pineapple juice of course


So this has been going around, and my grade A followers don’t deserve to be left out. I’m sure all of you know but CRANBERRY JUICE happens to work better than pineapple juice. Make sure it’s sugar free to get the full effect. Tired of cranberry juice? Pineapple juice does the trick but you’ll have to drink more. Of course you can drink as much juice as you want but if you don’t drink water you’re not doing much. EAT FRESH FRUIT AND INGREDIANTS! better for your coochie better for you. And the obvious, a few days before you get a head don’t eat red meat (try) and eliminate processed sugars for the best taste. Prepare to be praised🙏


summer solstice bath feat. eucalyptus, lavender, and this pretty bath bomb i bought downtown. i tried out some new bath spells and laid out a few objects (both magical and sentimental) to remind me of my goals for the summer. and of course i had pineapple juice and more pineapples to snack on, to fit the theme. i’ve been trying to work with fire and water magic specifically (hence tagging posts “red” and “blue”) and to come up with more things on my own, so this was fun and, just as importantly, felt hella good.

also now yall know that i get my supplies at the family dollar.

“Well, I spoke to my breeder and she advised me to give pineapple juice to dissolve the hairball in the stomach and it worked!” said the owner to me. Of course it was the pineapple juice. Not the medical care I provided.

The theory goes that rabbits can develop blockages of hair in their stomachs which cause ileus. Pineapple juice can be given to a blocked rabbit and it will dissolve the hair and fix the problem. There are multiple problems with this however.

Rabbits normally have hair in their stomachs. They are constantly grooming themselves and they ingest hair all of the time. In healthy rabbits the hair is just moved along the digestive tract and defecated out. When it becomes an issue is when rabbits are ill or on an improper diet. Hay contains fiber that stimulates peristalsis in the intestines which moves ingesta and feces toward the anus. When a rabbit is not fed proper amounts of hay or they won’t eat it for other reasons, their GI tract stops moving. If this happens the hair can build up in the stomach, become dehydrated, and form blockages. But this is a symptom of a disease not the cause.

Pineapple juice contains enzymes that can break down proteins. It cannot however digest hair (at least not in a timely manner). The other problem is that only fresh juice contains the enzymes, canned juice does not. You can experiment with this yourself to prove it. Take some rabbit hair and put it in a jar and cover it with pineapple juice and wait for it to dissolve. You will be waiting for a very long time. Even if the juice could digest hair it couldn’t do it fast enough to be of any benefit to a rabbit. 

Not only does the juice not work but it is high in sugar and can actually cause diarrhea and dysbiosis in rabbits, making them even sicker.

When I get a rabbit patient that has a hair ball I will give them fluids to help rehydrate them and the hair ball. I also give pain medication because ileus is quite painful, feed them a high fiber slurry to stimulate motility, and give pro-kinetic drugs which also move the GI tract. If the owner isn’t feeding a proper diet I will address that with them. If hay is being provided but not eaten I look for dental issues that might make the rabbit reluctant to eat. 

Please get your rabbit to a vet if you suspect they are ill. Save the pineapple juice for smoothies.