I have two super long weirdly specific prompts for some pinecest fics, but I’m way to self conscious to submit them to anyone so… if anyone wants to take a crack at one massage me I guess?

P.S. (one would be kinda super smutty so I guess specify which one you want? not that multiple people cant try if they want to though. not like anyone will try anyways but…)

Oh my lord. I really don’t to add fuel to the fire of this whole Dipann/Pinecest thing. It was written as Pinecest, yes and that’s not how it ended. Has anyone stopped to think that maybe the “ending” was a joke? The day before the Dipann thing was posted, Needles said the next part would be up on the 10th. I honestly think this is a joke to get us hyped up. Can’t we just sit back and calm down for a second? Jesus.