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lifeofpythoness  asked:

Do you have any fox diys? Btw. I love your blog. It's been super useful!

Hey, thank you so much, much love to you!

I’ve scoured the web and found my recommendations for you…

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DIY Fox Cookies (using a star-shaped cookie cutter)

I’m peckish for some sweets right now, so naturally we’ll start with the cookies. You won’t need no fancy cookie cutters, just the standard star-shaped one to make these foxy delights.

DIY Felt Pinecone Fox

These are giving me some serious autumn woodland vibes…

DIY Fox Scarf

Depending on where you live, this might be too early…or too late! Or just completely unneeded. But it’s cute, though!

External image

DIY Embroidered Fox Slipper

Great beginner-intermediate embroidery project.

DIY Crochet Mason Jar Cosy 

Functional AND stylish. 

Does anyone read these? I feel like I’m typing into the void sometimes. If at least one of y’all do, I hope you find these somewhat entertaining, HAHAAA.

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what do you associate with your craft?

moss, pinecones, wet graveyards, sharp eyeliner, vervain, cloudy days, deer antlers, moths and bee wings, feathers, storm battered coasts, rock beaches, fir forests, soft silent mornings in a snowy wood, rain dripping down window panes. lichen, jars on every surface, dripping wax and ink stained hands.

what about you?