pineapple shipping

Savage: I love you, brother.

Maul: I know.

Feral: *enters room looking very happy* I’m dating Rex!

Maul and Savage: *in unison* That, I did not know!

~Team Larggy Online~

Old art post :3

  * “ When playin’ games online, me n’ Iggy have a very interesting play style. Looks kinda mushy, but hey it works! >:3 Those online suckers don’t even know what hit em! “

* ” Ahem.. Also.. his hair smells like pineapples *u* “

Made for Larggy shippers xD

My body too herbilicious for you, babe

Aaahhhh I need that hat aaaahhhh

(That is the Cowgirl Hat, if you’re wondering. And I neeeed iiiit)

(There are other hats in the picture but YOU KNOW WHICH ONE I AM TALKING ABOUT.)

Unlocking this postcard made me realize that my spreadsheet calculator had an error. I don’t know if Fogu (where I got my numbers) had an incorrect amount at the time when I made it, or if it was just a typo on my part, but to get this postcard you need to ship 300 Pineapples to Sakura Country, not 500. Sorry! The spreadsheet has been corrected.

Now, I have been told that postcards are not actually a 100% guarantee upon meeting the requirements. It’s just a chance.

I’ve had excellent luck so far, but…


I probably had to ship about 10-15 more almond caramels over the limit before I finally got this.

I hope I never see another almond aga–


Rest in fucking pieces.