Theme from ‘PinesQuest’ when you leave the Mystery Shack.

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I never felt so empty and depressed in a long time. frick

Note to self: nEVER EAt sweets as your main breakfast. It will destroy you. Don’t fkking touch me aghhg

also Gravity Falls is ending how about that (I’m not actually sad about that. I mean, it wasn’t really a secret that it’s supposed to have 2 seasons??) Anyway I’m glad GF is ending when the creator wants it to end. Sad that it’s ending but happy that GF happened. But hey just because the series has ended that doesn’t mean the fandom has as well. 

Anyway, I don’t feel like eating lunch because Idunno my whole appetite is destroyed now. haha 

life goes on

The Bill Cipher Wheel

I know this isn’t a Shipping Corner post, but I’d like to talk about the Bill Cipher Wheel.

So far, we know these:

Pine Tree: Dipper Pines

Shooting Star: Mabel Pines

Question Mark: Soos Ramirez

Claw: Stanley Pines

Star With Eye: Gideon Gleeful

Stitched Heart: Robbie Valentino

The rest is a bit confusing, but here’s what I think:

6-Fingered Hand: Stanford Pines

Ice Bag: Wendy? (She’s important and all that character development can’t go to waste) or maybe Blendin? (We saw him escape while the entire time force was destroyed)

Glasses: Old Man McGucket? (This could also be Stanford Pines, but the 6-Fingered Hand can only mean the author, so probably not)

Llama: Pacifica Northwest (In the background of a portrait, we saw a llama. And if you think about it, doesn’t Pacifica look like a llama? (I never noticed it until I really looked XD)

The Glasses don’t make sense so far, but I really hope Pacifica is apart of this wheel. If they waste such good character development, I’ll be peeved. 

And what does the wheel mean anyway? They represent the people needed to ultimately defeat Bill Cipher? That’ll be really fricking cool when it happens.

-_- Thanks for the long wait, Alex Hirsh! 

November 23 = Weirdmageddon Part 2

Update: Maybe the glasses actually do represent Stanford Pines, and the 6-Fingered Hand represents a journal? We know that the journals were destroyed by Bill, but maybe one will make a reappearance? If you remember, Stan photocopied the 3rd Journal before he gave it back to Dipper. 


PQ2D Update #31: RIP Last Month (Video Update!)


So I’m playing Pinesquest and I have already completed the main game. I know how to use the Bracelet as well.

Now, I definitely noticed Mermando. He wasn’t hard to miss.

But Dipper #4?

I watched the animation again, this time from the front, and sure enough.

Pretty sure that isn’t the Dipper with the number four on his hat though, if you catch my drift.



The ‘Mancaves’ theme from PinesQuest.

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