pineal power

We are all made up of energy. We all have a level (high or low) of energy radiating from within us. There is a level of energy radiating from all matter in multiple dimensions. To notice these energies, you have to recognize that they exist. I exist. You exist. 

“I’m focused feeling blessed Cause my eyes be the truth”

Mystery school and esoteric lore has long understood that the pineal gland connects the ‘physical’ with the 'spiritual’ realms and allows people to see beyond the space-time construct. Opening this 'third eye’ activates psychic gifts and what some describe as supernatural powers. The pineal gland is activated by light and controls the body’s biorhythms in concert with the hypothalamus gland which regulates hunger, thirst, sexual desire and the biological clock that dictates how fast we age. Look at the potential for mass control if you can externally suppress and manipulate the pineal and hypothalamus glands alone. You can make it much harder to perceive beyond the five senses, decide how quickly people age, how much they want sex, when they are hungry and thirsty and for how long. This is the key reason for putting sodium fluoride into water supplies and toothpaste. The pineal gland absorbs more fluoride than any other part of the body and becomes calcified by this highly-damaging toxin. Sodium fluoride is an appalling waste product of the aluminium industry and has been used in rat poison. It causes cancer, genetic damage, Alzheimer’s disease, disrupts the endocrine system and dumbs down the brain. It was added to drinking water in the Nazi concentration camps to make the inmates more acquiescent and docile… It calcifies the pineal gland and is terrible for human health - while doing nothing to stop tooth decay.
—  David Icke - Human Race Get Off Your Knees