pineapple louis

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i say purple is zayn, yellow is liam, orange is louis, red is harry and blue is niall

i was hoping someone would be equally as intrigued by this question.

okay i concede you are right on colors. zayno is defs purple and lilo are married the rest line up like a tth graphic lmfao n%ce. 

BUT WHAT ABT WHEN YOU PUT THEM IN YOUR MOUTH. that would be grape zayn, pineapple/lemon-lime/banana liam, orange louis, strawberry harry and mixed berry niall? HmMMmmm

i would argue, when flavor-focused:

orange is harry. if yellow is lemon-lime, then louis, if pineapple then liam bc pineapple hurt mouth google is actually liam. red is niall if strawberry, zayn if cherry. grape is okay for zayn or for louis. blue mixed berry is actually ot5 all together, but also just niall because niall is The Heart. 

but what are ur thinky thoughts.

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Matt Lucas, the actor, congratulated Louis and HARRY on the baby, n then another celebrity agreed with it. One celebrity posted a pic with a pineapple and then copied Louis' post word by word n said the pineapple was his son 'Teddy'. David Walliams said he was pregnant with Louis' baby. Does this happen often? Well known people making fun of a celebrity's baby in this way?


I mean, let’s face it, the baby became an internet meme.

you don’t need to know much about Louis Tomlinson to know he would never allow his baby to become a joke.