pineland colors

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name: Kay. Yes that is my full legal name

nicknames: i actively discourage these, i go by vrrbose on most of the internet

zodiac sign: scorpio

height: 5′6 taller than TE Lawrence

orientation: luv pretty boys and buff ladies, bi as hell

nationality: American.  God help us all. (i’m just gonna leave what you wrote)

favorite fruit: MANGOES

favorite season: FALL because Halloween and my best friend’s birthday and my birthday and Thanksgiving and parades and all the goodass comfort food

favorite book: heck. i love the sandman and jane eyre and the robin hood legends and rafael sabatini’s the sea-hawk and really everything he wrote and too! many! books!

favorite scent: lavender, leather, peonies, lilacs, old-fashioned wild roses, bogs (I KNOW OK I GREW UP IN THE PINELANDS), the sea

favorite color: PAINT IT BLAAAAACK

favorite animal: the beeps. the boops, the birbs

coffee | tea | hot cocoa: all of em, i’ve been drinking more coffee lately

average hours of sleep: [train goes by] but that’s on a school night

cat or dog person: YES???

favorite fictional characters: ok let’s just do star wars: luke & leia skywalker, han solo, padme amidala, shmi skywalker, obi-wan kenobi, mara jade, the organa-solo kids from the EU, ahsoka tano, barriss offee, all the lady jedi ever esp the librarian jocasta nu

number of blankets you sleep with: usually a light cotton blanket, then a fluffy comforter once it gets chilly

dream trip: SO MANY PLACES EVERYWHERE!!! lots of places in Oceania tho, and hitting a sort of Grand Tour in Europe would be rad, and I really really want to take the orient express

blog created: [even louder train goes by]

number of followers: coming up on 1500? i try to stay on top of reporting/blocking the porn bots but! who knows

random fact: the reason the internet is flipping out about the LIGO press conference about gravitational waves is bc it wasn’t detected using light. well, the gravitational wave detectors don’t use light, but the signals are confirmed using regular observation techniques from telescopes but that’s not the point. all other astronomy is done using light, and everything we know about the wider universe is from light. that’s what makes this so wack and scary and wild