So I went to the Journal 3 book signing at the Grove in West Hollywood today and was able to meet Alex Hirsch and Stephanie Ramirez! I remembered this tweet he made about Boss Baby’s poster, so I made a quip about it.

“Alex, I remembered that tweet you made about that poor Trump Baby with a nasty case of DreamWorks Face. It’s so contagious even your baby caught it!”

And then I showed him this, he seemed pretty surprised that it was a final still from the show.

I then asked him to draw a quick “DreamWorks Dipper” along with his autograph.

He said it was the worst Dipper he’s ever drawn.


My favorite time of the year! Every summer I bring my camera along to capture my wonderful friends and the surrounding beauty of our city and beyond. It’s getting harder to do as my camera has gotten bigger and bigger but I’m glad I did as this feels like the perfect scrapbook for the summer.

JUST ANNOUNCED: Two Humans (Last Show)- moved to New Britain

After the expected draw to their last show was much higher than anticipated, Two Humans asked us to help host this show in a more accommodating room. It will now be taking place at Pulaski Club (Downstairs) in New Britain with the same date/time/bands. Tix go on sale this Wednesday 5/14 at 12PM Noon online or at Redscroll Records in Wallingford! Grab yours before they’re gone and party with Two Humans one last time on July 5th. More info after the jump!

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Ducktown, Tennessee–

We had finally made it to the “Machine Graveyard” after exploring the small tunnel which had once went underneath the railroad. This “graveyard” is in a grove of young pine trees that had been planted by the EPA(Environmental Protection Agency) in their efforts to bringing back the natural ecosystem which once reigned supreme before the mining industry had taken over the region. Machines of all purposes and sizes were strewn throughout this grove, from giant metal vats, discarded railroad tracks, motors, and even a huge wheel. Just how many memories were attached to these useless and broken machines? Those machines were not a means of dehumanizing the people who had used them. The machines helped the people working in the mines by making the task at hand easier and more efficient than ever before. Those machines helped the workers to make a living to put food on the table for the worker’s families. Those machines also destroyed the landscape and poisoned the earth in the process. Their iron skeletons are slowly corroding and fading away into a newly born pine forest, proving that even though the land had been destroyed by human hands, nature was finally having its say.

Beyond the pines was a clearing that was blocked off by a fence. On this fence was a sign that said, “No Trespassing–Mine Entrance Ahead”. This may have been the entrance to the Copper Basin Mine.