Okay, so I guess I lied about the game only getting 2 releases (the demo and the full version). Looks like it’s now 3 instead! And our first release, which we’ve decided to call the “playable sample” beta, has now been updated from it’s initial release on Friday! Changes/updates include….

  • The code cracking feature is finally implemented!
  • A secret area has been added to the first dungeon!
  • A proper title screen now exists!
  • Item icons are no longer placeholders.
  • A. Tad Square and Bill Cipher now glow (even though Bill doesn’t appear until much farther into the game than this build contains).
  • Bags containing gold now use a different graphic than the standard Mystery Bags.
  • The pamphlet’s help info scroll is now much less of a eyesore.
  • Fixed a bug where the player was supposed to receive 500 gold but only received 100. The player now receives the correct amount of gold.

So what are you waiting for?! GO DOWNLOAD THE PLAYABLE SAMPLE either from the Downloads page or our brand new and shiny GameJolt page!

Feedback of any kind is appreciated immensely! Enjoy, have fun and remember to always stay weird, Fallers! <3

~T.N. Newton



Do you have a knack for pixel art? Do you like RPGs? Would you like to help create a Gravity Falls RPG?!

I am currently in the early stages of developing a Gravity Falls fan game using the RPG Maker VX Ace engine, codenamed Project PQ2. It is planned as a spiritual successor to the official game PinesQuest, using the same graphical style and many of the same assets, but shifting genre from Legend of Zelda-esque top down action/adventure game to dungeon-crawling RPG with an emphasis on finding secrets and cracking codes!

However due to my limited pixel art skills, in order to fully realize the game I’m looking for help from pixel artists who can do at least one of the following:

-Create character sprites in the style of PinesQuest

-Create dungeon environments in the style of PinesQuest, in the form of 32x32 pixel tile sets, based on several locations in Gravity Falls including the Dusk 2 Dawn Convenience Store, Ye Royale Discount Putt Hutt, Hoo-Ha Owl’s Pizzamatronic Jamboree and The Author’s Bunker.

If you’re interested please feel free to either send me a message on tumblr, contact me through Skype @ adorably.rotten, or email me at!

Thank you and please look forward to what will hopefully be an awesome fan-game!!



It’s finally here, Fallers - the official demo version of PinesQuest 2D is NOW AVAILABLE!!

This demo contains 3 whole dungeons, 4 playable characters, 3 secret codes to crack and overall about 30% of the full/finished game!

A big super special thanks to Secundus Gaming and Charline S. for their help with beta testing!

Head on over the GameJolt or Downloads page to download and play the demo!
If you would like to report any bugs you encountered while playing or would just like to provide your thoughts and/or feedback on the game so far, please email! Thank you so much for supporting PQ2D and remember to always stay weird!


So I’m playing Pinesquest and I have already completed the main game. I know how to use the Bracelet as well.

Now, I definitely noticed Mermando. He wasn’t hard to miss.

But Dipper #4?

I watched the animation again, this time from the front, and sure enough.

Pretty sure that isn’t the Dipper with the number four on his hat though, if you catch my drift.



Theme from ‘PinesQuest’ when you leave the Mystery Shack.

-submitted by complexinterfur


The ‘Mancaves’ theme from PinesQuest.

-submitted by complexinterfur