Strain Name: Pine Tar Kush

Grade: A -

Type: Indica

Looks: Tight light green buds that are covered in trichromes making it appear super frosty.  These buds are not very hairy and definitely appealing to the eye, they stood out to me

Smell: Very piney with a light lime hint.  Will definitively stink up your surrounding area.

Taste:  Just like the scent.  Very piney except lots of lime taste. 

Effects: Couch lock and paralyzing.  You can almost instantly start to feel the power of this strain.  Starts off slow and just knocks you out!  I’d recommend this strain for those who don’t want or plan to do shit! LOL  Almost feels like you have been knocked on your butt and all you do is want to fall asleep. Video games are fun (;

Potency: Very potent, from my first bong toke I felt the high swarming my brain from under my eyes. About a medium length buzz for about 2 hours.