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And that’s the last batch! Some of these I posted on my reblog account, but I never got around to posting them here, so this’ll definitely make up for it. Hope you guys enjoyed. It was a pleasure drawing with all you Wii U owners out there!

100 Holiday Writing Prompts!

Send me a character/pairing + fandom and a number and I’ll write you a ficlet!

  1. Carol
  2. Mistletoe
  3. Bows
  4. Lights
  5. Oranges
  6. Ivy
  7. Ribbon
  8. Fruitcake
  9. Snowflakes
  10. Angel
  11. Nutcracker
  12. Pudding
  13. Ornaments
  14. Goose
  15. Parties
  16. Jumpers
  17. North Star
  18. Pageant
  19. Icicles
  20. Stable
  21. Paper Hats
  22. Stockings
  23. Pine Cones
  24. Toys
  25. Wreath
  26. Chestnuts
  27. Camel
  28. Sleigh
  29. Elf
  30. White
  31. Donkey
  32. Pie
  33. Frost
  34. Antlers
  35. Tinsel
  36. Pear
  37. Snowman
  38. Yule log
  39. Bells
  40. Family
  41. Scarf
  42. Candy canes
  43. Traffic
  44. Snowflake
  45. Red
  46. Crackers
  47. Fir
  48. North Pole
  49. Drums
  50. Turkey
  51. Eve
  52. Ornament
  53. Poinsettia
  54. Coal
  55. Green
  56. Cranberry sauce
  57. Chestnut
  58. Heritage
  59. Jingle
  60. Shepherds
  61. Mittens
  62. Menorah
  63. Shopping
  64. Cards
  65. Kiss
  66. Merry
  67. Eggnog
  68. Trains
  69. Hymn
  70. Gingerbread
  71. Stuffing
  72. Holly
  73. Gift
  74. Solstice
  75. Fireplace
  76. Winter
  77. Chime
  78. Parade
  79. Snow globe
  80. Tradition
  81. Berry
  82. Invitation
  83. Spirit
  84. Partridge
  85. Nutmeg
  86. Rooftop
  87. Chimney
  88. Garland
  89. Robin
  90. Bauble
  91. Candles
  92. Sled
  93. Reunion
  94. Oven
  95. Wrapping paper
  96. Sweets
  97. Resolution
  98. Baking
  99. Decorations
  100. Choir

spottelluca  asked:

Hii! Is the nude tone "Pine" back in stock? It's choosable on the Nude Binder site and I can put it in my cart but the description on that site still says "Pine is currently out of stock". I'm confused and wanted to make sure, before I place my order. Thanks in advance!

Hello! Thanks for catching that. I’m happy to report that our Pine nude is now back in stock!

The listing has been fixed.



Herb of the Week-Pine

Among all the trees belonging to the coniferous genera, the genus Pinus is perhaps the hugest and most significant. Precisely speaking, this genus encompasses as many as 95 species and several ranges and crossbreeds. Trees belonging to the genus Pinus are extensively dispersed, especially in the Northern Hemisphere where they are found growing naturally from the sea level to the Arctic or Antarctic limit of tree growth (timberline). Pines may be found almost everywhere from Scandinavia to North Africa, from Alaska to Nicaragua and Siberia to Sumatra. While a number of pine species like the Scotch pine are extensively dispersed ranging from Scotland in Great Britain to Siberia, there are several species that are found growing in very restricted locations. For instance, the species called Canary Island pine is only found growing in the wild in the Canary Islands, while only a small number of trees belonging to the Torrey pine family are only found growing in two localities in California.

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Koko-Sweet’s Adventures at AX: Day 3

Day 3 was a total blast for yours truly. I went to two gatherings(in which I would post the photos separately), and I went as Korra from Book 4 of LOK. Everybody asked me for a photo and I met some old friends through out my journey. I found again Bill.

I even found a Loki cosplayer who was a total sweetie, but I don’t know his name. If anybody here knows the Loki cosplayer in the 6th and 7th pictures, holla at me. DustBunny was very sweet, and everytime I see her on all 4 day, I always call her Bunnyface. And the Manolo and Maria cosplayers in the last photo were really nice, and I helped them find the Book of Life gathering and it’s time schedule. Once again, if you’re the cosplayers in the photos, reply to me. Now, onto the gathering photos.


Got my new Grimoire Verum tights in the mail today! I’m so happy that both tights I’ve been pining after were in stock and on sale. Always great service. Angel approves of my new cat themed tights as well. I now own 4 pairs of cat tights, soon to be 5 when I receive my Juliette et Justine cadre du chat tights. I also want the Lockshop Marie Catoinette ones. What can I say, I’m a crazy old cat lady.