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Name: ______

Gender: Female

Relationship Status:  Single

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Siblings: Full-1 Half-2 Step-4 Total-7

Favorite Color: A deep dark green, like the shade of pine trees

Pets: one dog, an Aussie shepherd

Wake-Up: 6am except sundays

Sleep: 8:30pm usually, lately I get back from working out eat and go right to bed.

Type of Phone: Samsung

Love or Lust: Love

Lemonade or Iced Tea: Iced tea (sweetened rasberry)

Cats or Dogs: Dogs

Coke or Pepsi: Coke (though I cant drink soda often :/ )

Day or Night: I like really early happy mornings that are calm, or adventurous memorable nights.

Text or Call: Text

Make-Up or Natural: I usually am just natural unless I have some sort of event

Met a Celebrity: A couple of authors

Smile or Eyes:  SMILE, probably the most important physical feature

Light or Dark Hair: I have dark hair, for guys- no preference I know of, but I kinda have a thing for redhead girls, bombshell blondes are frickin fantastic if they have intimidating personalities, though same with girls with dark hair.

Shorter or Taller: I’m a bit taller? I’m 5′9. For a SO height wouldn't really matter to me.

Intelligence or Attraction: either is good, I could fall in love with someone who isnt the most intelligent, as long as they are a good person, though I find intelligence attractive

Chapstick or Lipstick:  chapstick

City or Country: I’d love to own a little farm just to have a couple chickens, or a little cottage by a lake.

Last Song You Listened To: Candy Store from heathers (Omfg Heather Chandler’s legs and voice)

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driving up the coast in your old jeep, your dogs are in the backseat and she’s beside you, eyes sparkling. hiking along the coastline, stopping to take photos of her sun-kissed skin against the rugged scenery. the way she loves your dogs as much as you do makes your heart full. she holds you close in the tent, and her hair smells like pine trees and campfire, your dogs linger at her feet when she offers you a tin mug of coffee in the morning, and everything is right.