’m just playing baby, but it’s about time that woman may be a little stuck up but she’s a very good woman to you and loves you through all your bullshit. Get her the ring!.” Gemma said. Soon as the word ring was said again it finally popped into Juice’s head on what to get you. He had one more day left until your birthday was there. He went home that night happy as hell knowing you would love the gift he had in mind for you.


“Hey man, I need to get this ring fixed, cleaned, or whatever the fuck you guys do to dirty old rings.” Juice said to the guy at the counter in the pawn shop. The short Asian man said, “Come back in two hours and it will be ready.” “Alright how much?” Juice asked before exiting the store. “$100″ The clerk said and Juice nodded his head and made his way to Happy’s house. “Hey man, you ready? I got two hours to go get the ring.” Juice asked. “Yeah, I’m already set up in here.” Juice sat in the chair, took off his shirt ,and let Happy tatt him up… After 30 minutes Happy said, “All done. That”’s a nice ass tatt.” “Thanks, man.” Juice said. No problem brother.”.. While walking to the pawn shop Juice noticed a jacket in the window of a thrift store that stood out, he looked at it and just walked off. 

“Babe, Oh my God!” You said walking into the kitchen. There were two plates on the table with your favorite drink and foods. There was fried dish and shrimp and boiled crawfish and snow crab. then there was your favorite drink which was strawberry crush along with a small chocolate cake. You looked at Juice and said,” Baby thank you, this means so much to me. You got all my favorites.”  “That’s not all” He said showing you a face portrait of you on his upper back with your name on side of it. “Holy shit babe! That looks painful but so beautiful.” You said laughing, while you had your head turned he gave you a ring you knew from a long time ago. It was your grandfathers ring that he had given you from when you were a child and Juice also brought out a jacket that looked just like a jacket your grandpa had given you but you had lost. you were extremely close with him so you instantly started to cry. “You have no idea how much this mean to me Juan.” You said in a serious tone. “I thought I would never be able to wear this ring again.” You said to him. “Baby I do anything for you.” He said.


Imagine you’re the new bartender and Juice has a crush on you 

You were 18 when you moved away Texas from and into Charming, thinking, no, more like dreaming about quiet sunday evenings drinking tea and long reading sessions under an apple three, a white fence house and the sound of children playing on the street. 

Instead of that you got a small, dark and hot room in the Sons of Anarchy clubhouse, sponsored by your uncle Quinn and his friends. Soon enough your country girl dreams faded when you found yourself being the new SAMCRO bartender.  You couldn’t complain, really, everything was better than being back in dusty old Texas, with your abusive stepfather and your pill head mother. In some way, Quinn was like a father to you, since your dad died on a run when you were just 9 years old. Your mother lost it, and everything went downhill. You secretly thought that Quinn was fond of you because, apart from being the only child of his only dead brother, he thought of you as a daughter since he never had the chance to settle down and have a proper family. 

That’s why when he called you, asking you to move to Charming with him and his new chart, you inmediatly said yes, dropping your job as a waitress and went running to his arms. 

“Off limits.” You remember he said to his brother when you came out of the cab and went running into TM. Everyone laughed, except for the cute puerto rican guy in the stupid haircut. 

A few days later and everything was running smoothly. You poured drinks, took out the trash, cleaned the bar and also found the time to read and study a little, for you wanted to keep studying some day, when things at the clubhouse settled down. 

It was a good job with good people that did good things…sort of. 

You turned up the radio, Alan Jackson singing his heart out. As cheesy as it sounds, it reminded you home. As you cleaned around the bar, Gemma Teller-Morrow walked inside the clubhouse, her heels clacking the cold tildes and making everyone stare, wave and smile at her, out of love or fear.  You always had an admiration for the her, being the matriarch and being able to, somehow contain all these crazy  bikers at ease. It amazed you how much they loved her and respected her.

“Hey, Gemm.” You said smiling when she put her purse on the bar and took off her sunglasses, sitting down on the stool. “What can i get you?” 

“Just water, sweetheart. It’s a hell of a hot day…” She said puckering her lips and looking around. Everyone was either on the run, or getting groceries for tonights party, while the rest was working at TM. Except for Juice. 

He was playing a solo on the pool table, trying not to look guilty of staring at you doing your work, when you were oblivious. But the Queen of bikers knew better than that. Smirking, she pulled herself up and water in hand, walked over to the stupid kid with the mohawk. 

“Hey Juicy.” She said looking at the balls all over the table. You looked at them and flashed them a smile, not thinking much of it.  

“Hi, Gemm.” He said smiling in full display, pressing a soft kiss on Gemma’s cheek. “Looking for Clay? He’s on the…”

“Oh, cut the shit, punk boy. I see you’re into Quinn’s little kid.” She said flashing Juice a smirk, watching him get all bothered and nervous. He stared at Queen B with pure terror in his eyes for a few seconds before trying to laugh it off. 

“Good one, Mom, really good one.”  He said grabbing the pool stick and looking at the ground, still red and shaky. Gemma just stared, hands on her hip as his glass of water stayed on the table, making it impossible for Juice to continue his game. 

“Her name is (Y/N). Might as well invite her to tonight’s party.” She said placing her purse under her armpit. “Oh, and apologize to her.” 

“The party? Quinn would chop off my fingers and wear them as a necklace.” He said staring into nothing, as if he was imagining the scenario. “Apologize? What? Why would i…?” He talked too soon, when Queen B knocked over the glass of water all over the table, she gasped sounding everything but surprised. “No, Gemma…”

“(Y/N)!” She shouted in your direction, still looking at Juice with a smile on her face. “Goofball here knocked over the glass of water” She started to walk over to the office. “Fix it.” 

Seconds passed and you were already there, cloth in hand, resignation in your eyes. You started to dry the place, minding your own bussiness. Juice looked at you, biting his lip slightly, when he heard a sound from the door. The one and only Gemma, arms crossed over her chest looked at him, encouraging him to make a move. 

“Uh…” he started off calling your attention. You smiled at him, standing a few inches under his nose, placing a strand of hair behind his ear. “I’m…I’m sorry. I’m the goofball”

“That you are. No worries. Juan Carlos, right’?” You said, grabbing the glass and poking your hip out. 

“It’s…Juice. My friends call me Juice.” He smiled, showing his perfect teeth and scratching his scalp. You bit your lip, nodding and starting to walk away. 

“Well. Nice to meet you, goofball. Stay out of trouble.” You said, walking over to the bar, for you were quite busy with tonights party. 

That’s impossible, Juice said to himself. The sound of the door again and as he turned around, Gemma was still there, mouthing and motioning to grow a pair. He cleared his throat and jogged over the bar, leaning against it and calling your attention when he knocked over the already dry glasses of tequila shots. 

“Shit…” he muttered picking them up. “Uh…(Y/N), i was wondering if…you know, i could call a croweater to relieve you from your work and…” he looked down forgetting where all of this was going. “We can, well, the party and all…” 

“You’re asking me to the party tonight? As a hang around, not the bartender?”  You asked, putting the glasses on the sink, smiling widely, and finding it cute that Juice, the big bad Queens biker, was so nervous. 

“Yeah…” he sounded relieved, sighing. As if when you said what you said, a big stoned were removed from his chest. 

“Sure, if Clay’s okay with it.” 

“He will. I mean…I’ll talk to him” 

“Cool. Meet you here at 9 PM” 

“It’s a date then.” You nodded, licking your lips out of habit. “I mean. Not a date, in case you want a date, then it is a date and i would be one lucky dog and…” You laughed and waved him off, turning around and facing the sink.  

Juice smirked and went back to table, knocking his feet over the couch and tripping on his way over, making you giggle as he went full red, trying to look as natural as he could. 

Goofball...” You said under your breath. 

Damn it, goofball.” He thought to himself blushing a new different shade of red.

Fucking goofball.” Gemma trailed off, smirking to the young biker.