pineapple sweater

@stargazer-lily I'm so glad you tagged me

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Birth month:September

Height:5'3 or smth(short hoe)


Orientation:as my name entitles bi


Fav season: fall, sweaters and the aesthetic?? Yes please plus I hate the warmth I need my layers bundle up BITCH

Books: oh dear so I like suicide notes from beautiful girls,two boys kissing,I’ll give you the sun,the female of the species,gracefully Grayson,a lot of others I can’t remember


Scent: after rain and all da candle smells

Animal:cats foxes and snakes also anything fluffy

Beverage:blackberry frappe (so good I recommend 112%)

Hours of sleep: like 6 or at the best 8

Fav fictional characters:Conner and Evan(dear Evan Hansen),micheal(be more chill),PIDGE,allura,and Keith (voltron),Arnold(Book of Mormon),also some weird ass anime characters in too embarrassed to put here

Number of blankets: around 2-4

Dream trip:just to go to New York and see a bunch of broadway musicals (mainly deh) or go somewhere exotic and away from people

Blog created:around the end of 2016?(started of ereri*shudder*)

Number of followers: heck it’s only 17

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More Fashion Gems~~~! Tbh, I had no idea what to put them in. Gaudy 80s clothes? Variations of their normal attire? Something totally out of the perceived norm? Then I was like PRINTS EVERYWHERE. I’m officially dubbing Greg’s pineapple sweater as the precursor to the cherry one. And Young Greg cause why not.

I’m currently working on the Homeworld Gems, and HOPEFULLY those will be up either tonight or tomorrow! I’ll be doing Ruby, Sapphire, Steven, and Connie all in one go as well after the Homeworlders.

Should I do the fusions as well? If so that would include a NEW Garnet outfit!

What do you guys think?

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