pineapples my fave

Falling for me won’t be a mistake series by Rearviewdreamer [ @all-these-larrythings​ ]

i. Falling For Me Won’t Be A Mistake

Harry is married to his job and so overworked that he doesn’t know how to stop. All it takes is a forced Hawaiian get-a-away, the warm tropical breeze of the island, and the most beautiful, elusive man he’s ever seen to make him remember what living is like outside of work. Well, that, and the little souvenir he accidentally takes home with him.

ii. Give It A Little Time

After getting a life filled with love that Harry never thought he’d never have, he realizes that there’s still room for a little more.

When Bucky first came to the tower, he didn’t really talk with anyone. Short, clipped sentences with Natasha and a few grumbles whenever Sam was making jokes and generally irritating him to get a reaction. Bucky didn’t mind that. Steve was really the only one who could make him talk. Or when he went to therapy. 

This all changed one morning when Tony and Natasha were having an argument. This argument was about pineapple on pizza. Tony was for, because he’s a freak of nature who will eat almost anything besides banana peppers on pizza, and Natasha is against. This surprises Bucky. He remembers…he remembers something. He’ll see how the argument progresses. 

“I cannot believe that a self-proclaimed genius deigns so low as to put pineapple on his pizza,” Natasha says. “You disgust me, Stark.” 

“Uh, clearly, I’m not the only one,” Tony says, taking out his phone. “Pepper agrees with me. She loves pineapple on pizza.” 

“Well she also thinks Canadian bacon isn’t just ham on a pizza,” Natasha refutes. Bucky has never had Canadian bacon, but he has had Tim Horton’s once. (It was in the eighties during a redesign of his uniform–no one wanted the parachute pants, but they were there. Bucky had to wear them during a mission and ended up stealing both coffee and the pants off an employee.) 

“I think you’re wrong,” Tony says. “You willingly put anchovies on your pizza. Tiny little fish that taste gross and you get in those metal tins that have probably been on the shelves since 1983. And you like them.” 

“Pineapple has enzymes that literally eat your mouth,” Natasha says. 

“You should like them then! Your code name is Black Widow, those spiders eat their mates!” His face drops for a second. “Oh my god am I living with a cannibal? Is this why there were no other Avengers candidates?” Bucky cracks a smile. It’s kinda funny. 

“Don’t be an ass, Clint would’ve been the first to go,” Natasha says. 

“So you admit it! You and Clint had a thing going on!” 

“No! You’re trying to get off topic from the abomination that is pineapple on pizza.” 


“Natalia, you’ve put salt and vinegar chips with your ice cream, do not play at being disgusted with pineapple on pizza,” Bucky mutters. This is the first time he’s said a full sentence to anyone that is not Sam or Steve. “Tony, pineapple is okay on pizza. Not the best topping.” 

“Of course it isn’t, pepperoni is much better.” 

This is how Steve and Sam come back from their run only to see Tony screaming as Bucky is yelling that he’s gonna launch him out a window because who puts pickles with hot dogs and eats it????? 

Steve sighs as he sees Tony scream and say that even though he’s terrified, he still maintains that he’s right. Bucky just yells that even a genius can be wrong twice a day. 

“THAT’S NOT THE RIGHT PHRASE!” Tony yells, sliding in the kitchen on his socks. 

“GO CRY ME A WINDOW, TONY.” Steve just looks dead inside. This is worse than when Bucky wanted to try mashed potatoes with jelly. 

“At least he’s speaking full sentences?” Sam suggests. “That’s good.” 

“He’s going to murder someone over an opinion of food,” Steve says flatly. 

“Hi Steve!” Bucky says. “I’ll be right ya, I’m gonna convince your billionaire friend that I’m the right person in this.” 


“Jarvis, where are the stairs?” Bucky asks. “I have some business meetings to attend to.” 

“Oh my god,” Steve moans. “We’ve created a monster, Sam.” 

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I have the weird urge to try pineapple pizza because I've never had it, and I don't know why. WHY DO I CRAVE TO SAMPLE PIZZA WITH FRUIT? WHY, SELENA. WHY??

pineapple pizza is my fave!!!!!!!!!! it’s so sweet and lovely and tbh I don’t think I would like pizza as much as I do if it didn’t have pineapple on it

but same I have an urge to try anchovies on pizza bc I’ve never had it before and my mom keeps warning me it’s disgusting but I need to see for myself

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Pineapples are my fave fruits. Do you have any Accessories that can fit your pineapple head? Are you the last of your pineapple human kind?!?!?!

Hahahaha, all accessories fit with the aide of super glue and nails XD
*Single tear rolls down cheeks*

lmao late night anxiety so im trying to get myself together w/ some hinakumi. its messy. whatever. 

-i headcanon hinata as like. a really really good dancer (listen have you seen those moves in battle) and he teaches takumi how to dance sometimes. takumi sort of… trips a lot. its cute. the two often dance together with takumi humming some random song, hinata is a giant blushy mess when he hears takumi hum

-hinata totally uses super cheesy pickup lines on takumi. takumi has two reactions: some deadpan response that make both of them laugh OR he gets super flustered and blushes like no other 

-takumi probably smooches hinata’s scars a lot. hinata CHERISHES this. 

-obligatory hair combing headcanons. takumi probably takes a while with hinata’s hair, given how he wants to be gentle and how goddamn messy it is lmao. hinata is super careful with takumi’s hair, he treats it like if it belonged to a god or something. sometimes when takumi needs calming down hinata runs his fingers through takumi’s hair c a r e f u l l y, each stroke soft and comforting as can be. 

-hinata compliments takumi at least 7 times every day. it could be about anything, he just wants his boyfriend to know that he loves him and appreciates him more than anything in the goddamn universe. takumi is super bad at taking compliments and always has this giant blush on his face (“ohh my gods??? no way you’re way more pretty than me the fuck????) 

-they probably show tons of pda lmao. takumi gets super embarrassed when hinata starts flirting w/ him in public but. he’s 100% not telling him to stop, thats for sure. they probably do the little cheek kiss thing when they have to go tend to their separate duties. (sweetie pies…) 

-they strike me as the couple who has these really cheesy pet names for each other?? hinata’s is "my sweet shining sun” and takumi’s changes day by day 

-takumi probably initiates the midnight snuggling, tracing the scars on hinata’s arms and hugging him suuuper super tightly (again!!! hinata feels like he is #blessed for every single second)

-hinata’s a really comforting presence for takumi when he gets nightmares, always there to hug him and tell him he’s okay like a broken record. (takumi started to get nightmares less when they got together. the hole in his heart’s been mostly filled.) 

-i can see hinata being the one to drag takumi out of bed for a midnight adventure. in the beginning takumi probably clings to his futon for dear life but once they get outside takumi actually has a lot of fun (although hes still pretty groggy..) these things probably range from stargazing to waiting for the sun to rise to roasting marshmallows, like, they have an endless list of things to do.

-they probably hold hands allll the time. 

-i can see them both buying gifts for each other lots! they probably get all kinds of knickknacks for each other like hair accessories and little pieces of jewelry or something. 

-hinata is a giver of giant bear hugs that takumi NEVER expects but grew to love anyways (so warm…) hugs are a regular thing in this relationship. hinata has these big grins on his face when he’s hugging taku. 

-takumi has these big dorky blushes that always make hinata giggle (which makes takumi blush even MORE) 

-sometimes when taku is REALLY flustered he gets a bad case of the stutters. like, sakura level bad. hinata thinks this is the cutest thing in the world!!!!!!!!! 

-when they go on walks outside, hinata slips some flowers into takumi’s hair w/o him knowing. once takumi realized, he retaliated, and now they always come back with flowers in their hair lmao

This is one of my favorite quick and easy summer recipes, it takes about 20 minutes to make, and it only has 6 ingredients (some of which you probably already have)!!

It’s my healthy taco salad! You need:

1. Corn chips (I use the blue corn ones from Trader Joe’s but you can use whatever you like best)

2. 1 lb. of ground meat. I always use chicken or turkey, but I’m sure beef or vegan meat substitute would work great too!

3. 1 packet of taco seasonings, usually around 99 cents. I’m sure you could make your own blend of paprika/red pepper/chili flakes etc, but ain’t nobody got time for that

4. 1 bag of whatever kind of greens you like (I use a lettuce/spinach/arugula mix, but any greens work fine)

5. ½ cup of shredded ‘taco blend’ or 'Mexican blend’ cheese

6. Salsa to taste. The TJ’s Mango pineapple is my fave, but again, use whatever you like!

Brown the meat and strain. Mix the water and taco seasoning, add meat back to the pan and cook a few more minutes. Layer chips, greens, meat, cheese, and salsa and voila! You’ve got a healthy, cheap, filling meal! This recipe makes 2 big portions. 

Mom ordered pizza for me but she didn’t order pineapples on it???????????? that’s my fave topping Mom why did you not order my fave pizza topping on my birthday smh

at least we have pineapple chunks at home, I can add them in post