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Any fics where one of them can suck their own dick? 🤔 I think there's a word for it ???? Idk, thanks tho!

I actually found two for you!

Captain Ouroboros by orphan_account

It started like this, with Bucky working as a longshoreman down at the docks, hauling mountains of crates of pineapples off of ships and down the port. The work came in fits and starts, with plenty of time spent simply waiting for boats to dock or for rough weather to pass, and he only got coin for the hours he was actually laboring.

Bucky would often come home exhausted, wiping sweat off his neck with a rag, and grinning at Steve with a dullness in his eyes that indicated that they’d be lucky to make rent that month.

‘Don’t worry, buddy,’ he said as he helped himself to a late dinner off the stove. 'We’ll make it work somehow.’

Steve wasn’t sure how to believe him.

lips like cherries by CaptainCapsicoul

It’s be hours and Bucky’s shown no signs of stopping. It started as a bet. A stupid bet which landed Steve here. In bed. Hours later. And no release.

~Team Larggy Online~

Old art post :3

  * “ When playin’ games online, me n’ Iggy have a very interesting play style. Looks kinda mushy, but hey it works! >:3 Those online suckers don’t even know what hit em! “

* ” Ahem.. Also.. his hair smells like pineapples *u* “

Made for Larggy shippers xD

tag drop for ships of any kind (platonic, hate, romance, etc)

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