Chris Pine had been a student of mine in a senior English seminar at Berkeley. I have to admit, he was one of my favorite students. In part, this was because he wrote well. In part, it was because he was a complete nut. The last time I had seen Chris, he had run up to me in Aroma cafe in LA, a few days after the end of the semester in May 2002, begging to know his final grade. At the time, I was cupping a latte in one hand and trying to hold a poker face. It lasted about 0.68 seconds.

“Hi Chris,” I took a sip. “It’s nice to see you, too.” I looked around to see if anyone was there to witness me revealing a grade before the official end of the term. The coast looked reasonably clear, and Chris seemed SO eager to hear his grade. I lost the battle and broke out in a grin. “Oh, and I’m pretty sure you got an A.” In an instant, the man who would later be James Tiberius Kirk was jumping up and down, doing a frenetic fist pump and shouting, “Yes! Yes! WHOO HOOO!” at the top of his lungs.


Back to the (Near) Future by Sheyna E. Gifford


Chris stood in front of you, his eyes moving quickly between your eyes and your lips. He’s nervous, his breath as he watches you speak. 

“I think it’s just a–” 

“I really want to kiss you right now.” He says interrupting you and your words are stuck in your throat.  Eyes wide as you stare at him in shock. His eyes are dark as he stares at you. “Like really.” He adds. 

“Okay.” You say shakily. 

He takes a quick step forward, his head low and his lips are on yours in a matter of seconds, hands wrapping around your waist. The kiss is magical, a kiss beyond words, one that takes every breathe from your lungs away. It’s heart stopping, jaw dropping and it makes you beg for more. He moves close, his hand pushing your waist into his as he deepens the kiss. Only after his tongue traces yours does he pull away, his forehead resting against yours as you both breath out deeply. You’re breathless, speechless while your hand is still tightly holding his jacket as if you fear letting him go would make you awake and realize this was all just a dream. He finds his breathe before you do and his words do little to help. 

“I’ve wanted to do that since the moment I saw you.” 


THE REST OF THE WORLD: Chris Pine is amazing. He’s suddenly at the top of his game. ME: Yep! Then there’s also the time he made you completely sympathize with a gun totin’, bank robbin’ father of two in “Hell Or High Water.” And that time you weren’t quite sure if his nuclear holocaust surviving coal miner in “Z For Zachariah” was more manipulative than charming—or vice versa. And that time in “People Like Us” when he gave such a nuanced and natural performance that his interactions with his newly found sis made you feel like you were spying. And that time in “Smokin’ Aces” (in spite of questionable material), he went all in and so transformed himself that he was nearly unrecognizable. But yeah, other than those times, he’s “suddenly” on top of his game.

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This is what happens when you combine two gorgeous people together! They cant help but STARE at each other & forget about everything around least for a moment..lolll 😂😂😂 this is why I love them!! 😆💕💕 Happy Sunday y'all! #galgadot #chrispine #wondertrev #wonderwoman #wonderwoman2 #pattyjenkins #pinenuts #gadots #dceu #wb #justiceleague

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Barbie (Chapter 7)

Chris Pine X Reader.

Summary: What started as a simple date ended as a failed romance. Or has it truly failed?

Warnings: Cursing. mentions of abuse. Fear. 

Authors note: I’m so flippin’ sorry for the lateness. I intended on posting it a lot earlier but i hated it. I re-wrote it probably ten times, not joking either. However on no sleep this one came to me and for once i actually enjoyed the idea and thus we have this! Enjoy. 

Chapter 1. Chapter 2. Chapter 3. Chapter 4. Chapter 5. Chapter 6. Chapter 7. Chapter 8. 

During your “relationship” with one Christopher Pine, you’d learned a few things. One: He was a talented fucker, no pun intended. He could twist your words or even his own. Two: He could mend your heart with his words or a kiss. Three: Staying mad at him was proving to be difficult. He was standing before you with his puppy dog eyes, warm and welcoming glistening in the light with tears. 

“So, you’re gonna go back to Beau?” the words repeated in your head. There was absolutely no doubt in your mind what so ever that you’d ever go back to Beau. Beau was a monster… as much as human could be.

He was a mess. Controlling, Erratic and absolutely toxic. He had no filter and no respect for you. He was and forever will be the greatest mistake you’d ever made… unless things with Chris continued to go sour. Then it’d be a tie. 

“Does it matter?” You ask, rolling your eyes. 

“How could it not?” 

“I don’t know. I thought that type of thing was cool.” You lie, shrugging your shoulders. “I mean, you got to go talk to your ex why couldn’t I talk to mine?” The words seemed to escape before your brain even realized what you had said. 

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Barbie (Chapter 2)

Chris Pine X Reader. 

Summary:   The things you want are not always easy to get. Obstacles arise, Silly fights. Old flames and unfortunately even your own thoughts at times.  Even with all the happiness it still leaves the question: ‘How can two people who are perfect for each other be so fucked when it comes to being together?’

Warnings: Cursing. 

Chapter one. Chapter two. Chapter three. Chapter four. Chapter fve. Chapter six. 

You’re night was even more depressing than you intended, wrapped in a blanket on your couch, drowning your feelings in a tub of ice cream and the latest gossip show.  Your phone rested on the kitchen counter as it illuminated the dark room with a text message. 

“Will you allow me to see you tomorrow?” 

His message remained unanswered, ignored even. You were being held hostage by your own thoughts, torturing you with ridiculous thoughts. You can feel your eyes begin to water as you drift away from the television trying to calm yourself down. 

“God, I was so stupid.” You say, slamming your spoon into the ice cream tub. “Why the hell would I think he would be interested in me. It wasn’t even a real relationship.” 

You scoff at your stupidity, “Of course, he would be interested in her still.” You shake your head, “She’s beautiful and plastic. Every guys dreams, A big ass, Big Boobs and Tall and she cakes on the make up.” You complain. The rant went on and on, abusing your self image. Pointing out every flaw to justify the situation, it was easier to believe that you were less attractive than ‘Barbie’ than Chris didn’t care about you.

The next morning, you wake up on the couch, the melted tub of ice cream resting on the cushion beside you. Dried tears and swollen puffy eyes claim your face. You had a long day ahead of you even worse that day would inevitable that you would come face to face with Chris. He was an actor on the movie you were overseeing. 

You’re job as a costume assistant didn’t mean you’d have a lot of interaction with the actors because the head of the department was in charge of that area but there were moments where you’d come face to face with them. Exactly the same way that you came face to face with Chris. 

Today, you were in a different mindset. Completely normal as if the night before you didn’t cry yourself to sleep.

“There’s flowers for you on the table.” Mary says, hidden from behind the stack of costumes. 

“What?” You say, signing your name on the sign-in sheet. 

“On the table near the hats, there’s flowers for you.” Your eyes trail the room landing on a bouquet of flowers resting on the small table. A bright bouquet of red roses. You walk towards it hesitantly picking up the card and reading it silently. 

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Barbie (Chapter 5)

Chris Pine X Reader.

Summary:   The things you want are not always easy to get. Obstacles arise, Silly fights. Old flames and unfortunately even your own thoughts at times.  Even with all the happiness it still leaves the question: ‘How can two people who are perfect for each other be so fucked when it comes to being together?’

Warnings: Cursing. 

Chapter 1. Chapter 2. Chapter 3. Chapter 4. Chapter 5. Chapter 6. 

You could have hit him, you should have hit him; he deserved to be hit. It was like his brain has disconnected from his mouth. He had the audacity to say the stupidest thing you’d ever heard. The most hurtful thing you’d ever hear from any mans lips, let alone Chris’.

“That’s what it started out as?” You repeat with annoyance.

“But…” He starts to say.

“You didn’t allow him to finish, you interrupt him shouting at him with a furry of anger. "You fucking bastard!” He stares at you like a lost puppy, his artful blue eyes doing nothing to subside your anger. “You used me!” You throw the bag at him, hoping it would have hit him but it doesn’t. The bag lands just near his feet, the contents spilling on the floor. “What you wanted that whore back so fucking badly that you figured, ‘Hey, I’m the great Chris Pine, I can fuck anyone i want! I’ll just take the first woman who looks gullible enough?’ well, let me tell you something” You walk closer to him, each step you take raises the volume of your voice. “you’re not fucking great, you are lousy in bed and your acting is sub-fucking-par!”

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Spiced Lamb w. Pomegranates, Parsley & Pinenuts

500g ground lamb

4 shallots, finely diced

1 garlic clove, finely diced

3 tsp ground cinammon

3 tsp ground cumin

1 ½ tsp allspice

1 pomegranate

1 tsp harissa

Small bunch flat leaf parsley

Small bag pine nuts 

I want to go back.

Summary: Your bffs with actor Zachary Quinto, he does those typical things that best friends do set you up with guys, mend your broken heart and listen to you rant. There was one guy he set you up with his co-star Chris Pine, it was a romance to kill for until a simple mistake on his part ruined it. He messed up and your heart broke, now a year later you’ve come face to face with him. Those precious blue orbs staring back at you, deep into your heart. 

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