pineapple upside down cakes

  • Aries: Coffee Cake
  • Taurus: Carrot Cake
  • Gemini: King Cake
  • Cancer: Angel Cake
  • Leo: Ice Cream Cake
  • Virgo: Pineapple Upside-down Cake
  • Libra: Lemon Cake
  • Scorpio: Red Velvet
  • Sagittarius: Molten Chocolate Cake
  • Capricorn: Devil's Food Cake
  • Aquarius: Cheesecake
  • Pisces: Marble Cake
Musicians as desserts
  • Mike Rutherford: Doughnut holes
  • Phil Collins: Angel food cake
  • Peter Gabriel: Key lime pie
  • Tony Banks: Tiramisu
  • Steve Hackett: Chocolate cake
  • Jon Anderson: Milkshake
  • Bill Bruford: Lemon bars
  • Chris Squire: Jell-o
  • Steve Howe: Strawberry shortcake
  • Alan White: Pineapple upside down cake
  • Rick Wakeman: Banana pudding
  • Todd Rundgren: Fruit cake
  • Robert Fripp: Blueberry crumble
  • Brian Eno: Cheesecake
  • Keith Emerson: Chilli chocolate
  • Greg Lake: Bundt cake
  • Carl Palmer: Ice cream cone
  • Roger Daltrey: Sorbet
  • Keith Moon: Moon pie!
  • Pete Townshend: Gingerbread
  • John Entwistle: Fudge
  • Steve Winwood: Apple pie
  • Geddy Lee: Nanaimo
  • Alex Lifeson: Raspberry tart
  • Neil Peart: Ayn Rand
  • David Gilmour: Red velvet cake
  • Rick Wright: Cupcake
  • Nick Mason: Apple pie and cream (WITH NO CRUSTS)
  • Syd Barrett: Bag of Halloween candy
  • Roger Waters: Baked Alaska
  • John Bonham: Bear claw
  • Robert Plant: Cotton candy
  • Jimmy Page: Liquorice
  • John Paul Jones: Cream puff
  • Paul McCartney: Cherry pie
  • George Harrison: Baklava
  • Ringo Starr: Jelly roll
  • John Lennon: Chocolate chip cookies
  • David Bowie: Banana split
  • Kate Bush: Mixed berry parfait
Caped “I’m a rebel” Baldy
  • Saitama makes pineapple upside down cakes the right side up (Genos cries in the distance)
  • He takes the “do not remove” tag off of things without a second thought
  • He leaves light switches half on/off 
  • He drinks milk straight out of the carton
  • He sits on that little hump on the back seat of a school bus
  • He doesn’t look at the instructions when he microwaves food
  • He leaves the lid mostly closed on a container 
  • He goes through doors marked ‘exit’ when he’s entering
  • He doesn’t change the clocks when its daylight savings
  • He doesn’t clean out the lint thing before using a dryer
  • He lifts with his back and not his legs
  • He wears white after Labor Day
  • He ignores wet floor signs and promptly falls on his ass every time
  • He wears sunglasses at night
  • He goes left when someone tells him to go right
MBTI Types as Desserts

INTP is Pie b/c….Pi

ENTP is Devil’s Food Cake b/c Devil’s Advocate & simple irresistible 

INTJ is Cheese Platter b/c not actually sweet but forced into the dessert section anyway & something methodical about them

ENTJ is Chocolate Fondue b/c they have ways to lure you into their mystical pool

INFJ is Pavlova b/c hard on the outside, soft on the inside – complex and sensitive

ENFJ is Tiered Cake b/c dynamic, elevating & you can’t miss em 

INFP is Mochi b/c flexible yet firm with an affinity for symbolism

ENFP is Pineapple Upside Down Cake b/c totally unexpected like wtf

ESTP is Whipped Cream b/c straight-up and there’s always something sexual

ISTP is Deconstructed S’more b/c taking things apart and resisting traditional structure is fun

ESFP is Jello b/c colourful, experimental and can “jell” with everyone

ISFP is Gingerbread Cookie b/c creative, charming and surprisingly spicy (sometimes)

ESFJ is Cheesecake b/c popular, hearty and dependable

ISTJ is High Tea Set b/c structured, traditional & not 100% sweet

ISFJ is Carrot Cake b/c grounded, true and reassuring 

ESTJ is a Doughnut b/c take it or leave it dude

Arsenic & Cake

 Just as every chaotic weekday is a test of one’s patience, every gentle Saturday is a lesson on delicately tendered joys. I invariably sleep in, reluctant to abandon my cocooning duvet, often due to very late night conversations with my partner, lingering, even as the enticing call of my French press coffee gambols into my dream drowned consciousness. In these innocent woken seconds, I am torn between my fiery desire to savor the precious hours with my loves and my romantic need for intoxicating slumber. So, I succumb to arising later as the sun moves through its eastern trajectory, for one of my mottos include, “Lentamente Feste”, Latin, for “make haste, slowly’. Yet, lately, I have complimented my gypsy, impulsive, momentous weekends with a few tasks that I must accomplish. Often, these goals are as frivolous as Saturday itself, it could be as caramel imbued as baking a cardamom and rum pineapple upside down cake, or concocting a French pink clay and rose water face mask, it could be reading through all of the interiors articles in NYT Magazine, loosening my imagination upon stories of wild, weathered, sea kissed Scottish estates, fig and iris drowned Moroccan gardens, cherry blossom light fixtures crafted with branches and brass Spanish moss, or discovering the exact shade of arsenic green, laying poisonously and temptingly between pistachio and emerald. Some Saturdays, I venture to collect for my sanctuary, often candles, or incense, hummingbird pink silk ribbon, a seaweed or honeysuckle laced soap, a few queenly purple carnations, sometimes a heart cleansing book on gardening, often a few antique cake pans, but most others, I let the object free narrative seduce me, seeing beauty and nuance in the possessions already around me as they shimmer in the mysterious light decanting through stubborn March freezing rainclouds, discovering new meanings in my butterfly wall garland, or planting my jade and ivy cuttings into inky soil pots, or looking more carefully at the faintly powder blue smoke from my lit Palo Santo stick, as it releases a whirling, mesmerizing and bewildering poem into the air, knowing it is a message, that I have yet learned to read. Pour Poesie, Shammari xx

taka and i are having important twitter conversations about pineapple upside down cakes , because pineapple upside down cake is my ship name for jeaneren and 

it makes complete sense bc i call jean my pineapple head and idk eren is just an angry upside down dumb dumb 

and taka was like 

and thats why pineapple upside down cake is a good ship name for jeaneren 

and then she tweeted me this pic of these cute little cupcakes with pineapple slices on top and 

its not jeaneren anymore if they’re not upside down,, they’re just annoying jean cakes  

nice try,  jean