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What are your Sims stance on the whole pineapple on pizza thing?

Matt: “Hahaha no.”

Zero: “Omg. Love it! Yes!”

Jaide: “I didn’t know there was any other way to eat pizza???”

Fenix: “Hell yeahhhhh, bitch.”

Aniyah: “Ideally for me, it depends on the place but yeah, sure.”

Casper: “Love yourself.”

Benji: “Is there weed in it?”


Natalya: “Fuck no.”

Granger: “Pizza?”

anonymous asked:

How would Erik react if Sam were the one to take his pineapple slices?

Sam snorts. “Erik’s too lazy to cut his own pineapple–”

“Ahem!!” Erik slides in. “I would be more than happy to share my fruit with all my brothers. Because I’m like that, you see. I share my things.”

Sam makes a face. Erik looks at him with crossed arms.

“Besides,” Erik muttered with a smug little grin. “Sam needs it more than I do~”

Sam elbows him in the ribs. Hard.


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