so let me tell you, I have been following @zachsanomaly (art in the corner cred to him) and his pervy comic project @pineapple-soda curiously for years now and while it is CERTAINLY NOT for everyone I CANNOT BELIEVE the gorgeous quality of the newest update. I swore probably like two years ago I’d do this for you guys for fun so just honestly let me be your pumpkin for the rest of my life okay, thank yoo.


And here are the drinks!

Hawkeye’s lemonade and Mustang’s fruity drink (yes that’s cotton candy)
King Bradley’s citrus drink
The philosopher’s stone berry drink
Xiao Mei latte
Edward’s pineapple soda

I have videos I might post later of two of the drinks. If you notice the blue liquid by the Mustang drink, that’s supposed to be rain. When you pour the “rain” on the cotton candy “fire” it melts lol


Turk why are you so cute? No one deserves to be that Kawaii! Raven, why are you so fucking cute, too? And violent little mother fuck. But I love you too. Hawk, why are you so intimidating? And so cute, too! All of you birds, how come ya’ll are so cute?