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Pretty wintry drone flights over the Carpathian Mountains and Romania

Wrapped Around; part 3.5

Jimin x Reader x Tae // College!AU // 1.9k words

Originally posted by kths

Summary: Freshman year was a mess and sophomore year doesn’t seem to be looking too good either. You know boys like them are no good for you but maybe they’re just your kind of type

Genre: Fluff

A/N: yeaaaah needed to get this awkward transition out of the way but also some key background stuff but ya know lmao sorry this is so late.


The message tone on Jimin’s phone sounds and he quickly digs his phone out of his pocket, hoping that your name would be the one showing up on his screen.

Tae: Yo lunch at our regular place in 15 mins?

Damn it.

Jimin swipes to reply the message, simply answering with a thumbs up emoji.

He clicks on his conversation with you and he’s almost embarrassed just by looking at it.

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