This was hard to draw considering how much Ford trusts Dipper. The man who literally said “trust no one” finally opens up to someone he sees as a friend. Then this. This would hurt him so much.

Things That Concern Me: A Bulleted List

Filbrick Pines and Bill Cipher

  • Filbrick: Wears muted gold and blues
    Bill: Is gold, has blue ‘deal making’ flame
  • Both wear snappy hats
  • Filbrick has a pattern on his gold suit jacket similar-ish to Bill’s brickwork body
  • Gravity Falls is about family
  • Bill does not have family ‘anymore’
  • Filbrick is/was a pawnbroker
  • A pawnbroker is an individual or business (pawnshop or pawn shop) that offers secured loans to people, with items of personal property used as collateral. 
  • He made deals for a living
  • Bill makes deals like all the time that’s his shtick
  • Are they intended to be similar because they are both enormous douchecanoes?
  • Actually.
  • Consider.
  • Bill has one eye and is always watching, Filbrick hides his eyes behind his sunglasses, and seems to be keeping a constant eye on his sons
  • ‘Man, it has been so long since I’ve inhabited a body. Haha! Pain is hilarious!! And two eyes? This thing’s deluxe!’ - Sock Opera
  • Are the sunglasses Filbrick wears hiding a possible missing eye?
  • Was FILBRICK the last person Bill possessed? (before Dipper?)

Okay, so I was re-watching the latest episode of Gravity Falls and I picked up on a few things:

1: I’m pretty sure someone else pointed this out, but Stanford does not seam to have a shadow.

2:”It’s a shame Ford isn’t here. He’d run, and win, /and/ be a great mayor,”

Dipper seems to provoke Stan into becoming mayor by bragging about Stanford on how great of a person he is knowing full well that Stan is trying to be on equal terms with his brother and not seem unneeded compared to him.

What I’m thinking is that Dipper is taking Stan for granted as being the more trick-able twin that can get into power and be most easily manipulated. 

“No, no, Mable, I got this- We don’t think you can do it,”

Again, Dipper is provoking Stan into wanting to beat his brother at something. Telling Stan that he can’t do something that his brother would be great at would not sit nicely with him and of course, continue to want to be in power (mayor).

3: He looks very aggravated when Mable starts talking (probably thinking she will shoot him down). Now, what I picked up on was very fast and only between the two words that Mable spoke and that was:


“right, Dipper”

Literally, just between those two words Dipper went from angry and agitated with the situation to pleased with the cooperation in his favor.

4: Dipper looks a little too pleased/happy when given the tools that have the ability to control and manipulate Stan (possible mayor).

5: Dipper’s been doing the good ‘ol hand on hips thing more often throughout the whole episode (Y’know, the thing that Bipper and Bill always did).

6: Dipper gets really, and I mean /really/ bent out of shape when Stan isn’t wearing the tie. Yeah, it was both Mable and Dipper’s plan, but as you can see, Dipper makes it look like it’s putting a lot of stress on him and that everything needs to go the way he wants it to. He desperately wants to keep Stan under his control (especially since Stan could potentially be the mayor and all).  

And what does Dipper do when he can no longer have a grasp on Stan?

He tries to make him lose the election. And make Soose win by controlling him. Giving dipper another person yet more easy to manipulate when in held with power.

7: Not to mention the whole “again” thing with Gideon’s father. Implying that this little ‘ol piece of crap most likely used black magic to manipulate his father once or more before.  

8:  “Mostly likely lose” 

To be quite Frank here, I don’t really know why this put me off, but it just did. It just seems a little suspicious to myself with Dipper’s facial expressions and what he said. He looks a little concerned, but then he looks agitated once again.

9: Let’s not forget my personal favorite. (Pretty sure someone pointed this out as well before, but I’m just going to make it more clear)

When the Pines family finds out that Stan had been disqualified, Stan and Mable look surprised, but Dipper looks down right angry.

Remember: Dipper had blew the cover of having the tie being able to control Stan and all, but there was still a chance that if Stan did in fact become the mayor the Dipper would still have an influence on him. Thus, when in hearing that Stan was disqualified: blew that hope completely away.

10: Now, with my 10th thing I found out wasn’t necessarily during this episode, but more brought out and that is: Dipper and Bill made a deal and shook on it. You make a deal with a demon? None of the two parties can get out of it (most likely) unless the deal is fulfilled, and well, the deal between the two of them was never accomplished. Which means that Bill needed to give Dipper some information concerning the journals and Dipper needed to give his (not intended) body as a puppet to Bill.

What better form of information can a person get about the journals than the person himself who created them right there?

Dipper is already getting the information he wanted.