pinemoments 13

ongoing comic series - random moments - minimal plot - inevitable pinecest

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we’re zooming past twins having more uhhh?? moments, ellen being the most annoying of girlfriends (in mabel’s eyes anyway, dipper’s just continually flabbergasted that he actually has a girlfriend), mabel freaking out about growing up and losing dipper, and also awk unnerving sex dreams inadvertently set to the tune of hollaback girl


so in this one mabel walked in on dip and his gf in the living room ahemhem not watching a movie when they were supposed to be watching a movie the previous day and now it’s the next day and they’re fighting OOOh

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anonymous asked:

Sorry to be a bother, but could you give us a little bit of a lowdown on what might have happened during pinemoments 9-12 so my brain can fill in the gaps?

sure thangg

7 was just gonna be the twins in a phone call with soos and the conversation turns to ‘so dipper heard you have a ladyfriend now ehhh’- cue awk smiley dipper and a slightly uncomfortable mabel

9 wasss mabel having a sexy dream about dipper and when it’s gettin pretty heavy dipper leans in close to her ear and goes fewwww times i been around that track so it’s not just gooonna happen like that and then her alarm clock radio continues to sing hollaback girl while mabel hides in her pillow all redfaced and goes 'aw fudge not again’ and it ends with her lying there wide eyed saying some version of 'thiiis can’t be good’

10 was gonna be a montage of mabel being annoyed with ellen… like mabel walking in dips room but he’s busy on the phone with the gf and ellen talking mabel’s ear off about dipper in chem class or ellen constantly being over their house etc etc… point is ellen is always thERE and it’s irritating

11 was the twins having a moment… they’re sittin together on their roof or in their treehouse or some place outside looking at the stars blahblah… talking about the future and how growing up sucks and how she misses spending time with him. and at the end mabel’s like 'it’s just’ and dipper’s like 'what, you can tell me’ and they share a long look and then she goes 'ah nothin i forgot what i was gonna say’

12 was just mabel walking in on ellen and dipper making out and then the ensuing trip to sweatertown afterwards