I never felt so empty and depressed in a long time. frick

Note to self: nEVER EAt sweets as your main breakfast. It will destroy you. Don’t fkking touch me aghhg

also Gravity Falls is ending how about that (I’m not actually sad about that. I mean, it wasn’t really a secret that it’s supposed to have 2 seasons??) Anyway I’m glad GF is ending when the creator wants it to end. Sad that it’s ending but happy that GF happened. But hey just because the series has ended that doesn’t mean the fandom has as well. 

Anyway, I don’t feel like eating lunch because Idunno my whole appetite is destroyed now. haha 

life goes on


PQ2D Update #9: Clever Title About Custom User Interfaces

Hot Belgian waffles! PQ2D now has its own unique UI! Along with…

  • An opening cutscene!
  • A battle tutorial where you fight some gnomes and recruit Mabel to your party!
  • 4 working maps!
  • Music and sound effects for both the overworld and battles!

This makes the first dungeon about 1/3rd complete (6 more maps and a boss fight are needed to finish it), meaning the demo is currently about 11% complete. Thanks to obtaining the raw assets from the original PinesQuest, things are going a lot faster than I originally anticipated! At this rate the demo may even be ready before summer, but I don’t want to count my pterodactyls before they hatch. Fingers crossed though!

Also beginning possibly as soon as next week, we will be starting live PQ2D development streams on! In case you’re wondering “What’s a development stream?”, it’s a live stream where you actually get to watch us work on the game! The exact time and schedule for these streams are still up in the air, but expect them to be decided and announced very soon!

Stay weird, Fallers!

~T.N. Newton


So I’m playing Pinesquest and I have already completed the main game. I know how to use the Bracelet as well.

Now, I definitely noticed Mermando. He wasn’t hard to miss.

But Dipper #4?

I watched the animation again, this time from the front, and sure enough.

Pretty sure that isn’t the Dipper with the number four on his hat though, if you catch my drift.



Theme from ‘PinesQuest’ when you leave the Mystery Shack.

-submitted by complexinterfur


The ‘Mancaves’ theme from PinesQuest.

-submitted by complexinterfur