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27, 29 and 102

“Oh, fuck off.”/ “Do you really think I could ever replace you?”

(Sorry, already used #29 and just couldn’t fit it in.  I got the other two, though.)


“I see you have a date tonight,” Sherlock said when he walked into her office.  Not hello, or even oh, there you are, you weren’t in the lab and I got scared for a minute because I thought I was on the wrong floor or walked through a door to a parallel universe.

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Goodbye Audio Drama April

Audio Drama April comes to an end on this Audio Drama Sunday, but we wanted to give a shout out to the awesome blogs that help spread the word of amazing shows!

Thank you @thatpodcastgirl  @podcake @merchant-of-aegis @aihera @heavenandhellbymeansofaudio @the-real-pineap @thattowntertainment @greaterblogston and @elphabaforpresidentofgallifrey

You all, and many many many more wonderful fans make audio dramas a pleasure to create! Thank you for all the amazing support, and kick assness! 

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Classic Sugg - part one

“Classic Sugg” -part one

Third person’s POV:

Today was the day, today you were finally going to see the Jaspar flat. One of the roommates, Joe Sugg, and you had been best mates since what seemed like forever.  You two used to be prank king and prank queen in highschool, and shared your childhood. But as you grew older, Joe’s YouTube channel expanded and he moved to London. Even though you stayed a few hours away, in Brighton, you were still the best of friends. Just two weeks ago, he had moved in with another you tuber- Caspar Lee, because Caspar’s previous roommate- Alfie had moved in with Zoe Sugg, who was Joe’s sister as well as your best friend. There had been a housewarming party one week ago, but since you were in Uganda helping children, you had missed it and never seen the flat.

But three days ago, you had asked his manager to check his schedule, which was clear today, and planned a surprise visit for him.

When you called him to say that you couldn’t attend the housewarming party, he was really upset, and even though it wasn’t that big of a deal, you decided to shock him, in a good way, you hoped.

Your POV:

After coming out of the shower, I changed into a black and white striped halter shirt, faded blue denim jeans, and put on a black jacket, to prevent my makeup ruining my new shirt. Then I put on some foundation, concealer to cover my dark circles because of staying up too late, put on some mascara, and finally put on the “Afternoon Tea” lip gloss from my good friend Tanya Burr’s lip gloss collection. I had to say, it really made my lips look snoggable. This wasn’t my go to look, which took a bit more time, but I didn’t bother hide my face from Joe, who had seen me when you had the flu, probably when I looked the worst in my life, with the pale skin and all.

After making sure there were no clumps in my mascara, I braided my hair into a messy braid, because it was going to get messed up by the wind anyway, and I loved messy buns and braids.

I grabbed my absolute favorite leather rucksack, which was gifted to me by Joe this year on my 23rd birthday, and put my flat keys, your laptop, phone, clutch, and a compact mirror into it, along with the new vlogging camera neatly wrapped (it wasn’t me, I’m rubbish at wrapping presents) in white paper with cartoons all over it. Joe loves cartoons so I thought he would like his present covered I them. His birthday is tomorrow, I plan on returning home tonight only, because a meeting is scheduled tomorrow, but he won’t be celebrating his birthday tomorrow, since all our mates have thrown him a party this weekend. I bought him this camera just as a pre- birthday present.

After calling up Lizzy, Joe’s assistant (I literally just made that up, I don’t know the name of joe’s assistant) to make sure Joe was still free for today, I headed towards the train station to get to London. I sure was damn excited.

Third person’s POV:

After three hours of travelling, you were exhausted and finally on your way to The Jaspar Household. Your cab driver- Arnold, was a very sweet person, he was young like you, and had been a cabbie for around three months. You had learned that he was an orphan, which almost made you cry, because you were a very empathetic, and sensitive person sometimes. After about an hour of sitting in the cab listening to Arnold’s life story, and writing a blog post, you had become good friends and exchanged numbers. It was just ten more minutes to Joe’s and Caspar’s flat, and you could already feel the excitement. You hadn’t seen Joe since a month, which was a shame, since you had been here several times in the last month, but had loads of meeting to attend to.

“Y/N, we’ve reached,” said Arnold with a big grin. You took your rucksack and put your laptop back in it, and got off the cab. After paying the fare, you bid Arnold goodbye, and called Lizzy and told her you were here.

Now, since you had Joe’s apartment keys, because Joe had forgotten his spare keys at yours’ the last time he came to visit, Joe didn’t have to know you were here before you surprised him. You opened the lock quietly and tip toed to Joe’s bedroom.

Joe, it seemed was watching a YouTube video with his headphones on, and couldn’t hear you. After putting your rucksack down, as it was heavy, you screamed, “SUGGY!”

Joe immediately took off his headphones and looked at you, first he looked utterly shocked but then it changed into a bit less shocked grin. He came over to you and squeezed you in a giant hug.

“Y/N, you literally shocked me, it’s so nice to see you, I’ve missed you so much!” he squeezed me in another hug. “Were you editing Joe?” you asked, “I don’t wanna disturb you.’’  “You sound just like Tanya right now, you’ve made me so happy, besides, I was just watching a YouTube video.” “But Tanya’s so sweet.” “I meant in a good way, I don’t think I’ve seen Tanya be rude.”

“Where’s Caspar?” you asked to which Joe replied, “He was just buying come groceries, I reckon he’ll be back in ten minutes or so.” “Mr. Joseph Sugg, would you show me around your residence?” you asked in a posh manner. “Sure, m’lady, it would be an honour to do so,” Joe took your hand and kissed it gently, and you pretended to shyly look away. You guys were weird, but you guys totally understood and related with each other’s weirdness. You both laughed, and Joe showed you around the house. You loved their new house, it was spacious, and all around lovely. Almost immediately after you had seen the house, Caspar came back from grocery shopping.

Pineap- Caspar’s POV:

As soon as I came home from Tesco, Joe introduced me to Y/N, who was his best friend from back home, but after college she had moved to Brighton. She had luscious y/h/c hair and gorgeous y/e/c eyes. She and Joe were so similar it freaked me out. As she had known Joe since high school, I asked her and Joe to film a truth or dare with me, and my fans tweeted some pretty good truths and dares. She agreed, and now we’re filming a video together. At first, I thought she was his girlfriend whom he had been hiding, but all she was was a friend, shocked me a bit, to be honest. I totally ship them. I’m totally going to tease Joe.

Your POV:

Joe adjusted the camera and it started recording. “Hi guys my name is Caspar Lee and today I’m here with my roommate Joe and good friend Y/N, and today we’re playing- ““Truth or dare,” Joe inserted and you screamed, “Shit’s about to get reaaaal!” in a weird voice and all of you started laughing. “So I asked you guys to tweet me some truths and dares, and Joe’ chosen them, so if yours was not taken, blame Joe, and let’s go!”

“Joe, truth or dare, you asked?” “Well, dare me!’ he screamed in a Kermit impression and you all started laughing. “I dare you to kiss the person sitting next to you on the cheek,” said Caspar “Gimme a cheek kiss,” he pouted. “Well, there’s two people next to me, “Joe said, as he was sitting in the middle with you and Caspar on either side of him. “Looks like you have to kiss both of us,” Caspar said in a horrible British accent. Joe looked at you and kissed you on the cheek. You blushed, but pretended to fix your hair to hide it. You had had a crush on Joe for quite a while but hadn’t got around to ask him out because you didn’t want to ruin your friendship with him. Your friends like Tanya and Jim and Alfie and Zoe had all told you that he really liked you, but you didn’t believe the because you know, Joe had never said it himself. Joe then gave Caspar a cheek kiss.

“Y/N, truth or dare?” Caspar asked, “Truth.” “Bold choice, y/n.” Joe said, seriously. “Joe, why do you sound serious all of a sudden?” you asked. “Nothing, just good acting,” he gave you a cheeky smile.

“Y/N, what are your crush’s initials?” Caspar asked. “Well Casp, these guys know him, so I can’t give them his initials, but I can tell you one of his initials, does that make sense?” you blushed. “Is it me Y/N? Caspar asked jokingly. “No, Casp, you’re friend zoned, sorry mate,” you said with a pretend sad face. “Ok, Y/N, what is one of your crush’s initial?” Joe grinned. “S,” you answered, Joe’s surname. “Is it someone’s surname Y/N?” Caspar asked. “Yes.” “Okay Casp, truth or dare?” Joe asked. “Truth Joe, why?” “What’s your name?” Joe asked. “What?” “Just say,” “Okay, mate, calm down, Caspar Lee.” “So Y/n, truth or dare?” Joe asked again, “Well, dare.” “Okay, Y/N, someone dares you to call your crush and confess,” “But Caspar has the- ““Y/N, please,” Joe said cheekily. “Okay,” you said, and picked your phone, you dialed Joe’s number, and called him. “Joe Sugg, I really like you, would you want to go out with me?” Caspar, meanwhile was on his phone, pretending not noticing anything. “I really like you too, Y/N, yes I will go out with you,” Joe replied, dropped his phone and pecked you on the lips. You dropped your phone, cupped his face, and kissed him back. You paused for air, “Y/N, we should probably get a room, poor Caspar.” “Yes, and Y/N, my OTP is finally true, I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS,” Caspar said, and hugged you both, you both hugged Caspar back, and walked into Joe’s room.

To be continued…