pineapple spotted


Summary: Enjoying Hawaii with your boyfriend Grayson.

Word Count: 2,976

Warnings: None.

A/N: I haven’t posted anything in a while, so here’s a little something I whipped up, because I’m having some major Grayson in Hawaii feels at 2 in the morning. So if it’s a little shitty it’s cause I’m literally half asleep lol.

Hope you guys like it :)

* * pictures are not mine * *

“We could’ve just gotten a coconut from the fruit stand!” you shouted up to your boyfriend, who was up in the coconut tree trying to get you guys some coconuts.

“What’s the fun in that?” 

“Besides I did this last time I was here. I know what I’m doing!” Grayson says, as he tried to rip the coconut from it’s branch.

“Babe, catch!” he yelled, tossing the coconut down to you, and you caught it.

* * * *

You and Grayson were currently in Hawaii, enjoying some much needed quality time. It feels like it’s been forever since you guys really did anything together. You were lucky if you got to see him for 2 hours out of the day. With you being busy with work, and having college classes, and him filming and editing everyday, and also flying back and forth to New York every week for TRL, it was hard for you guys to spend any time together. Since it was fall break for you, and you didn’t have any classes, Grayson took advantage of that and took some time off from filming videos, and surprised you with tickets to Hawaii. You were so excited, that you called your boss as soon as he showed you the tickets, and asked for the week off. 

It was your fifth day on the island, and you were dreading going back home to LA in 2 days. The two of you spent the last couple days adventuring, and exploring the island. Grayson took you to all the spots he’s been to the last time he was here, and you guys also explored some new places together. Today, Grayson was going to talk you to the infamous waterfall. The waterfall he visited last time, and vlogged. Making everyone go crazy! 

You guys spent the morning tanning on the beach, and building sandcastles. Now you guys were going on a hike to go to this waterfall Grayson kept bragging about. But on the way Grayson decided to be Tarzen, and climb a coconut tree for some coconuts so we can have fresh coconut juice. Even though there was a fruit stand in front of the hotel, and one on the beach.

* * * *

Grayson came back down to the ground with two coconuts in his hands. He took one and hit it slightly against a tree branch, and strangely the coconut opened up a little hole, and the juice of the coconut fell out freely. You grabbed the coconut and put it up, tilting your head back to catch the juice inside your mouth. It was probably the sweetest thing you’ve ever tasted. Grayson was right, it’s way better when it’s freshly picked. You looked up to see Grayson standing in the perfect stance as he tilt his toned upper body, and his head back, as one arm held up the coconut to let the coconut juice pour into his mouth. Without hesitation you took out your phone, and took  a picture. He wasn’t even trying to pose and still looked freaking amazing. His tone tan abs, his arms muscles looked very tight and dominate. He looked like a model on the cover of a travel magazine.

You quickly snapped the picture, and went to post it onto Instagram, tagging Grayson in it. He heard the clicking noise of my camera and looked up at you, with some coconut juice dripping down his chin.

“Did you just take a picture of me?” he asked laughing, as he used the back of his hand to wipe the coconut juice that was dripping from his chin.

“Yup!” you said popping the p. 

“Go look, I tagged you in it.” you said.

@YourUserName: Only @GraysonDolan, can make drinking out of a coconut this attractive. This should totally be an ad for Vita Coco Coconut Water. Don’t you guys think?

Soon after posting the picture your phone blew up with notifications, with comments from fans, Ethan, and a very thirsy James Charles. 

@GraysonDolan: This should be on every Hawaii travel brochure. 

@EthanDolan: How many push ups did you do before Y/N took this? 

@RandomFanAccount: Does he enjoy things squirting in his mouth or??

@YourUserName: @RandomFanAccount, only when I do it.

@GraysonDolan: Jesus christ … 

@JamesCharles: Can I be that coconut?

@YourUserName: I am that coconut. Bye sister! @JamesCharles.

You laughed as you were reading through some very dirty but rather funny fan comments. You decided to reply to a few before putting your phone away, and continuing on your hike with Grayson.

* * * *

As you guys continued with your hike, Grayson would occasionally take a few snaps to post on his snapchat story, and to send to Ethan. Ethan would kep snapping back sad faces, or complain about how bored he was because he was back in LA all alone. You missed Ethan. You and Ethan were best friends, before they got super busy, it would always use to be Grayson, Ethan, and you. Ethan never cared about being a third wheel because you and him always came up with ways to prank Grayson together. 

“Babe I miss Ethan.” you said to your boyfriend as you guys were walking up a hill. 

“I miss him too, but we needed this alone time.” Grayson said, as he slowed down in front of you, grabbing onto your hand to help you up the steep part of the hill. You nodded your head in agreement with Grayson. The two of you continued on the trail, but as you were walking you spotted a pineapple plant. 

“Babe look! A pineapple!” you called out, pointing on the ground. All this time you thought pineapples grew on trees, but apparently they grow on the ground in a plant.

“I think I have a knife in my backpack. We can slice it up for a snack.” Grayson said, as he starts rummaging through his backpack.

“No, don’t eat it!” you said, and Grayson looked at you confused. You loved pineapples, you both did. So the fact that you turned down eating your favorite fruit was strange. 

“Let me see your sunglasses.” you said, as you held out your hand. Grayson took on his RayBans, and handed them over to you. You sat down criss cross on the ground, and held the pineapple upright with one hand. You grabbed Grayson’s glasses with the other hand, and put them on the pineapple, giving him a face.

“There!” you said.

“This is Grant! Our new friend.” you said laughing.

“He’s the pineapple version of Ethan. Since Ethan can’t be here, Grant can adventure with us.” you finished talking and both you and Grayson bursted out into a fit of laughter. He pulled out his phone, and told you to hold “Grant” still so he can take an Instagram picture.

@GraysonDolan: Guys, meet Grant. Grant is a pineapple. @YourUserName, said she missed @EthanDolan. So we got a pineapple version of him so he could tag along with us!  Lmao, love you bro! 

@EthanDolan: That pineapple is having a better time than me.

@CameronDolan: It looks better than you too. @EthanDolan.   

@RandomFanAccount: Remember when Grayson made a coconut version of Ethan? Hahahaha

@YourUserName: We cut him up 15 mins after we took this picture, & ate him. Oops! #sorrynotsorry 

@GraysonDolan: RIP Grant. You were a good pineapple.

@EthanDolan: You guys are evil!

* * * *

“I can’t believe we just ate Grant!” you said pretending to be sad. 

“Grant was delicious!” Grayson said, and you both laughed. After posting the picture of the pineapple on Grayson’s Instagram, you guys couldn’t resist. You guys ended up slicing it up, and enjoyed the delicious tropical fruit.

Now you guys were still continuing on the trail to the waterfall. As the two of you approached more rocks, and hills, you heard the sound flowing water, which means you guys ere close. 

“We’re almost there Y/N!” Grayson said, climbing up a rock ahead of you. You were ready to just jump into the cool refreshing water. All this hiking in this Hawaii heat had you working up a sweat, let a alone a weird ass tan line. 

“And we’re here!” you heard your boyfriend yell as you reached the top of the cliff.

You starred at the view in awe. You’ve never seen anything like it before. Only on TV but nothing like this in person. The rushing water falling over the edge of the cliffs, into a body of clear crystal blue water. There were rainbows reflecting into the water, and the mist from the waterfall hits your face from just standing on top of the cliff. Without any hesitation, Grayson placed his backpack on the ground, and jumped in. You laughed at the inner kid coming out him. He was so happy, and you loved seeing him like this. Especially after being so stressed with trying to post on time, and just making sure everything is running smoothly. It was nice to see him having fun.

“Babe get in!” Grayson yelled from the water. 

You took off your backpack, and your scandals and placed them over to the side. You slide down your shorts, and jumped into the water with your boyfriend. The water felt amazing. You went to wipe the water off your face, but when you pulled your hands away your boyfriend was no where to be seen. 

“Babe? Grayson? Where’d you go?” you asked, looking around the water, and up in the cliffs. Out of nowhere you felt two hands grabbing your thighs, and next thing you know you were sitting on top of Grayson’s shoulders. 

“Grayson, you better not throw! I swear to god!” 

“GRAAYSOON!” you screamed, before flying into the air, and landing into the water. 

“Assclown…” you said, as you pulled yourself out of the water. Grayson was basically in tears from laughing so hard. 

“Graaaaysooon!” he mocked you, waving his hands in the air trying to mimic your action. You playfully rolled your eyes at your boyfriend as you dried yourself off with the towel. 

“Hey babe, can you take a picture of me please? I wanna gram it!” Grayson shouts from the water. Even though you were still a little bit mad at him you agreed. You grabbed his phone, unlocked it, and went to his camera to get ready to take the picture. You looked at the phone screen and was amazed by how the scenery had look. It was something straight out of a travel magazine. With the waterfall and mountains behind him, as he stood there in the water, with this toned abs, and board chest very visible even from this distance. 

You quickly took the picture, and waited for Grayson to come up to look at it. 

“Okay that’s definitely Instagram worthy!” Grayson said, as he was editing the picture.

“Photo creds to moi!” you said, taking credit for the lovely picture. 

Grayson finished editing the picture, and posted onto his Instagram. You receiving a notification shortly after, from him tagging you.

@GraysonDolan: I fucking love Hawaii!! Photocreds to my beautiful girlfriend @YourUserName. 

@YourUserName: Damn! I take better pictures than @BryantEslava! Lmaooo.

@BryantEslava: The picture does look pretty dope! But nah not better than me, lol.

@EthanDolan: Hashtag Tool…

@GraysonDolan: @EthanDolan, you’re just mad cause we ate Grant.

@RandomFanAccount: Grayson looking like a snack!

@YourUserName: @RandomFanAccount, I know right! He’s pretty delicious! 

* * * *

After a long day of swimming, hiking, and a ton of other activities, you guys were finally back in your hotel room. You had just gotten out the shower, and you were exhausted! All you wanted to do was cuddle up next to Grayson and go to sleep. But sadly for you the cuddle bit was going to have to wait till morning, because Grayson was knocked out cold.

It was your last day in Hawaii, and you guys decided not to do much today, since the last 5 days was filled with crazy adventures. You guys spent your last day on the island just relaxing, and sleeping in. Catching some sun out by the hotel pool, and of course some fun was had in the privacy of yours and Grayson’s hotel room. Now you two were out on the beach, enjoying your last sunset in paradise together.

“It’s so beautiful here.” Grayson said, as he was gazing out at the horizon. Watching the ocean waves crash, and the sun setting.

“I know. I don’t want to leave.”  you said as you wrapped your arms around your boyfriend from behind him.

As much as the both of you wanted to stay, you both couldn’t. It was time to get back to reality. It was time to get back to work and classes. And Grayson needed to get back to filming videos with Ethan, and editing. At least we’ll still have a few days with each other, before he has to fly to New York with Ethan to get ready to film for TRL on Thursday. You were glad to have this time away with your boyfriend. It was a little bitter sweet that it had to come to an end, but who knows maybe you guys will come back again, soon.

“Are you almost done babe?” 

“We gotta head to the airport soon.” Grayson said, walking out the bathroom dressed in his Adidas track pants, with a simple white t-shirt.

“Yeah! I’m all done! I just need to change, and we’re good to go!” you said, zipping up you and Grayson’s suitcase before getting up and heading to the bathroom to get dressed.

As you were walking towards the bathroom you felt Grayson’s hand grabbing yours, pulling you towards him. He wrapped one arm around your waist, and used the other hand to tuck back a strand of loose hair behind your ear, as he started talking.

“I know I’m going to be busy with filming, and then leaving again in a few days, and you gotta go back to work and your classes. But no matter how busy we both get, I promise I’ll always make time for you. Whether it’s facetiming each other while I’m away, or dropping you off at work or class every chance I get just so I have an excuse to see you. I don’t ever want you to feel like I’m losing interest, or just don’t care anymore. Okay?” your boyfriend spoke. His words were genuine, and you knew he met every word. 

Of course going back home means going back to some busy, and hectic schedules. But you were proud of all that Grayson is doing, accomplishing, and you were 1000 percent happy for him. So if that means not being able to see him for a week or so, or only being able to see him for an hour or 2 out the day, you were perfectly okay with that.

“Aw baby! I would never think you’re losing interest, or that you don’t care. I understand how hectic your schedule can be. Especially now since you guys are doing TRL. But I 100 percent understand Gray. Don’t stress yourself about being too busy for me. I have class and work to keep me busy while you’re filming and editing, and we can facetime each other all day when you’re in New York. You aren’t going to be gone forever so I think I can manage a week or so without you.” you said, as you got on your tippy toes to give Grayson a kiss on the lips. 

“I love you.” Grayson said, as you guys pull away from the kiss.

“I love you too.” you replied, getting on your tippy toes and giving him another quick peck in the lips.

“Let’s go home.” Grayson said, as he grabs the handle of the suitcase, and threw his backpack over his shoulder. You grabbed your purse, and carry on, as you both headed out of the hotel room, and making your way downstairs to the lobby of the hotel, and out to the Uber, heading off to the airport. 

* * * *

With Grayson sound asleep beside you, and with 3 hours of your plane ride, you decided to get on your phone, and look at the pictures you took over the pass few days, trying to find one to post on Instagram. As you were looking you noticed you had a notification from Instagram. Grayson had tagged you in a photo. You quickly go to his account, and see that he had posted a picture you two took a few nights ago. 

@GraysonDolan: Glad I got a chance to come back to this beautiful island with my beautiful girlfriend. It’s been a much needed, and fun trip. @YourUserName, had the time of her life, and you guys already know that, that means we’ll have to be back soon. Maybe next time we’ll bring @EthanDolan… PEACE OUT HAWAII! SEE YOU AGAIN SOON!

You noticed a comment from Ethan, and it made you laugh. 

@EthanDolan: Cool picture. How long did it take you to take it?

Remembering how long it took you guys to actually get a good picture. There wasn’t anyone around to take the picture, so Grayson decided to put it on a self timer, and place it on a homemade tripod. The tripod fell over a few times, and almost every other picture came out blurry, but after what felt like a good hour, you guys finally got the perfect picture. 

You continued to scroll through the comments, and read what everyone was saying…

@CameronDolan: I think your heads are blocking the sunset…


@RandomFanAccount2: #YouAndGraysonShipName

@BryantEslava: I could’ve taken a better picture.

@EthanDolan: Did you bring me back a chicken?

@RickyDillion: Haters will say this is photoshop…

You laughed as you continue to read through some of the comments, before turning off your phone. You laid your head on Grayson’s shoulder, shutting your eyes as you began to reminisce on your time in Hawaii with your boyfriend, for the rest of the flight.

fantasiame  asked:

Since the whole Whitebeard crew is happy to have a niece ( grandkid for the captain) they are betting what name of uncles or Aunts and grandfather the baby is gonna say for first. Of course it would be luffy for the dismay of the crew ;)

Skylar stared with blank fascination at the grinning face in front of her.

“Hi! I’m your Uncle Luffy! I’m gonna be King of the Pirates! Do you poop?”

Ace punched his idiot brother’s head, the man’s skull rattling about like a bobble-head. An action that made his daughter fall into a fit of squealing excited laughter, which kind of softened his next admonishing words. “Idiot! Of course, she’s a freaking baby! Don’t ask stupid questions…”

“Shishishishi~ Sorry Ace,” Luffy said, not really sounding sorry in the least, turning back to his niece, he crouched down to her level and urged, “Alright! Say: Luffy!”

“Aah~” she shrieked, raising her arms enthusiastically.

Marco, who’d been lurking nearby, snorted at the straw-hatted boy’s effort. “Do you have any idea how many of us have been trying to get her to say some variant of our names? She’s probably so confused she won’t get it right for a long while.”

Ace agreed. The amount of hounding his cute little daughter had was both endearing and astounding all the same. Still, he wouldn’t mind if somehow Luffy managed to weasel a word out of her that wasn’t just screeches or repeats of “ma” and “da.”

He smiled as Luffy staunchly ignored Marco, determined to prove him wrong. Sky seemed to be quite taken with his youngest brother, responding to his patient pronunciation of “Luffy” with various calls and whoops. She seemed to be having fun, her little feet thumping against the deck. Ace had to admit (grudgingly) that she did look pretty damn cute in the snow leopard onesie that her Godfather (shit he still couldn’t believe Law even agreed) got for her.

His eye twitched though when he noticed one of the spots was suspiciously shaped like the Heart Pirates’ Jolly Roger.

He was going to have to singe that one off.

“Poo?” Skylar questioned, stubbornly trying to pull her uncle’s finger into her mouth.

Luffy giggled at the word childishly, but forged on with astounding patience, “Close! Now, come on. On three you gotta say it. One. Two. Three. Luffy!”

“POOPY!” she cheered.

Everyone in the vicinity froze.

Ace felt like the entire world tilted on its axis, his brain momentarily flat-lining at the news. This can’t be it. This can’t be my daughter’s first word…

Then he went into full panic mode.

Shoving his brother roughly aside, he grabbed his precious little girl’s head into his palms, mashing her chubby cheeks together. “Don’t do this to Daddy, baby! Come on! Say Luffy!”

Skylar blinked at him for a stunned moment, before the tiny squished lips turned up into a smile. Her eyes lighting up in understanding. Ace loved her, truly she was the cutest, smartest, most precio– 


[In the background Spoons had completely lost her shit, cackling loudly about “Nothing but the best for our child” and repeating “Uncle Poopy” in increasingly hysterical tones. She couldn’t be trusted anymore. She was a traitor to his cause.]

Carefully, Ace bundled up his daughter, staunchly trying to ignore his darling child’s repeated mantra of “poopy poopy poopy” as he walked over to an equally somber Marco. In a quiet voice he asked, “Hey, Marco?”


Ace offered Skylar to him. “Hold my baby.”

“I gotch’yur baby, bro,” he stated, swaddling her close to his chest.

“Luffy,” Ace announced, his shoulders stiffening and his hands slowly tightening into fists.


Ace cracked his knuckles, slowly turning to glare over his shoulder at the younger man. Murder in his eyes.


His fists ignited.

            boundaries be damned ; as soon as jessica spots those pineapple shaped sunglasses in his closet, they’re on the express ticket straight to her face. ❝ so … were you like, lead detective on csi : muppets ? wait ! i’ve got a zinger for you. it looks like fozzie the bear’s been, ❞ pause for dramatic effect, tug that neon green plastic downwards and — ❝ whacka whacka’d. ❞   // @diisarmed sc.

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Whats the pineapple?

If you’ve ever seen USA Network’s show “Psych,” you might be familiar with “the pineapple."  In pretty much every episode they would hide a pineapple for viewers to spot. It could be, literally, a pineapple fruit or the pattern on a shirt or a decorative brass pineapple on a table.  Or someone could be snacking on pineapple in a scene.  The show runners had a ton of fun with it and it was something viewers on twitter would look for. Soon as it popped up on the screen, twitter would explode with "I found the pineapple on #Psych!"  It would be fun if, when the fern makes appearances, people could tweet, "I saw the #Olicity fern!"  ;)