okay if you're not part of C R A M Pstuck you should just "J" right past this because i'm just blabbering about fanadventure stuff

okay guys

you know how originally the trolls of C R A M Pstuck were supposed to be based on us


i want to reboot the fan adventure and actually, like, make it a thing

but what i think i’m going to do

is further abstract any of the trolls who still resemble us into totally unique characters

add more trolls until we have a 12-troll session

and create fankids that will be our representations instead

i feel like that will go a lot smoother


i’m gonna … work on that


thoughts are welcome

Oh Gog, next year when Mere starts dating

We will be so over protective.

There will be an alert for when she gets asked out and Caz and CRAMP and Alex and me will all follow them.

She’ll look over at some point in the evening and notice four people wearing trench coats, sunglasses, fedoras, and extremely fake looking mustaches.

It would only end when Mere comes over to our table and threatens us with a chainsaw that she appeared to pull from no where.

And Radio Fiend will be forced to drive us all over the state, picking up and dropping off everybody at their respective schools.

What’s even worse is that we’ll all be starving artists so Mere will have to lend us all gas money.

Eep :3

So today has been awesome.

Everything has been going so well lately and today was the icing on the cake.

I like everyone I work with right now, save one person, and I can have conversations with all of them, which is something I couldn’t have said a year ago.  Hell, I didn’t talk at my job a year ago.

I’ve been doing fairly well in all of my classes, and I’ve been getting a lot better grades on my English essays.  My teacher has been commenting on my papers that I’ve improved a lot, and that makes me really proud, since I thought at the beginning of the year I was fucked.

And then, um, I’m always really hesitant to count my chickens before they hatch, but I might have a prom date :3  I was going to ask this guy I like at lunch today to go with me as friends, but I knew one of my other friends kind of liked him, so I warned her during art that I was asking him (this isn’t a dick move because she has like 3 other guys after her, and we ship her with one of them so hard).  She got excited for me, but one of our guy friends who is really good friends with the guy I like, overheard us.  He said, “Do want to find out if he likes you first?”  Me: “I was just going to ask him as fri- wait, you’re offering to find out?”  Him: “Yeah, I’ll ask him about it at lunch.”  I agreed to it, but internally I was like “wait, do I want this dude wingmanning for me?”  Questionable decision on my part.  But, anyway, after lunch, I saw him walking with PineAlex and SlightlyMer in the hall, and they came over and he gave me the okay, telling me that the guy not only likes me but could see me as a date to prom.  I couldn’t stop smiling.  This is, as far as I know, the only time a guy has ever liked me and I’m so happy.
So I’m asking him to prom tomorrow :3

Eeeeeeeeeep!  Such a good day! 

Let's summarize my Ohayocon experience.

Arrived around 6 on Friday. Felt terribly underdressed so I put on the Sailor Mercury accessories because I could reach them easily. Found roommate C and her boyfriend in prereg line and jumped in with them. We hit the door and some guy starts yelling at me to go to the end of the line. I said ok, just let me stand with my friends for a minute. He threatened to call security on me for standing there. Took a moment to roll my eyes, say bye to my friends, and went to the end. The line moved fast and I soon got my badge. Went to the lobby and soon met up with Mama Denz. Roommates A and B reappeared after taking everything up. I was supposed to hold a place in line but the line was moving really fast so I was already done. I played the elevator game and got up to our floor, only to realize I forgot our room number. Of course reception sucked so after about 20 minutes of calling and texting A and B (as well as PineAlex to ask her to call C to find out even though that didn’t work out, PLUS accidentally calling Caz and shouting WHAT’S OUR ROOM NUMBER) I got the number (It was the one I thought it was all along) to find C and her boyfriend getting dressed for the ball - they were in there the whole time. Anyway I put on the Mercury dress and A and B come in to get ready for the ball too. I track down Denz and her gang and they’re going to a panel which is 18+. Someone’s brother is my age so we were both prevented from entering but one of my friends in the group stayed out with us. We hung out and then got in line for the Skyrim panel which the brother wanted to go to. After a while they let people in for Skyrim and we find seats. 10 minutes later some guy announces that the panel has been canceled because none of the hosts showed up. We go up to Denz’s room and hang out for a bit. Kippo and the brother head down to the rave. I go up to my room, get changed, and then go to the rave with my roommates. We found and lost Kippo at some point. The rave was only ok. Roommate C and her bf got yelled at by security for making out. Went back up to room around 2. Slept on the couch while A and B took the bed and C and her bf took the cot (The boyfriend was supposedly staying in Denz, Linzay, and Kippo’s room but he never actually slept there). Saturday A helped me with my hair for Kanaya. I did my own make-up. It was rather shitty. Black lipstick and long sleeved shirt were left at home. Met up with Denz, Kippo, and Linzay in their Eevelution cosplays. People loved them and took many pictures. Managed to find my friend from dance. Received the drawing from Jupebox. Went to plushy making. Got a text from PineAlex five minutes in. Ditched the panel to find her group. Hung out with them for the rest of the day. They were the rage faces (cardboard boxes with the faces on each side) and got pulled over for many pictures as well. Managed to get food and a table. One member of the group left to learn how to conquer China. Assistant Professor Baby Cuddles, PineAlex, and I mulled around a bit. Panel ended and they left. Went to room. Showered. A and B left for the rave. C’s sister had arrived that morning and she and I went to the rave (leaving C and her bf to suck face in the hotel room *shudder*). Stood in the giant line and high fived everyone. Finally got into the rave. Spent about 30 minutes in there before leaving. Went back to room and interrupted the face sucking. Called Denz and went down to join them for the King’s Game (all I can say is that I had to flash out the window of their 11th floor hotel room). C, boyfriend, and sister all came down too. The game ended eventually and we went back up to our room. A and B were asleep on the bed. C’s sister got the couch while I shared said king size bed. C and bf got the cot again. Woke up the next morning. screwed around and had a pillow fight. Packed. Got dressed. High fived the neko babies (who were evidently on our floor) while playing the elevator game. A got sick of waiting and took the stairs. B followed. The rest of us got an elevator and went to the lobby. C, her sister, and her bf got tired of waiting for A and B and took their stuff out to their car. B shows up and says he lost A. 5 minutes of total worrying from him. A appears. Check out. Take shit out to car. Go back to convention center. Meet up with PineAlex again. Shop in Dealer’s room (bought a panda hat, a kitty pillow, a Homura keychain, and a pride flag). Sat in the lobby with PineAlex’s gang. Talked with A and B on phone. Met them at car and left.

Aradia is to PineAlex as Kanaya is to me.

They’re not our patron trolls but we really love them.

Except I would enjoy fucking a 17 year old Kanaya, where as I doubt Alex would enjoy fucking Aradia at any age…

EDIT: And as Terezi is to C R A M P. And maybe Vriska is to Caz?