So I’m playing Pinesquest and I have already completed the main game. I know how to use the Bracelet as well.

Now, I definitely noticed Mermando. He wasn’t hard to miss.

But Dipper #4?

I watched the animation again, this time from the front, and sure enough.

Pretty sure that isn’t the Dipper with the number four on his hat though, if you catch my drift.



Theme from ‘PinesQuest’ when you leave the Mystery Shack.

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Now this is something new. While Nick and More is also reporting about the second season of Gravity Falls they also mention a new game that will be live on on August 16th called PinesQuest.

“PinesQuest” picks up where the “Rumble’s Revenge” game leaves off. Despite beating Rumble McSquirmish, Dipper and Mabel are still stuck in the game and must successfully complete quests and battle enemies in order to reveal the mysterious figure behind their perplexing circumstances and return home.


The ‘Mancaves’ theme from PinesQuest.

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